Saturday, 28 April 2012

O'BRIEN 'Antagonist' DYNASTY

The heavenly Father said 'Enough', in a strong and determined way. [1] He is not happy with Americans and American Christians. He then said 'O'BRIEN', like he was really, really annoyed.

'Enough, O'Brien'.

O' Brien is an Irish name. On the O'Brien clan website, it states that there are more than 300 million Americans that claim Irish descent. [2].

In January, 2012, Benedict XVI, increased the Roman Catholic college of Cardinals with two O'Briens. Edwin Frederick O'Brien, and Keith, Michael, Patrick, O'Brien. It means both of these men are eligible to be the next pope. Edwin is from the Bronx in New York, and Keith is from Scotland.

"Said of O’Brien’s appointment in The Baltimore Sun, “He has leapt from military airplanes, served in jungles during the Vietnam War and traveled extensively to current battle zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. From his working-class roots…to the upper echelons of Catholic power—carrying a Christian message of peace and love to some of the world’s worst war-torn terrain”.

Would a holy one of the LORD God travel in military airplanes? No. Remember the military crash at Swinefleet the other day?

George Orwell included an 'O'Brien as an antagonist in his book 1984, first published in 1949. The word 'antagonist' is from Greek, and it means 'opponent', 'enemy'. The antagonist can represent individuals or an institution like the Catholic Church. The antagonist is the opposition that opposes the the protagonist. For instance Sauron was the antagonist in the film Lord of the Rings.

The O'Briens were also heavily involved in the printing unions in the UK during the 20th century.

The O'Brien dynasty goes back to the 10th century and their coat of arms is three lions. No surprise then that many O'Briens are found in the USA.



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Eliakim said...

Well blow me down with a feather, Cardinal O'Brien is in the news.

Cardinal O'Brien accuses David Cameron of 'immoral' tax stance

By David Miller
BBC Scotland

Cardinal Keith O'Brien: "The poor have suffered so much in recent years"Continue reading the main story
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Britain's most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, has accused the prime minister of acting immorally by favouring the rich ahead of ordinary citizens affected by the recession.

The cardinal also denounced David Cameron's opposition to a "Robin Hood tax" on financial institutions.

And he urged Mr Cameron not just to help "your very rich colleagues".