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God said 'DEBREVE'.

In the last post we included the following:

"In the ancient pictographs the VAV is the tent peg, it holds the tent secure. It became used for the letters  v, o, u in Hebrew. There is also a biblical prophecy about the tent peg. V for victory, o for (divine) operation, u for unity. That reminds me of the success for the Lakotah Indian, Russell Means. Congratulations blessed one with the healing process and recovery. 

The Ancient Hebrews lived in tents just like the Indians lived in Tipi's. The prophets knew that the day would come when the LORD would honor those that remained true to Mother earth and lived in harmony with it. The Creator is Spirit and there is always a remnant to carry on.

In Rev 13 it mentions 2 beasts and the dragon that gave Obama the Leopard from Africa his authority for 42 months. There is also a fourth person, and another called wisdom who is feminine, Sophia in Greek. The word philosophy came from Sophia and the Greeks that developed gematria, their numbering system is different to the Jewish people. 

6+6+6 = 18, 18 in numerology is 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. That is why in Rev 18, it mentions the destruction of the city, and its description with its traders and merchants looks like New York. If Yellowstone does go, then New York is predicted to go with it." 

Six is also the number of the sides of the honeycomb, and the Hexagon can be seen on Saturn that is to do with the Spiritual Law and sacred geometry. No coincidence then that the Star of David has six points. 

Wisdom was indeed called to do the count on Obama. Prophet Zephaniah also predicted that the Virgin would come with 60 just ones and they would stand against the 'Son of Lawlessness'. In the Hebrew Lexicon by Jeff Benner, (USA) it states that the letter form of the tent peg pictograph, became the letter F in the Greek and Roman alphabet, it was later dropped by the Greeks. 

The Late Semitic form of the letter became the number 9, not 6. 9 is the number of completion and divine love. On 999, the 9th of September 2007, the children received their divine plan from the Creator. That was also the time of the delivery of the everlasting covenant for the children. The everlasting covenant predicted by Prophet Isaiah. 

When you count you add numbers up like using an abacus. Rev 13, predicted that wisdom would count and that it would require insight. That is why, I simply added up the number to come to number 18, that then links into Rev 18 and the city merchants and traders. The USA is also the only nation that fits the prophecy, criteria and timeline as outlined in Rev 17 and Rev 18. Plus the destruction of the towers on 9/11 was also a prophecy given by Prophet Isaiah, in addition to the chief officer, Obama taking their money. Obama is also mentioned in Proverbs 30. 

666 in Roman numerals is DCLXVI. No coincidence then that Washington is called DC,  and Benedict is Pope XVI. XVI is also in the major arcane as the tower of destruction. After Benedict was elected the Son of God told me that would it would be 'genocide for the Church'. 

In the bible, 666 was the number of talents of gold that Solomon collected each year. Hence, Christ predicted that the Queen of the South would have more wisdom than Solomon. As we know the temple that Solomon built was destroyed. 

It is the sum of all of the numbers of the roulette wheel and we have warned the people about gambling more than once. The roulette wheel is also 'black and red'. In China those colors are to do with business success. Its no coincidence then that some American Indians allowed casinos to be built on their land for extra revenue. Also Kevin Costner also owns a casino and he made the film, 'Dance with Wolves'. My sense is that the American Indian community was infiltrated, in the same that every other decent community was infiltrated. 

666 is also the number of people that left Babylon in the time of Ezra, and returned to Jerusalem and Judah in Israel. Christians often relate the number 666 to the 'anti-christ'. [2] However, there is no mention of that terminology in Revelation chapter 13. 

Genesis released an album with the song 'Suppers Ready' and it included the words '666 is no longer alone'. "In the programme given out at Genesis concerts at the time, "Lover's Leap" was explained as: "In which two lovers are lost in each other's eyes, and found again transformed in the bodies of another male and female." The programme described the final section of the song ' as follows: "Above all else an egg is an egg. 'And did those feet ............' making ends meet. Jerusalem = place of peace." [3]

Genesis described the song as a trip through the book of Revelation. It is no coincidence that Peter Gabriel sang the song. Due to the connection of the name Peter with the Vatican, and name Gabriel with Islam. Check out the lyrics, the result is New Jerusalem and peace. However, they are not aware that it is daughter ZION that was shown the mountain where the new holy city will be established. 
The wondrous woman from heaven is the one that was victorious and overcome. She is the one that was given the name of the city exactly as the book of Revelation predicted that she would. Hence. why Jesus referred to her as the Queen of the South, and the comforter that would come for his followers.

Part two of the Genesis song has been uploaded to the 'New Jerusalem' blog.

As we know the numbers '666' was translated from the Greek text. While I am writing this God said 'debreve'. I was going to share the Greek symbols and take a look at them. However, it seems that the word 'Breve' is to do with a symbol that is placed over a vowel. 

It indicates that it is of short duration, just like the man in Rev 13. That aligns with these days being shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect. Also 42 months mentioned in Rev 13 also adds up to six. 4+2 = 6. 

A Breve is also a note equivalent to two whole musical notes and there are two people mentioned in Rev 13. The 3rd and the 4th. 

To debreve something is like a 'debriefing' and God is guiding me that is to do with the number not the symbol. If you are being told to 'debreve' you are being told to remove the symbols from what you are doing. That means in this context, the number is literal, like counting the numbers, 1,2,3. It is nothing to do with the symbols, or the letters that were given a gematria value.  It is nothing to do with the Greek or Hebrew symbols that became letters. 

As such, the original count is correct. 6+6+6 = 18. The soferim of 18 is 'Materialism that is destroying spirituality'. That is from simple numerology. In addition, the numeral of 18, XVIII, is also on the moon card in the major arcane. On the card the dogs are looking at the moon, and dogs are man's best friend. Remember this dogs, the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet. 

No surprise to find then that a breve is the shape of the crescent moon. [6] 

The people are being asked to remove the crescent moon from their lands. 







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