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On the 3rd of April 2012, we wrote about RAM at biblewheel that was rebuked. [1] On the 17th of March 2009 I wrote about the Visions of the Golden Ram and how it relates to idolatry, the worship of money and its pursuit. In the post I also included the Ezekiel prophecy about the judging of the sheep, rams and goats. 34:17.

Also the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew to do with the Sheep and the Goats. Matthew 25:31-38 That verse also speaks of the 'Son of Man' and what happens when they come. As we know the term 'Son of Man' is term of endearment for a prophet. That is why Ezekiel,  Daniel and Jesus are referred to as 'Son of Man'. However, biblical scholars at the Jesus Seminar agree that when Jesus was speaking about the 'Son of Man' to come he was not speaking of himself. The renown Dead Sea Scrolls scholar also came to the same conclusion after examining many texts.

The fact is also proven again, by the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Peace, Teachings of the Elect book 4. The original post on the Golden Ram, mentions Aries and the month of Aries. As we know Aries begins at the end of March and then goes into April. The post mentions the 'money' and 'Obama'.
Karmac has also many rams.

At the time that I wrote, it included Aries that is ruled by Mars and it is warlike in nature. In Chinese astrology the ram is the equivalent of the dragon and 2012 is the Chinese Year of the 'Black Water Dragon'. The original post also mentions how everyone is being 'fleeced' financially. [2] This was not the first time that I had received a vision of a ram. All was recorded on this blog when the visions were received. However, the post in March 2009 certainly fits the timeline.

Today, a rocket has been fired from Egypt and it has hit the Israeli city of Eilat. There are many dolphins there and they will not be happy. Eilat is in the South of Israel and the South is to do with the Queen of the South that Jesus predicted would come to judge this generation. No one was harmed when the rocket landed. The BBC news report states that the rocket struck just after midnight, at 21.00 GMT. Rev 21 is about the building of New Jerusalem.

As I am writing this God said 'New Delhi' like 'New Deli'. So what is happening in New Delhi?

3 hours ago, Rama Lakshima wrote about military intervention in New Delhi although there is a dispute over the report. As we know Lakshimi is also the name of a young Indian goddess.

Posted two hours ago. "New Delhi: India has sent an arrest warrant for Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, arrested in connection with the botched-up bombing in Bangkok, to Malaysia requesting for his production before court to unravel the conspiracy behind the attack on an Israeli diplomat's car in New Delhi on February 13." [5] Now that just happened to happen on my birthday. 13 x 2 = 26 and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. 

In March, Chabad Rabbi Zalman Bernstein charged by Indian authorities for failing to declare on his visa application that he would be conducting religious activities and of trying to convert foreigners. [6] Well that has been Chabad in the spotlight again, and the prophecies predicted that the 'worthless' shepherds that have no 'favor or union' with the LORD would be cut off in this timeline. 


The Jewish Virtual Library state that the derivation of Eilat's name is unclear. It may come from the Hebrew word, ayil, which means "ram."  The ram is to do with Egypt and the Karnak Temple. 

However, Elat is also associated with the goddess, the eilat profile links it to the Queen of Heaven and she is associated with ANU. No coincidence than that a Dutch friend goes by the name of ANU. 

Scholars write that Allat mean 'goddess par excellence' and Prophet Jeremiah also mentioned the Queen of Heaven'. In Rev 12, the Queen of Heaven, is described as the 'wondrous woman from heaven'. Christ told me that the 1260 days had been completed in December 2008. 

In the 18th Egyptian dynasty there was a Queen by the name of Qudshu and it means 'Holiness'. Her city was Kadesh. The battle of Kadesh took place between Rameses II and Syria and has we know Obama has been involved in both Egypt and Syria. 

The profile mentions Anat. [3] No coincidence then that Anat was the person that the Son of God sent to me prior to the first mission to Israel. After I sent the initial email, he said 'They will come on Sunday'. On Sunday, of that week, Anat sent me an email and then the mission to Israel in 2006 was underway. 


