Monday, 16 April 2012

Lakotah Corrected to Return

I responded to the comments in respect of this video by an elder with the name of Floyd from the Lakotah.

Here is our responses to the elder and his followers:

The Catholic Church co-created the slaughter of the Indians because it was a biblical prophecy that there would be slaughter on the land of ESAU, where the men of EDOM live. Esau and Edom means red and hairy. However, the prophecy predicted that the Creator would save a remnant of his people. Prophecy says land of Esau will burn to a stubble. I feel that is due to GMO and what the Americans have done to the land and to the indigenous peoples. Americans were warned many times that they must stand with American Indians and work with them hand in hand, side by side. Shoulder to shoulder. 

Floyd, Europeans have been honoring the Indians for decades. You and your people would have been so happy to see how many people were rallying for you. Many things that were made on the Indian reservations were sold to Europeans. The same with the Tibetans and many other indigenous peoples from around the world. However, the Indians received the most support from the spiritual community due to their plight, and due to the children knowing about their Indian past lives. 

It was natural that many Indians that were slaughtered from the different tribes,  would reincarnate in Europe to ensure that the voice of their people was heard across the nations. 

I once met an eleven year old child that looked Indian, she was English and she came to me. She was a very serious child the complete opposite to her mother. She knew that she went off at night time to heal the horses. She really was a remarkable child. 

The Arabs were the largest slave traders. An African author and scholar has shared that there was over 140 million Africans and most of them died. As far as Floyd's teachings about the one known as Jesus by the Christians, he was teaching the people how to save themselves from themselves. 

From the bust of him that has been excavated, he went to an ancient Greco-Buddhist city that was in what is now known as Afghanistan. 6 in Hebrew is the VAV in the ancient pictographs it is the tent peg. Has we know the bees make the honeycomb with six sides. No coincidence then that the Star of David also has six points to it. Two mountains together, the feminine and masculine. No surprise then that the location for the new holy city is to be built in a location of two mountains, the Creator has chosen the smaller of the two for his ecological, self-sustainable city to be built. His holy city of enlightenment. 

In the ancient pictographs the VAV is the tent peg, it holds the tent secure. It became used for the letters  v, o, u in Hebrew. There is also a biblical prophecy about the tent peg. V for victory, o for operation, u for unity. That reminds me of the success for the Lakotah Indian, Russell Means. Congratulations blessed one with the healing process and recovery. 

The Ancient Hebrews lived in tents just like the Indians lived in Tipi's. The prophets knew that the day would come when the LORD would honor those that remained true to Mother earth and lived in harmony with it. The Creator is Spirit and there is always a remnant to carry on.

In Rev 13 it mentions 2 beasts and the dragon that gave Obama his authority for 42 months. There is also a fourth person and wisdom is feminine, Sophia in Greek. The word philosophy came from Sophia and the greeks that developed gematria, their numbering system is different to the Jewish people. 

6+6+6 = 18, 18 in numerology is 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. That is why in Rev 18, it mentions the destruction of the city, and its description with its traders and merchants looks like New York. If Yellowstone does go, then New York is predicted to go with it. 

Heal the 'need' and 'want' I recommend healing the 'inner child' for you. It is a key to the kingdom, that is why Christ told his followers that you have to become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Without healing there is no salvation for anyone. 'Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way'. from Sacred Words

Wisdom speaks, Indians must move beyond the color of their skin if they are to reach the medicine mountain. They were dressed in the feathers of many colors, to always remind them of the coat of many colors of Joseph that would come to help them. The colors for healing, creativity, transformation and life to live. Our blood is the same color.

All spiritual people are Hebrews. Did you not know that China take the organs of the spiritual because they are more pure? Did you know that the richest man in the world comes from an ancient Indo-Chinese dynasty?

Listen carefully Floyd, let the children hear the truth, let them be corrected, let them hear the mother, as Jesus once said to me 'Let them drink from the bosom of your wisdom'. 

Do the Lakotah originate from the land of their reservation? 

They are Mayan, you only have to look at their faces to see that. 

A remnant shall return to their people amongst the Mayan pyramids. A remnant shall live on the medicine mountain. The Lady that they were told would come is indeed here to help them. She holds them in her heart. 

Now listen to this Indian. 


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