Saturday, 28 April 2012


We have been telling people for decades 2012 is the end of the world has people have known it. The politicians, the businessmen, the civil servants, the people themselves are living in yesteryear.

Young people that are demanding education without debt, young people depressed and suicidal due to the debt for education. Young people with no jobs, jobs that have gone overseas, unemployment, disabled and sick; being forced to pay the price for what governments have done in their shortsightedness, short term strategies and immigration that was imposed upon Western countries.

The end of the world has people have known it with the National Healthcare System, that they paid for during a 50 year period, systematically being taken apart, privatized and disempowered. The NHS like other industries that were sold off to benefit the government of the day. No coincidence then that Cameron's focus has been healthcare and those in the community that depended upon it. They're selling the trees and the ground that you walk on, even your medical records because there is nothing left to sell to support the infrastructures that support the rich and wealthy. Keeping them in the manner in which they have become accustomed.

Advertising boss, Martin Sorrell states that Cameron does not have a credible strategy to return Britain to growth. Indeed, he doesn't. This government have told the people that they will have to work until their 70's, like an animal that works with a heavy load until it drops. A journalist the other day admitted that the over 50's are hogging the top slots, and they are hanging on with grim teeth.

Long gone are the days when people looked forward to early retirement at 50, to live a different dream. Long gone are the days when the older generation made a way for the younger generation to succeed them. People have become attached to their wealth and their careers, due to an uncertain financial future. Industry and business is stifled by a lack of wisdom and insight into the present and the future.  The corporations, the stakeholders and atheists that muzzled science that could help the people to make a breakthrough. The shareholders that supported the corporations are also responsible for the co-creation.

The business community bank on consumerism, that is all that they have to bank on. They bank on the developing countries until they have milked them dry. Consumerism that contributes to destroying the eco-system, everything that is natural and pure. Deforestation that destroys whole communities and the lands of the indigenous peoples; upon which the eco-system of the planet depends. Oh yes, it is the end of the world as people have known it.

In 2004, when I was given the Christ Vision of the Love Union, I was informed that humanity must develop a new economic blueprint. So far, the governments of the world have not provided it. Instead the G20 leaders, lead the world to its own self-destruction, because nothing that they do is self-sustainable. Spreading the land with wind farms will not save humanity from itself.

People of all ages, with no hope of a future, as the future they dreamed of disappears before their eyes. It is the end of the world has they have known it. Governments simply do not have the solutions and they continue to fight the fires, as each one flares up. Political leaders are nothing more than fire fighters now, just like those that stood by, and let the man die before them. The fire fighters stated that due to health and safety regulations, they could not step into the pond to save the man.

Governments took away the independence of the people, and with it their dignity. The people did not ask for a nanny state where the government controls every aspect of their lives. The people did not ask for government intervention, and to be taxed to the hilt, to pay for the rich to remain in power over them. The people did not ask to be enslaved in the captivity of capitalism, in a never ending cycle that leads to destruction. Christ warned the people about the last days of the end times, he warned about the wide road and where it leads.

As we know the Western nations are filled with wide roads, especially the USA. The more wide roads they built, the more that the men were leading people to destruction. Can the Western nations do a U turn, can they teshuvah? Not when so many Liberals are atheists and lack understanding of their own co-creation, like Bayer and Monsanto that are destroying the bees. Einstein warned about that as well.

Humanity has been separated from the land on which it lives, humanity has isolated itself from that which is real. The more roads that they built, the more concrete that they covered the land with, the more the fabric of the human family broke down. Then the divorce rate, obesity and other health issues increased.

While people stay in attachment of that which was, they cannot see the present and the future that lays ahead for humanity. It will take a truly progressive younger generation; to fully understand the biggest implications and how widespread the situation is.

This is now about survival of the human race, and how people can survive without the machine that governments have co-created. In the 70's the trade unions knew that there would not be jobs for everyone, that is why there was large investment in the leisure industry, flexi-time and job sharing. The same leisure industry that is now beyond the pocket of the poor.

It is the end of the world has you have known it, it is only a matter of time before everything combusts. The Malachi prophecies warned the people what would happen. Prophet Isaiah warned the people what would happen, the people refused to listen and do the will of God. When that happens the people do not survive, civilizations do not survive. Although the Creator always saves a remnant, so that the children of the future remember what created the downfall of the nations.

We warned the people decades ago, that without love and compassionate action, humanity will not survive. Now it is time to prepare for survival and prepare your children for survival, because government leaders simply have not caught up with the timeline and what humanity is facing.

The men thought that they could control nature and creation, not only its eco-system but its people as well. We warned the people that cannot be done without detriment to both. Now humanity pay the price for not listening, not doing, not helping when asked to do so.

The people were informed that the old heaven and earth would pass away. Yet, the people did not understand it. Grace has been under pressure for far too long, Mother Earth will strike back against the 'ways of man', Mother Earth can only exist and prosper in the 'way of Spirit'.

It is a sentient living planet, a conscious living creation, and when the people do not honor it, then they are wiped out due to not receiving any help from it.

Another Uranium incident, this time in Columbia.



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