Saturday, 21 April 2012


Following on from the 'Go-swift-messenger' post, [1] The birds flew very close to my kitchen window this morning. First there were two, then another three. Five altogether, they looked just like the picture of the swift in the original post.

The keynote of Swift, speed and agility in the great quest, and of course this year is a five year. Its cycle of power is evening. They fly quickly just like their name indicates, they swooped down and then they were off again. Author, Ted Andrews shares with us that the message from the swift is about opportunities and they ask, are you acting on opportunities when they present themselves? Or are you hesitating to much? Hesitation at this time, and you could miss out on a great opportunity.

The nest of the Swift is made into the shape of a cup like the holy grail. They use their saliva like a glue, it is connected to mysticism, healing and primal fluids. Ted mentions 'the witness' and absent healing. When a woman is aroused, the saliva was considered to be a nectar in some cultures. That reminds us how pleased the Lute of Lovingkindness was the other day when he said 'Pure Nectar'. In ancient times, nectar was to do with the god's, the elohiym.

Swift is also to do with kissing, the exchange of saliva, the cups are to do with the divine feminine. Swift comes to assist you, as such the five birds are significant. Two come together and then three. At this point in time the indigenous peoples keep being brought to me in different ways. Like birds coming to collect what they require before flying off again.

I had a real sense this morning when I saw the birds, that they were just letting me know that they are here. They come to collect and then go again. They know what they have to do and how to do it.

This is an incredible video of the swift going to roost in Portland, USA.

Today is also the new moon in Taurus, so it is time for the Spring clean and clearing away anything that no longer has a place in your lives. Time to dejunk your lives and offload any weight that you no longer require. I used to do this once every year, clearing space and space clearing, leaves a space for the new to come in.

Taurus the bull likes its home comforts, so people will be concentrating on family and home matters, that which is close to home and that which is close to their hearts. Its a time of people coming close to you, and staying close, being together and togetherness, a time of roosting. 

Its a good time to make plans for a new home in a new location or improvements to existing home. 
Ask yourselves where would I like to spend the rest of my life and who with? Where shall I roost and who shall roost with me? Where shall I nest, where shall I gather, who shall I call to come with me? Visualize it, paint it, live it. Imagine all the blessed souls that you love coming with you, to a special place where the young can grow safely in their spiritual home.

In Hebrew gematria FIVE is the value of HEH. In the ancient pictographs it is the symbol of a person with their arms to the heavens, and it means behold. Like seeing a sign, receiving a revelation. It comes after the dalet of selflessness. So then on can understand that true revelation is not given to anyone until they have shown that they are willing to work in service selflessly. This year is also a 5 year and a jubilee year is 50 signs.

This extraordinary picture was sent to me today, it is a picture of the most incredible rainbow photographed in Charlotte, USA. Here is the link and also a link telling you the story by the photographer himself. It really is awesomeness. [3][4]



2. Ted Andrews, Animals Speak



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