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Stephen Sizer -v- Messenger of the Covenant

A friend in the USA sent me this video of pastor and author Stephen Sizer, its called 'Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionists'. He speaks of a 'deconstuction' of Christian Zionism and uses the teachings of Apostle Paul a lot to support his hypothesis. Paul, is not the ideal person to deconstruct the work of any major or minor Jewish prophet.  IMHV, Paul was not even in the same league, and he had a major issue with women.

Apostle Paul aimed to be the comforter that Jesus told his followers would come after he left. Paul did his utmost to fill the void. However, as we know he also told his followers that they were not ready for the meat, and the early Christians were called 'babes in Christ'.

Sizer speaks of 'one people of God', he should read Micah 4, and the scripture that tells the people that not everyone will walk the way of holiness. Orthodox Christians walk in the way of man, that is the difference between Stephen Sizer and the Messenger of the Covenant that is the way of Spirit.

Stephen claims that Jesus replaced the role of Israel. If Stephen truly understood the role of Israel, then he would also understand that Israel is the land of Jacob and Prophet Obadiah predicted that Jacob is the fire and Joseph is the flame. England is the land of Joseph, and the promise made to Moses was given to the tribe of Joseph. Christians have already proven that Jesus did not come from the tribe of Joseph when they deconstructed Harold Camping.

He also mentions that fire did not come from heaven when the soldiers came to get Jesus; and that he rebuked the Apostles when they mentioned it. As we know the fire came down for Elijah against 'Jezebel' and the 'false prophets' that followed her. When Jesus rebuked them for asking for the fire to come down, the message was clear. He was telling them that he was not the one that they were waiting for. That is why he told them that another comforter would come to bring forth his true teachings.

Jesus knew like the Jewish priests that would happen in the last days of the end times. Hence why he told his followers that in the last days of the end times, the angels would be the harvesters.

Prophet Isaiah predicted that the fire would come down upon Israel. It did that at Jewish New Year in 2010, when I asked the LORD God to give testimony for me.

However, I did not ask for fire, and nor did I anticipate that he would burn down 5 million trees on Mount Carmel to prove his point. That the biblical prophecies about me are true and that I am who I say I am.

Stephen uses evangelism and approves of it. He speaks of the Church in the book of Revelation. However, the Churches in the book of Revelation are rebuked. He supports the Palestinians that have now admitted that they are Egyptians and Saudi's, not Palestinians. He supports Obama and the two-state solution and he states that Israel is not a democracy. Sizer mentions 'racial issues' and being 'multi-culturalism'.  From experience of walking the land of Israel for five weeks, it is a democracy, it is multi-cultural and it has many people living there from many different nations.

Yes, Stephen, surprise surprise, Israel do share the land with others. Unlike Saudi Arabia, there is at least 15 different religions with a base in Israel. That is the tolerance of Israel compared with the likes of  Saudi. Israel is a true democracy and the only true democracy in the whole of the Middle East.

Stephen Sizer is a plant that Jesus called a 'weed' that will be pulled up. He is one of the shepherds that Prophet Zechariah spoke of that are 'worthless' and have 'no favor or union' with the LORD God. Zechariah predicted that in this timeline that they would be 'cut off'.

"Jesus as Messiah and 'Jews for Jesus'."

The one known as Jesus is hardly mentioned in the old testament. Why is that? The Revelation about the Lute of Lovingkindness was not given until the time of King David. It was given to King David as a new Revelation. David knew that the one promised to Moses would not be born on the land of Israel. As such, when he was told that the Lute of Lovingkindness would come for his people at daytime, he was thrilled.

1.    Was Jesus the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham? See above.

2.    Stephen tells the Christians that they read the scriptures through the eyes of Jesus. How can they do that if they are not mystics and healers like Jesus?  They can't. Also the one known as Jesus did not have much time for scriptures. Like I, he lived by the tree of life experience, not by the tree of knowledge that Genesis warned people about. That is why in the Gospel of Peace he tells the people that 'Nature is the Holy Scroll'. Prophet Jeremiah told the people that they do not understand the signs of nature and Job told them to listen and learn from the animals as well.

When was the last time Christians came out of a Church or Prophecy conference and started communicating with the birds like St Francis of Assisi? When did they communicate with horses or dogs? They don't, because the sheep are too busy reading scriptures like the shepherds tell them to do.

