Friday, 13 April 2012

God said 'Infrastructures Imploding'

In January 2009, just after we started this blog. I received this message from God. "God said "Sibyl, "Pakistan, governments do not know what to do, the infrastructures are imploding". He spoke with his official tone of voice. 

Today, there is a report about the 'DC Escalator Nightmare'. The report tells you that 20 years ago the government decided to take over the maintenance from the private contractors. Usually the manufacturers of such apparatus provide a contracting service to maintain. Since the government took over the maintenance the escalators have fallen more and more into disrepair and there have been many people harmed by the services provided. 

As we know 20 is the number of judgement. January was also the time that Obama gave the order to strike Pakistan at Chinese New Year, four days into his presidency. Exactly, as the heavenly Father had predicted the previous November. I shared the information with a Pakistani doctor in 2008 when the information was received. 

If the US government cannot even maintain a train escalator service, you can just imagine how they would get on with running the healthcare system in the USA. 

He also said ‘$365, a dollar a day you must pay’.

That is the tithe that he requested for his Messenger of the Covenant.

Make sure your people know what God has said to them. 


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