Monday, 1 October 2012


This is a follow-up to the comment made by an 'Anonymous' poster. 


 Anonymous said...
Still slamming Orthodox....The Orthodox will inherit the crown. They have already got the crown.
1 October 2012 16:59

 Eliakim said...
Bring them to me and we will see who wears the crown and who does not.
1 October 2012 17:49

Anonymous, always remember that the orthodox did not ward off the captivity of humanity. They co-created the captivity that humanity finds itself in by co-creating religions that 'bind' the people to a single reality. Hence the development and intention of governments to create a new world order that the people and the bible stands against.

Prophet Isaiah informed you all, not to make all of the fields one. In other words, no new world order where one man can control and dominate the peoples of the world.
Different nations and cultures evolved for divine purpose, to ensure that freedom is retained and maintained.
Now read Micah 4 about daughter ZION who was given the Royal Crown along with the Psalm that speaks of the Royal Queen that wore the golden gown that was gifted to her by a princess. She delivered the covenant for the children of the world, the everlasting covenant that Prophet Isaiah predicted would come. Spiritual independence, and spiritual freedom is the divine birthright of every single child. It is part of the spiritual inheritance of all of the children of Abraham. That is why Jesus Christ said ‘Let the children come unto me’. He did not wish for them to be indoctrinated into any ‘belief’ system that would cause any harm to them. He wished them to be free to be children and have the joy of their innocence. He did not wish for their flesh to be cut, he did not wish for this to be done to the children either. See the photo below. 

In all mercy, and compassionate action, this cannot be allowed to happen to the children again.

As we know the orthodox rejected the capstone of spiritual independence, that the indigenous peoples will retain. The indigenous peoples will always be defended by the righteous souls; and the children have also come to help them to retain their freedom and existence of their cultures. The rainbow warriors, and rainbow children are indeed here with the flame of Joseph that wears many colors. Israel has the right to exist and so does every other nation and culture.

We are not up for anymore cultural genocide, or another world war co-created by the orthodox, we are not up for the children being ‘indoctrinated’, or ‘circumcision’ to suit the orthodox mindsets of the day, due to it mutating genetics and co-creating disease. 

We are not up for the natural resources of the planet and its people being decimated. After WWII we said ‘Never again’, and we meant it. This time is being shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect, that includes people from the indigenous tribes.



Anonymous said...

Are you born a Princess? No!
Dear you lack clear understanding.
You claim to be clairvoyant and yet have spiritual blindness. It is highly unlikely Christ would use profanity and disgusting that you would lower his name to this. Do not take God's name in vain or abuse Him for your own self glorification.

Eliakim said...

No I am not a princess of earthly reality as you describe. I am the Royal bride that was chosen to be put upon the throne as mentioned in Micah 4, the book of Revelation and in the psalms.

I was a professional clairvoyant with clients in 14 different countries.

Did Jesus Christ use 'profanity' as you term it? Let's see shall we, I recommend you read the bible about the seven woes when he addressed what he called the 'vipers' and 'hypocrites'.

By the way Jesus Christ is not God. It is recorded in the bible that Jesus spoke about the one that sent him.

Know the difference between 'god' and God, between 'small face' and 'vast face'.

As he said to people like you, if your father was my father than you would love me.

The same applies to you anonymous. If your father was my father, you would love me.

You speak of 'spiritual blindness' can you truly own it?

Seek within until you can take the 'blinders' off. Then you just might have the humility to embrace me and the love and pure intention that I am coming from.

Eliakim said...


Can you own ‘vain’, ‘abuse’ and ‘self-glorification’ as well?

Time for you to heal you. Seek within.

As Jesus Christ said about the American Christians, ‘They are blind, deaf and dumb’’.

Will anonymous come into the light and reveal themselves? Or are they afraid of being exposed as the bible predicted?


Eliakim said...

What did St Clement say about the Son of God?


"For this He came down,
for this He assumed human nature,
for this He willingly endured the sufferings of man,
that by being reduced to the measure of our weakness
He might raise us to the measure of His power.
The Word of God, became man just that you may learn from a Man how it may be that man should become god."

"The purified righteous man has become a coin of the Lord, and has the impress of his King stamped upon him."
Clement of Alexandria

"One side of the coin is all knowing and the other side is purity personified." from Sacred words.

"Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes...." Luke 12:37

Anonymous said...

It is clear to see you are not a Crown Royal Princess either by what you are writing to detail.

Your self glorification as Queen of Zion, contradicts a one world order. If you are the Royal bride, you would be Queen of the world order. Do you not know this.

God has One Government on Earth.

There is a difference between Christ and God. Most people in the world certainly know this. There is a divine plan dear and it is happening with or without you.

As for being chosen to be put on the throne you might want to write an article explaining exactly how for people. The Queen is waiting.

Anonymous said...

The Queen is holding the crown.

If you use the F or B words, own this. It is Blasphemy to even suggest Christ or God said these in your context. Not only it is disgusting abuse, how you have not been pulled down and realised what you have done, God only knows.

From what you have written it is not surprising Orthodox reject you. Do you 'understand' humility? Not so easy to put into practice. Too much self gets in the way of selflessness. Let go and let be.

As God can raise up, He can surely pull down with a crash too. Find your purpose and live it as other people are doing the same. When the pupil is ready the teacher will arrive. Did you meet your teacher to guide you in life yet?

Eliakim said...

Can you own it?

'disgusting abuse'
'pulled down'
'reject you'
'let go and let be'

Seek within and make your peace with yourself. Do not return here until you have done so. Take responsibility for your co-creation anonymous. You supported the orthodox as such, you have blood of the children on your hands.

I found my divine purpose a long time ago. The more that a person heals themselves, the more their divine purpose is revealed to them.

The teacher of righteousness has arrived and you are communicating with her, right here and now.

I had divine teachers from the heavenly realms. I was well prepared and trained for what would lay ahead of me, including how to deal with people like you. The divine training took place for many years and it was intensive.

The LORD himself ordained me to be who I am and you will respect and honor the choice that he has made, or face the consequences for not doing so.

Basically, neither you or the rest of humanity have any choice in the matter.

Eliakim said...

I have just seen your other comment regarding the Queen of Zion, your words not mine.

In Micah 4 the LORD informs you of his divine plan for his daughter. She was given the kingship.

If you understood the prophecies anonymous, you would also understand that Jesus predicted that I would be the Queen of the Prophets. I was given many titles by the prophets down the ages, to express the different aspects of what I do and how I do it.

I have no inclination to be Queen of any new world order, as I have explained previously to others.

The ELOHIM, also know that nor do I wish to reign over them either. We stand together, side by side in the front line in equality.

The ELOHIM know me, and my pure heart of intention and where I am coming from.

Yes, God does have one government and the LORD told his daughter that she is his divine court. The sanhredrin is here and in divine operation in more ways than one.

Yes, there is a divine plan and it cannot be fulfilled without me at this point in time.

You have asked for an article, please clarify your requirements for clarification.

I already sit on a throne where he put me, it is done. It was done years ago.