3.    Stephen states that the 'inequity of men' was placed upon Jesus. Is he talking about Isaiah 53? It has already been proven that Isaiah 53 is not about Jesus by Jewish scholars.

4.    'Jesus redeemed them on the cross.' How could Jesus redeem them on cross when redemption does not come until the last days of the end times?

5.    'The Jewish people are God's chosen people.' The Jewish people have a divine purpose for being and when this is all over, the Christians will understand their purpose.

6.    Stephen claims that all the 'Christians have been born in Zion.' If that were true they would not be Christians anymore.  In the scripture Zion is referred to in different ways, there is celestial Zion, there is daughter ZION and ZION that relates to New Jerusalem.

7.    'Inclusive based on honor of the LORD God.' Most Christians worship Jesus and Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus always referred his followers to the heavenly Father, whom he called Abba. In the prophecies of Isaiah, the Christians 'covenant with death is annulled'. The LORD God warned the people that he would not give his glory to idols; and the Christian Church made Jesus into an idol of worship.

8.    Stephen mentions East and West without understanding the sacred directions. East is to do with the spiritual teachers and West is the direction of the peacemakers. Matthew 8. He speaks of it in terms of sober judgement based upon this verse.

"I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Jesus told them that when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel, the Queen of South would judge them. The whale arrived in 2010. 

9.    'Chosen in the NT.' I recommend that Stephen reads Rev 2 and Rev 3 regarding the one that was chosen, the one that was put upon his throne. The Church and the Christians are continually rebuked in the New Testament. Jesus also predicted that when I came I would be ashamed by this generation. He was spot on.

10.  Stephen states that the 'Jewish people were given Israel. The land must not be sold, and that it is a conditional promise.' Does he attach himself to curses as well? Well I have news for Stephen, the curse in Genesis that people have to work until the day they drop to pay for food, has been broken by yours truly.  The Jewish people had to be in the land of Israel to receive the flame of Joseph. The LORD God kept his promise to the Jewish people. He planted HER in Jezreel as Prophet Hosea predicted. That happened in May 2006. The holy gathering was indeed called and it took place. Another prophecy was fulfilled when the scroll of remembrance was given.

11.  'After exile, land to be shared. Ezekiel 47.' The Jewish people do share their land with others and have always done so.

12.  Hebrews 11. The saints were not given their promise of the heavenly city and he uses this as a reason why Jerusalem isn't the city mentioned in the scriptures. My view is this; there are two different cities mentioned in the scripture. One is the earthly city of Jerusalem that we discussed the other day in the post about the Damascus gate. The other is a a heavenly city that relates to New Jerusalem that appears in the Rev 21 when it is built. The book of Revelation also tells you that 'the one' was given the name of the city. Prophet Isaiah described it quite well, and it will not be in Israel or the USA.

13.  Jerusalem, Stephen mentions Psalm 87 and 'this one was born in ZION' and he loves her gates more than Jacob, It is telling the people that he loves Zion more than Israel. However, that Psalm does not even mention Jerusalem so it should not be cited in the context that Stephen has cited it.

14.  He mentions 'Isaiah 2' and some of that is the same as Micah 4. Micah 4 is about daughter ZION who is given her kingship. The word for king can also be used for Queen and Jesus told you that the Queen would come because he was fully aware of the psalms that had been written about her. He called her the Queen of the South because the South is the direction of the prophets. As such he was telling the people that she is the Queen of the Prophets.

15.  'Trampled by the Gentiles' Luke 21 and Rev 11. Luke 21 and Rev 11 are both about the last days of the end times and Rev 11 is about the two witnesses. It states that they die outside of Jerusalem. However, Jesus also said a prophet cannot die outside of Jerusalem. So there is a contradiction in the NT, not only about the two witnesses but about Jesus himself.

Luke 21 really defeats Stephen's hypothesis about Jerusalem completely because it is clearly speaking about the last days of the end times. As such, he was talking about the Jewish people that would be living there at that time. It also mentions the destruction of the temple and religious buildings. As we know the followers of Jesus were told not to build upon his foundations with building materials. Yet, people like Stephen Sizer did exactly that.

He warns the people "Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” In the Dead Sea Scrolls Prophet Isaiah also predicted that only one-in-a-thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity. 