There is a Qetesh Steele and the goddess is featured nude standing on a Lion. The Lion can also represent Judah. She is holding a snake in one hand and a Lotus in the other. She knows who the 'snake' is and who the 'Lotus' is. IMHV, the Lotus flower and the snake represent different people. Proverbs 30 also state that the 'snakes will be found in the palaces' and it is the Rev 13 and the Obama timeline. 

It if you look very closely at the man that the snake is pointing at, he is holding a shepherds staff and the Lion is going for his knees. People hold anger in their knees if they suppress it. 

Religious scholars state that this Steele signifies a triple goddess. I say it is not a triple goddess at all, and the steele is a prophecy.  It signifies that it is the feminine that stops the war of man against the Spirit. She stands on the back of the Lion, and in the biblical prophecies it tells the Fathers to put their daughters on their shoulders. In other words, put the feminine above your own heads. 

The Lion is also symbolic of Daniel, the den of Lions and the African continent. Israel stands in the way of Islam making the whole African continent Islamic. As such the woman can also be symbolic of Israel,  its defence of the feminine attributes, feminine values. and the Spirit on that continent.  

The woman is also young, Israel has a long history, an old soul,  but is a young nation. 

Prior to going to Israel in 2007, God said 'Israel is listening to a false prophet, you will hold the snake in your hand'. I did not know about the Qetesh Steele at that time, and I did not see Anat on my second mission to Israel due to car issues her end. Although I did speak to her on the telephone a few times during my stay in Israel. It was at that time that God shouted out to me in Hebrew 'Ben Ami' and when I phoned Anat for a translation; she said that it means 'Son of My People'. 

The 'false prophet' was revealed to me by the man that I held in my hand in September 2007. Although it wasn't evident immediately, that came later on due to an email exchange to do with an Israeli that was calling another Israeli a prophet. 

Prophet Isaiah delivered this message about the last days of the end times.  

"Who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners, who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense" Isaiah 44:25

"A sword will flash in their cities; it will devour their false prophets and put an end to their plans" Hosea 11:6 At the end of that chapter it mentions Ephraim, no coincidence then that we featured an American Christian on this blog the other day that has written that Obama is Elijah. The chapter finishes thus: 

In Hosea 11 the LORD roars like a Lion. Ephraim has surrounded me with lies, Israel with deceit. And Judah is unruly against elohiym, even against the faithful Holy One." Hosea 11:11-12 

First we have the mention of elohiym and the 'faithful Holy One'. Who is the faithful holy one? The Harp of Faithfulness that was predicted to come at night time. When Anat came to collect me from Tel Aviv airport in 2006 it was the middle of the night. 

Now today, we sent out an email in respect of an Australian Spiritual Christian and this is what they wrote: 

One World Religion
It isn't a political agenda, or part of a plot by the illuminati to control the world totally, or even a victory for one religion. It is the natural outcome of the return of Jesus. Because once he is here, physically and spiritually, not hidden, but clearly as who he is no arguments or ideas or opinions or theories or beliefs will mean anything.”

We told the person that wrote it, that what they were encouraging and supporting was not only against the biblical prophecies, and the real Jewish Prophets, but also against the LORD our God. As such, the prophecy in Hosea 11 is correct. The Christians have 'surrounded me with lies'. They are also 'unruly against elohiym and the faithful holy one'. The biblical prophecies made it very clear that the faithful holy one of Israel is the flame of Joseph. That is why they are the Harp of Faithfulness, the instrument of the LORD our God. 

There is no requirement for a one world religion. In fact, the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew. Prophet Isaiah made it clear that the people must not make all of the fields one. Prophet Micah delivered very clear directions of what was to take place in the last days of the end times. Micah delivered the LORD's plan in chapter 4. 

In the Qetesh Steele you will see two people and it looks like there is a penis showing. However, if you take a close look at the steele it looks like an arm. 

The Lion is protecting the feminine against the man that is following the 'snake'. The one standing on the Lion, will not let the snake or the man reach the holy one. She has the symbol of the cow goddess on her head, and Prophet Malachi predicted that the calves will leave their stalls. 

Teshuvah Egypt, teshuvah Australia, teshuvah Israel, USA, Iran, Syria and India. 



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