Friday, 6 April 2012

Who Can be SAVED?

People are asking who can be saved? 

Biblical prophecy predicts that the tribes of Joseph are saved after the tribes of Joseph and Judah become one branch.  Interesting that my mother Lili was a Sunday school teacher before she married dad, that made her a woman of praise e.g. Judah. The mother with an ancestry of great wealth. Her grandmother who was a Lady married the footman, as such, she was expelled from the family. She did it all for love. 
The stump of Jesse came to be and that is why the Jesse fresco in the Vatican features the daughter of ZION, daughter Jerusalem mentioned in Micah 4. 

Dad was from Joseph as such the two tribes became one branch in their two children. 

Rev 14 states that only the 144,000 can hear the new song. 

In the book of Matthew, Jesus told his followers that one would come, and they must share their testimony with the nations, then the end will come. As such, I continue to share the testimony of life and divine experience on a daily basis, so that the world can be helped by it. 

'You do not require a visa to fly into heaven' from Sacred Words 

While I was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee, God said 'You have turned the hearts of the people, in ways like nobody else has ever done'. 


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