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Greek Wasteland - Jewish Agency

In the last post about Guatemala-USA and the wasteland that includes the salt pit, that was really the prophets way of talking about a 'cocaine pit'. Now the Jerusalem Post is talking about Greece and the wasteland there.

American Jewish communities are sending money to help the small Jewish community in Greece. However, the help did not come soon enough for those that have already left Greece due to unemployment. It means that when the elderly Jewish community die out in Greece, there will no longer be Jewish people living there to maintain what is left.

Well the Jewish community should have eradicated the drug barons of Athens a long time ago. Pre WW2 apparently there were 78,000 Jewish people living in Greece. A nation that allows drugs to take a hold of its nation becomes a wasteland. See the previous post on why the people do not get the holy grail, basically the people do not ask the right questions, as such they are not given the solutions.

When I was in Athens, certain streets were full of immigrant drug dealers and there are certain places that you simply do not go. Churches that stood empty, huge buildings with priests that ignore you when you enter. The street children are from China and the list goes on.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee donated $330,000 for welfare and school scholarship in February. What about the rest of the Greeks? Greeks are committing suicide due to what the German Jewish bankers have done with the Federal reserve, and what do the American and Israeli Jews have to say about that? A few financial hand-outs to Jewish people only. Shame on you. The 'way of men' doesn't change does it?  When will the Jewish people internationally walk in the way of the Spirit?

In February, the Jewish Agency for Israel's Board of Governors voted to grant $1 million over two years.

The name Josh Berkman is cited so who is he? 

The chief financial officer of the Jewish Agency for Israel announced his resignation last week, according to a JTA report.

The Jewish Agency has encountered financial difficulties in recent years, and the troubles forced the Agency to cut staff members and redirect their attention from overseeing immigration to Israel to educating Jews in the Diaspora. A particular acute fiscal challenge arrived recently when the Jewish Federations of North America made plans to terminate funding to the agency. In the past, the Jewish Federations had provided the Jewish Agency with more than 75 percent of its overseas budget, according to the JTA report. [3]

Berkman is cited as Spokesman for the agency. In this link he is cited as Associate Director of Communications. Well Josh, I would like you to tell me; how it is that you can justify ignoring the rest of the children that are Abraham's descendants spread around the world, in every nation?

Would you like all of the children of Abraham in the nations to turn their back on Israel? Or would you like the spiritually elect to continue to defend it? 

You were told to turn your hearts to the children, God didn't say only Jewish children. He was talking about all of the children. 

Teshuvah Israel, Teshuvah USA 



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