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I usually do a new Saturn transit article a few months in advance of its arrival. This is the first time I have been late with one. The new Saturn transit of Scorpio, arrived on the 5th of October, 2012 and has we know Scorpio has a sting in its tail. Look out world here it comes, the Scorpio timeline 2012-2015,  and we are still in the 2012, Chinese Year of the 'Black Water Dragon'. People are going to have to be really strong, courageous, and dauntless.  to get through what's coming; due to the nations refusal to do the will of God and embrace the divine plan. 

Are you truly prepared?

Scorpio is deep and they hold onto secrets, they like the desert environment, and are said to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac. The last time there was a scorpio transit was nearly 30 years ago, you will probably find that it was a time of huge expansion of 'sexual disease' that came into manifestation; due to what the people had been engaged in. Look out USA, here it comes, people cannot transgress the spiritual law without paying the consequences for doing so. Has we know Saturn is the teacher of the spiritual law, and when it strikes, it strikes hard.

It was some years ago now that we shared that economically, the USA's astrological chart is adversely impacted upon by its planetary configuration well into 2016-2017. Not good news for the USA or the rest of the world, due to the economics of the USA impacting on other nations and their exports. 

Has far as the rest of the nations are concerned, I recommend that you take a look at the individual charts of your nations and your personal charts. 

One astrologer reports that Saturn will be in what is termed "mutual reception'' with Pluto and it will especially prominent for those in the sign of Capricorn and Scorpio. [1] Of course that could also impact on the north node that rules your soul it you have either of those signs there. 

As I am writing this I feel very hot, like a temperature. So you can be sure that this Saturn in Scorpio transit will be one when the people will really feel that the 'HEAT IS ON'. It will mean more than the cost of energy soaring as well. The people had years to prepare for this time, years of warnings, plenty of time to change their lifestyles, and live ecologically and self-sustainably. Now the people will pay the price for not doing so, and not taking heed of the word of God that was delivered to them to help them plan ahead. 

Temperatures will be soaring in more ways than one. High blood pressure, and Scorpio does not like not getting his own way. Scorpio likes to be in human control, just like most men, men that don't like to surrender to the feminine or the feminine principles. Men that fight against what is right, just for the sake of it. Not a good time to be on the internet, in places that can be unhealthy for you. There will certainly be clashes between political leaders and nations the more that things heat up. Especially to do with the middle east and anywhere that you find the Scorpion. 

Scorpio combined with Saturn can be a 'wicked' combination. and ELOHIM says 'there is no peace for the wicked.' The smallest step out of integrity, can have a huge impact during this transit, that will have an impact for many years to come. Justice is a very thin line to walk. This is a good song for this transit. 

Nobody sings it better than Rebecca Ferguson. 

Has we know the term 'wicked', was a term used by the prophets to describe the people that did not take care of creation and its inhabitants. That includes the animals. One example of that is the news of how the farmer in America was eaten by his own pigs. That is the kind of activity one can anticipate from a Saturn in Scorpio transit. The pigs struck back due to the spiritual law of creation. 

Apparently Scorpio also rules 'boils', [1] and a dear friend had a dream about a 'boil' just before this transit began. She saw it with a large amount of 'puss coming out of it', and I did feel at that time, she had been given a vision of the state of humanity in dream state. This is a transit where you can see the side of people that you have never seen before, or even knew existed. It will trigger what they hold within themselves, like never before. If they did not heal it during the last transit nearly 30 years ago, it will be a double whammy this time. People have had plenty of time to get on the recovery ship, and many of us have been involved in cellular healing of the physical in recent years. Many of us redeemed our souls after the last Saturn in Scorpio transit, we felt its sting that forced us to do so. The third watch mentioned in the bible did come into being as the prophecies predicted. 

No surprise then that it was a relationship with a Scorpio that was the catalyst and catapult for my own healing process; all of those years ago. I took responsibility for co-creation, I did the soul searching, I began the self-healing journey, and it was onwards and upwards after that. So the sting in the tail of the Scorpion can have a very positive impact, if you seek within and understand the reason why. Has we have explained, the spiritual law can be 'fatal', if people do not put the effort into understand it, and live in harmony with it. 

However, those that don't seek within due to what one might consider to be adverse circumstances. Pay the cost for not doing so, and it usually impacts on health and the state of being of yourselves and your nations. 

For instance, the other week a lady that I've known for nearly 30 years admitted that she is 'prejudice'. Not just about color, but about everything, that includes 'single parent mum's' and anything spiritual. 

This is a time when the middle classes are really showing their true colors; and how little they really care about others. So why should the money men care fully, if the rest of humanity don't care fully? 

Are they not a stark reflection of the Western world and its materialism and selfishness? In fact, do we not find the same all over the world? Are the money men not like the Scorpion that forces you to seek within? Did you know that it was the Greeks that were the first bankers in Egypt? Now, look at what that has co-created in Greece. Karma certainly has a sting in its tail, all part of the spiritual law of creation. Has the NT explains, 'what you give, will come back to you 30, 60, or 100 fold'. Prophet Malachi also spoke about this timeline and how the nations would be destroyed, if they refused to do the will of God. Has Cameron informed the masons the other day, 'Day of Reckoning', 'Heal', 'Do or Decline'. 

Its not a good time for the 'hairy fairy' spiritual that have not done the serious inner work required, we did warn the spiritual community, how important the homework is for decades. Although it is a good time for psychology grounded in scientific principles. So from a personal viewpoint, it is a good transit for yours truly, due to my passion for self-development and spiritual psychology that co-creates the well-being, true freedom,  liberty and enlightenment.  Its a good time to share what I know that can help the children of the nations. It bodes well for what I know I have to accomplish in the next phase. How about you? 

Those that have prepared fully in recent decades, those that have healed themselves, will not be surprised by what humanity now experience. They know its long overdue, that humanity itself should be brought to accountability for its co-creation. Has we shared previously, this is the sober decade, and the mean time. because humanity have been mean to the poor and less well-off. This is the time when humanity truly will feel the power of the spiritual law of creation. It certainly won't be a joy ride for those that did not prepare in advance. Well done, to those that made it in time for 2012. The holy ones will retain their innocence, and continue to live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law of creation. 'Love is the path of no return to the old way of being.' from Sacred Words  

As the LORD God said to his ELOHIM, 'I will not let the 'moron's have you'. 

Love beyond measure 




Eliakim said...

So it begins....

Ron Paul tells the world "Goldman sachs owns Romney and Obama"

Posted By: Maryhrt [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 13-Oct-2012 01:28:42

Ron Paul has nothing to lose. So he may as well spill his guts about everything.

The former presidential candidate told CNBC Wednesday that he still won’t back Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the GOLDMAN SACHS CANDIDATES!

Paul told CNBC: The people who run the Federal Reserve make sure their interests are protected. They have their two guys there, believe me! Why does Obama not attack Romney for being a Goldman Sachs candidate? It’s because they both are within the establishment! Neither one of them have the vaguest idea of what Austrian economics and sound money economics is all about. They play the game and they represent the one-party system.

Well that is nothing new to me. I have been telling people for decades that the political rule, is a one party rule. They all on the same side. That is why they all have to go, including the Fed. That is why we do not support Patricia Cota-Robles (USA) and her support of whomever wins.

The LORD God called out ‘GOLDMAN SACHS’ and we did it in the public domain at the time of receipt of his message.

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