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Following on from the fishes code post.

Now it is no coincidence that on Thursday Jordan brought home fish for his mother. He bought me some Salmon. He does not usually buy fish because he does not like fish and nor does he usually eat it. Although he has been known to eat scampi and he does like prawns. Has a baby he also used to eat squid, mussels and cockles with his grandma. Salmon is to do with the 'Salmon Fresco' that was painted by Michelangelo. It sits in the Vatican. In the picture it is the 'Seamstress' with a little girl. The little girl is watching her work. [1] Catherine Arbede, a Dutch Jew married outside of Judaism, has such she was rejected by her family when she married Thomas. An aunt told me that she was a seamstress and her father was a cigar maker. It looks like Catherine Arbede reincarnated as Lili, because I used to watch Lili make garments when I was a child. She was a dab hand with a sewing machine; and could turn her hand to anything made with her hands. She was also an excellent cook and very beautiful indeed. People used to say that she looked like Elizabeth Taylor who was also a Piscean. Salmon is also to do with Scotland, and the Scottish heritage that relates to the stump of Jesse on her mothers side. When Lili was young, her first boyfriend was Jewish and his name was David. She spoke of him throughout her life. He died in a bike accident when he was 16 years old. He always used to come to her if there was going to be a passing in the family to prepare her. When I was young, he used to come to warn me as well.

Lili was only really happy working for Jewish people because they took excellent care of her. When she was very young she was determined to marry a Jewish man, and her parents were not happy when she married dad. His father was Joseph the first born son of Catherine Arbede and Thomas. Funny how I also married a Thomas. Clearly, the name Thomas and its meaning was going to be relevant.
In the cause and effect, the RAB married his grandmother who had reincarnated as Lili. He loved her beyond measure.
Catherine Arbede reincarnated back into the family, because she wished to marry a Jewish man in the next life time. She wished to put things right with the LORD her God. She also wished to follow through on her descendants, and the line of Joseph, to give birth to the daughter of ZION that was destined to come in the last days of the end times. Lili also came from the womb of Katherine, that always used her middle name SOPHIA. Lili was the reincarnation of the Dutch Jewish woman, Catherine Arbede She wished to give birth and nurture the girl child, the child that was promised to her people in Israel. She knew that she had to prepare her, make her strong due to what she knew she would experience in life. To teach her prudence, and how to be frugal, because she knew there would be difficult times ahead of her. She is guiding Jordan my son, she has chosen to be his guardian angel, and it was her Spirit that compelled him to purchase the Salmon for his mother. She also knows what her daughter and grandchild did for her, how her daughter suffered for her, and her people of Israel. Jordan brought her such joy, both to the RAB and to Lili. The salmon is a reminder of the ancestry, that must never be forgotten. The spiritual inheritance. Never forget the salmon fish. After the RAB passed over he used to say 'Forget me not'. Last year it was shown to me that the Masons wear 'forget me nots' and he stood against them. The Salmon outfit that I am wearing in the photograph on this blog, came from Lili. She purchased it and left it for me. She was Catherine Arbede although she was not consciously aware of it. I understand some of the 'issues' now, and why at times she acted like she did. It was related to her past life issues when she was Catherine Arbede. The LORD God was correct, 'The penny has dropped'. Jesus told his followers to understand what he was conveying to them. When he told them that the spiritual law was in the 'Son of Man' and that nature is the holy scroll. He was telling them to look for the fish, and here I am on this blog wearing SALMON. A shade of pink that is symbolic of love. He was telling them that that they would find him/her written in the nature of the holy scroll. The holy scroll that is in her nature. He knew that they would teach people and children about nature, how to work with its energy, how to understand it, how to heal it. The bible also spoke about the flying scroll, and also how the scroll would open. Just like the book of life that is opening up before you. Catherine Arbede - Lili, followed through the line of Joseph. She spent an adorable time with her grandson Jordan. Catherine knew about the Isaiah prophecy, and how the holy one of Israel, the flame of Joseph would be found in the Galilee of the Gentiles after Jordan was born. That is why she was absolutely delighted when I was planning to get pregnant. It did not matter to her who the father was, she was only interested in the male child that would come from this womb. She knew about Rev 12 because prior to marrying the RAB, she was a Sunday school teacher. What is also interesting is that my chosen name for my Son was Joseph after his great grand-father, but his father would not allow it. My second choice was Benjamin, his father would not allow that either. My third choice was Jordan, his father accepted that because there was a rugby player called Jordan. At that time I did not know about any of the biblical prophecies, or that the name Jordan was related to it. When he was little, some times when I called him. I would sing his name, JORDANO, like Italians sing when they speak. I like the Italian language, it simply rolls off the tongue. Thank you Catherine Arbede. Thank you Lili for the blessing in abundance. Love YOU. When she was on planet earth, Jordan and I always used to spend Easter with her, and she took care of Jordan during the easter school holidays to give me a break. Due to the fact that I was a single-parent mum, working very hard, and bringing Jordan up alone at the same time. Financially and in every other way. 'Children are the supreme joy of human life' from Sacred Words

As we know the salmon is a large, fresh water fish, and it can leap upstream. 2012 is also a leap year and five year. Five is to do with physical manifestation.

Salmon is good and healthy for you and wonderful to eat. The Son of Salmon is also mentioned in the book of Luke.

Now I am going to eat that salmon that Jordan bought me as an easter gift. He also gave me a bottle of wine and a small box of chocolates. A blessed son indeed.

May this salmon also be a blessing to you, and Happy Passover....



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