16.  'The Temple, Daniel 9.' Stephen Sizer clearly does not understand the biblical prophecies or the timeline, because he does not even mention the mosque that is the 'abomination' mentioned In Daniel 9. Nor does he mention that Jesus left many predictions to warn his followers about Islam. Now would an Obama supporter the truth? Did Obama? No.  Rev 13 is about Obama, the Leopard from Africa, the bible tells you that those that support Obama are not written in the lambs book of life.

17.   When Stephen states that Jesus was the temple, he tells you that he was 46 years old.  I agree that Jesus did teach that each person is the temple. However, did he say he was 46 years old or did the Priests say their temple was 46 years old? In the lecture it sounds like Stephen is telling the people that Jesus was 46. Did you hear that? I found the text he is referring to and it is mentioned in John 2:20

18.  'No basis for the rapture.' I agree with him on that in the way that the Church has presented it.

 'Son of Man' and the people will mourn. Gathering the elect.

That all happened in 2003-2004. The world mourned the Asian Disaster on Boxing Day 2004, the gathering of the elect around the world happened in 2003, it was an engagement with God and a global celebration.

19.  'Dead in Christ will rise first. When the herald comes with the voice of an Archangel.'  Indeed, the dead in Christ did rise first. When the wondrous woman from heaven mentioned in Rev 12 arrived. The OT prophecies also predicted the meditation that would come. Indeed it did. It was received in 2000 and launched in 2001.

20.  One is taken and one is left behind. Matthew 24. That prophecy is also mentioned in the Gospel of Thomas. Michael that is mentioned in the book of Daniel was taken and I was left behind.

21.  "Wheat and tares. Harvesters. Gather the wheat and bring it into my barn." Jesus told you that the  harvesters are the angels in the last days of the end times not the Church. The bible told you that the religious buildings would burn in the flames. Just like the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burned to the ground when the comforter flew onto American soil. It was a major sign for the USA, that we had arrived in Babylon, exactly as Prophet Micah predicted we would.

22.  'Healing of the nations.' Yes, that is on-going and has been on-going for decades.

23.  Stephen talks about the 'The Olive Tree' and the 'Vine', he does not seem to know the difference between an olive and a grape. Well there is a prophecy about the olive tree in these times and it states by the time the LORD God is finished, there will only be 3-4 olives left. As such, the olive tree is clearly not about the Church. The olive is to do with the peacemakers and as we know most of them supported Obama who is featured in Rev 13. That is why wisdom was called to do the count.

24.  'Grafting in'. Christians talk about that a lot. However, Prophet Ezekiel spoke about the tribes of Judah and Joseph becoming one in his hand. The prophecies also predicted that the tribes of Joseph would be saved. Why is that? In the scripture the flame of Joseph is the holy one of Israel.

25.  'One people of God'. Well being an Obama supporter clearly Stephen Sizer, supports the global government run by men with a vested interest in the status quo. Prophet Isaiah warned against it and told the people not to make all of the fields one. Micah 4 also explains it.

26. The video starts out that if you bless Israel then you will be blessed. Stephen then begins to deconstruct it. First, Stephen doesn't understand the energetics of the planet and the importance of Jerusalem in Israel itself. Or why it has to be defended by strong Jewish people who understand it and its spiritual heritage.

Secondly, he is unaware of the woman that was promised to be sent to Israel in this timeline. Thirdly, he is unaware that there are multiple people mentioned in the bible, it is not just about Jesus although the Church would like to make it so. Even Obama and Andrew Breitbart the Rooster is mentioned in Proverbs 30.

Then there is the fact that the bible tells you that the water carriers and carpenters will serve Israel, and as we know this is the Age of Aquarius. No coincidence then that it is written that Jesus was a Carpenter and I am an Aquarian water carrier. There you have the Lute of Lovingkindness and the Harp of Faithfulness working together to defend it. So you can be sure that Israel will be served throughout the Age of Aquarius. Even after the Messenger of the Covenant has left this planet, I shall always be there for them.

Last but not least, the Malachi prophecies tell you that the 'blessing' is to do with the Messenger of the Covenant. It also tells you Stephen that you are robbing elohiym, as such, your nation is not receiving the blessings from heaven because of it. The bible warned the people that the nations will be destroyed if they do not do the will of God in this timeline.

Teshuvah Stephen Sizer, Teshuvah



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