Tuesday, 30 October 2012


0CTOBER 30TH, 2012 - Huge fire being tackled by nearly 200 fire fighters in Breezy Point, Queens. The fire broke out at the height of last night storm when Hurricane Sandy made landfall and battered the New Jersey shores. Water is getting into the subway systems and live wires and even a shark has been seen in the floodwater surge.
Today a huge rainbow was seen framing the area of destruction...

How much of this will it take before the Christians get the message from the LORD?

Does he have to burn your country down to prove it to you? 

16 people have died, 16 relates to Rev 16 and the politicians. 80 houses burned to the ground. 

80 is the gematria value Mo, that is short for Muhammad, it is the value of 'Michelle' e.g. Obama. It is also the value of the name  'Elaine'. Elaine is the name of a woman that stood against yours truly, her life partner stood against me as well. He died recently of cancer and now she is being removed from his house. When will they learn not to stand against Yahweh and his ELOHIM? 

Do you remember that Rev 18 predicted that the city would burn? Do you remember me saying that it would be New York? 




All I can do is pray that the LORD God, will give your nation understanding of the sheer importance of why he sent me to help you. 

Remember what happened to Egypt when they would not let my people go. The same is happening again, only this time it is the USA because the LORD God referred to Obama as the Pharaoh in November 2008. 

The Diwali Total Solar Eclipse indicates that now Aaron will come to fulfill their path of service. Aaron served has spokesperson for Moses; and he was a brother of Moses. Does it indicate that a person shall come to help yours truly? Let's see what happens next. 



Anonymous said...

Can you explain this message. Are you saying this fire is because people did not listen or rejected you?

Eliakim said...

If you understand the biblical prophecies Prophet Isaiah warned the people that when I came if they did not take it to their hearts, then the war would come, that happened weeks after I arrived in Israel in May 2006. He then said that if they still did not take it to their hearts then the fires would come next and the floods after that. 5 million trees were burned down on Mount Carmel in 2010, the year that the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel.

Prophet Malachi warned you what would happen if they robbed ELOHIM and did not turn their hearts to the children. The nations will be destroyed.

America has been warned many times, the prophecy predicts that America will become stubble. The Jewish sages predicted that the only one that can help them is (Messiah) Joseph.

The bible also informs you that the tribes of Joseph will be saved.

So in response to your question YES, America must align its will with the will of the LORD God and his divine plan.

Eliakim said...

Isaiah 8 also informs us that they refused the soft waters of shiloh that did come. The book of Genesis informed you that when shiloh come the scepter would leave Judah.

Isaiah 51 informs you that the 'cup of wrath' was taken out of my hand, and is put in the hand of those that stood against me.

Why? I was not willing to pay them back for what they had done.

Why? I am mercy beyond measure, and my way is the way of his Son, through love and healing.

The bible informs you that Jesus did not like to drink from the 'cup of wrath' either, he prayed to the LORD. When he prayed to the LORD, and he returned to the Apostles and disciples they were sleeping on the watch. When he found them sleeping on the watch, he was then cross with them for not doing what he had asked them to do.

Isaiah 51 informs you that he took his daughter ZION and hid her in his hand, because now the nations pay the consequences for what they have done.

Eliakim said...

The combination of the fire at QUEENS, combined with the RAINBOW that is symbolic of the covenant, and the coat of many colors of JOSEPH that delivered it. It is mighty indeed. In my humble view, Yahweh is giving the USA a powerful message. His Royal Bride is here has mentioned in the Psalms, and all the Queens that think they are; who she is will burn with their nations.

Teshuvah, USA Teshuvah

There is only so much time to enter these gates of mercy.

Anonymous said...

My question is specific and maybe not clearly understood. In your opinion, is this fire because people did not listen and rejected you personally?

Which Joseph are you descended from?

There are surely signs that it is a time for a New Queen, how can you be sure that this is you. Are you born a Royal Princess? Can you prove this?

Are you implying people robbed you?

What makes you think you are the one?

Has the LORD God and Jesus Christ said so? This is a simple question.

Anonymous said...

Please will you explain this more clearly - to Quote you "and all the Queens that think they are; who she is will burn with their nations."

Eliakim said...

I have already responded to you specifically 'YES'. It is a sign.

Which Joseph am I descended from? Joseph that was the first born son of Catherine Arbede. Catherine Abede was a Jewish seamstress and there is a fresco of her in the Vatican. It is also called the 'SALMON' fresco.

A royal princess served the ROYAL BRIDE that is mentioned in Psalm 45. The princess that was chosen by the LORD God was sent to give his holy one the golden gown to fulfill another biblical prophecy.

That golden gown was worn for the 2nd mission to Israel has commanded prior to the gift being received.

Prophet Malachi spoke about the 'robbing' of ELOHIM. The prophecies also speak about how they did not pay the wages.

What were the USA asked to pay by the LORD God?

He commanded the following to the USA, $365, a dollar a day, you must pay'.

I don't think, I KNOW.


'Has the LORD God and Jesus Christ said so?


The LORD God raised up the one that he promised Moses that he would send. He also summoned me. In the beginning I was sworn to secrecy, in 2007, he commanded me to start telling people who I am.

Did his Son Jesus Christ say so? Yes, he called me 'Lotus Feet' and said that my little feet sit upon the feet of God. That was in 2006, after the first mission to Israel.

Do you know what Lotus Feet means? It means Lord.

If you refer to the biblical prophecies of Micah, daughter ZION received the crown of kingship after her return from Babylon (USA).

There are many women who think they are the one mentioned in the biblical prophecies. However, it has been proven that there is only one that has fulfilled the biblical prophecies. That is an essential aspect of who I was born to be.

The ELOHIM know that I am here, they also agreed to let me go forward to represent them.

Eliakim said...

It was also Jesus Christ that gave me the scepter in 2006 when he gave me the name 'Lotus Feet'. Has the book of Genesis informed you, when shiloh come the scepter left Judah.

The LORD God, the LORD God of Israel, also gave me a new name in 2007. It was inscribed in gold, in caps, on obsidian.

The LORD God has also instructed that when I write the name ELIAKIM it must always be in caps. The book of Revelation informed you that I would be given a new name when I was put upon the throne.

He has given his divine plan for the building of New Jerusalem.

Has the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding. All I can say is May The Good LORD guide you in the right way. Billions of people are hurting. We are all praying for them.

Eliakim said...

Thank you, I trust him with all of my heart and soul. I have plenty of divine experience to know; and trust that he knows what he is doing. I know in my heart that he has the best interests of the salvation and redemption of humanity in his heart.

In his love and mercy beyond measure for the children of the future and what he calls 'MY PEOPLE'.