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In a recent post we mentioned Psalm 34 that is about the 'holy ones', [1] and I am led to take another look at it in a different translation. It mentions how 'my soul will make its boast in the LORD'. It mentions the Angel of the LORD that encamps around those that fear him, and rescues them. The Angel of the LORD encourages the holy ones to allow him to be their refuge. So in effect, the Angel was asking for their trustful loyalty.

There appears to be a contradiction in the NAS translation, where at first the holy ones are asked not to fear him, then they are asked to so. In the NIV translation it uses the word 'soul' in the NAS translation it uses the word 'Spirit' and there is a difference between the two. The NAS translation speaks of a 'crushed Sprit'. [2] That often happens in childhood and we have written about that in the past, in addition to delivering Sacred Words.

The final sentence states 'The LORD redeems the souls of his servants'. How are souls redeemed do you know? The redeemed do know how it is done.

Hence, this Psalm is giving another criteria about the holy ones. They have the ability to redeem the souls of others, and only the healers know how to do that. This Psalm also calls them Saints. It tells the children to seek peace. However, if we look at the word peace in the Hebrew lexicon it relates to wholeness and that is also related to the souls that are redeemed. As such, it is due to the redemption of the soul, that enables the wholeness to come to be. As we know, most of humanity are the opposite to wholeness and that is why these holy ones, these saints are so very important and crucial to the survival of humanity. They understand wholeness and how it is attained. I first started to speak about this in the public domain in the 90's. As such, the outreach has been far and for a long time.

The Psalm is telling the children to 'PURSUE' those that can help them to become whole; due to what happened to them as children when their spirit was crushed. If and when the spirit of a child is crushed, the person then can fragment, and retrieval of those fragments that flipped out have to be returned and purified before they can become whole people once more. Inner child healing work is also essential for any person that was 'crushed' as a child. It is imperative that these people re-parent the child within, so that their fruit can blossom with new seeds that can grow into new trees of life.

Of course, the true shamans, the medicine men and women from the indigenous peoples will understand what I speak of.

So first the Angel of the LORD rescued them from the fears that they held within. Then when they were ready, they were guided to honor the power of the LORD who always intended to exalt them has his saints. The prophecy informs you that the humble will hear it and rejoice, as we know the Son of God also predicted that the 'The meek shall inherit the earth', that is because he understood this psalm the other biblical prophecies that relate to it. He was also an amazing shaman and healer of consciousness. The saints are certainly here and they do know how to redeem the children and bring them into wholeness.

Children did pursue the people that they knew could help them to heal, they understood completely what was shared with them by the Angel of the LORD. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that we would come with the children. In my experience these holy ones, the purified, the redeemed, are already actively working on the planet.

However, we do have a therapy specifically for retrieving fragments of people and there are people waiting to be trained in it. Some are waiting for the time when the techniques and methodology for healing consciousness on multi-dimensional levels is made available to a lot more people. 

Some have trained in some of the modules, some have had national news media on one of the therapies and success thereof.  It was also predicted that a scientist would be brought to me, and I was given a name of a new branch of physics that would come to be. Also that the methodology for healing consciousness that I was divinely given will be taught as a degree course in university. It will be interesting to see how the divine plan unfolds.

I have a sense that part of the hold up has been due to the fact that the spiritual have not embraced the building of new jerusalem yet. They simply have not got their heads around the fact, that humanity do not have a choice in the matter. His new holy city must be built to replace the men in Rome and Jerusalem. This time the holy city will be ecological, self-sustainable and its foundation is love. The biblical prophecies also inform us that in the location that has been chosen, the 'wild beasts' are being driven out.

Ultimately, the power of our healing work and its miracles can be proven scientifically.  So I shall  leave you with this wonderful song...

No surprise then that I was called for a mission of compassion with the children.  Psalm 34 is all about the children. 


Some quotes from Sacred Words

 'it is God’s will that his brave children shall walk together in his name. The time of chivalry has returned.' 

'To wipe away the tears and fears of others so they can know how to do it too with flair!

Love beyond measure 


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