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In the last post we mentioned being a 'hard task master', and in my divine experiences, Dr Usui from the Reiki history is also a 'hard task master'. I remember vividly, on a Reiki Masters training course when one practitioner was thrown physically into her chair by him. He also pinched her ear, and that was telling her to listen.

Due to her lack of discipline, respect and honor being shown to her Reiki Master teacher and what she was sharing. Did she then take responsibility for her own co-creation? No, she did not. Reiki Mastership triggered what she held inside. After the training course, it came up so fast and furious, there was nothing that she could do to stop it. 'The light triggers the darkness, and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left' from Sacred Words.

The concept and state of being a 'hard task master', does not mean that a person is a hard person. It means that they stand in integrity with high standards. They are strict with their boundaries, just like Jesus Christ was strict with his boundaries; because he had boundaries in place. The discipline involved is to ensure that the people do not harm themselves or others, and integrity and pure intention must be in place.  In serious spirituality, one does not teach others to drive the car, until they can drive it themselves.

That is another reason why I recommended to everyone that you take your Reiki journey slowly, enjoying every step, one at a time. It is fascinating to me that the bible mentions the fruit, and how one should not eat from the fruit until the fifth year. The fruit is ready in the fourth year, but the people were not to eat from it until the fifth year. Why is that? There is a lot of integration and clearing to do when people begin to heal themselves. Once the seed of healing love has been planted, it takes four years to blossom into a fully grown fruit.

In my own case, I had an added bonus that I had already been a professional clairvoyant prior to training in this ancient healing art. The four years is to also to allow people the time, to develop their faculties, gather their divine experiences together and truly understand them. The bible also tells you that people become seers prior to becoming prophets.

I also associate the fourth year with the 4th dimension of metaphysical realities, in other words, you have to have had plenty of divine experiences. I associate the fifth year with the fifth dimension, of divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. Truly a divine state of being unconditional love and compassionate action entwined. As such, the bible is informing us that a person should not become a spiritual teacher until their fruit is ripe. The fruit is not ready to eat until the fifth year, by those that might wish to partake of the fruit that you have to offer for the healing of the nations.

The wonderful Reiki historian, Robert Jefford teaches the original Japanese way, as far as I am aware, in his reality, level one is integrated for five years, prior to them learning level two.  That then also aligns with the biblical teaching. Did I take part in Reiki Mastership prior to four years of integration? No. Nor did I teach prior to five years of Reiki integration.

Robert Jefford is also known to be a hard task master. He is also a high level martial arts teacher and is known of on the international circuit. He has been known to empty a class of students who were not ready for what he had to share; due to their lack of self-discipline demonstrated in class. Has we know, self-discipline is essential in martial arts and in any modality that can harm as well as heal. You have to be masters of the self, prior to becoming masters of other realities.

After I became divine love in manifestation on the earth plane, I was ready for Reiki Mastership and previously I had done the practitioner level twice. The first time I hadn't done my homework, so I had to do it again. The second time, I saw it through new and different eyes. Reiki Master teachers also came to re-train, and they became much stronger and more competent healers and teachers for doing so.
When the standards are high, few can surpass it. As we know, integrity and pure intention is essential for the co-creation of miracles.

It was after five years of working with Reiki that I was called by Dr Usui to teach at the same time has students were banging on the door. I had no intention to teach Reiki, in my reality at that time, I just sought to complete the Japanese healing art. Dr Usui, appeared before me and informed me that I would take Reiki down a new track. Indeed we did with his blessing. Reiki is a path to enlightenment for those that seriously integrate its many levels and states of being.

As we move through these last days of the end times, self-discipline is essential. It is also important that all of the healers also support the rest of the healing family. Be there for each other, offer an energy exchange because sometimes, people do not like to ask. Share, just like you did in your Reiki sharing groups. Reiki hugs are also imperative for those that maybe living alone, the tender healing touch is crucial for the body during these times. The same with the gentle Reiki massage/stroking techniques.

Gather together and heal together, be there for each other in these times. Be prepared to put in serious effort to help each other, and the rewards will be heavenly and miracles abound.

Exchange of therapies should take place at least once a fortnight at the moment. As we know self-nurturing is essential, so please take excellent care of yourselves.

As we know the environment in which the people live is also polluted with chemicals and toxins, and the bible also warned about that as well. So you may find it necessary to have some lymph drainage massage, with a qualified therapist,  to assist you to remove the toxins that maybe getting blocked.

This is the golden age of purification of the Aquarian water bearer, most of you know how to purify the water and the water in your bodies. There are also other remedies for clearing any miasma.

Yesterday, one of the Reiki students informed me that his mother was getting a sore on her head. She did not train in the Reiki healing art. Metaphysically. a 'sore' is to do with 'Unexpressed anger that has settled in'. 'Heal Your Body' by Louise Hay, is a good little reference book on the metaphysics of disease.

Another practitioner,  informed me that she had a dream of a boil and there was puss coming out of it. I did not feel that the dream was about herself, the dream was about humanity. In these last days, humanity will be triggered and you will see and witness the 'puss' coming out of those that have not healed themselves in more ways than one.

Clearing your own energy fields due to the energy of others, as often as possible is essential. Painting can be utilized to clear your environment and auric fields from any negative energy that may accumulate. You can also clap your hands in the corners of the rooms, use incense or a drum to break up the energy that may get blocked in the environment in which you live. I know that you are aware of this, so this is just a reminder.

Listening to your dreams and their warnings is important at this time. Its also important that you are able to distinguish which dreams are for you personally, and which ones are about the state of humanity. As I have shared before, the religious are not aware that the Reiki attunement is featured in the bible. That is because they have not experienced it, so that their hearts can open up to understanding it. As we know, people are afraid of that which they do not understand, and it is even the same in Japan.

In my experience people are even afraid of the word 'spirituality', and what it might contain. That is why Frank Arjava Petter and his wife at that time, were offering Reiki as a 'stress reliever' in preference to a 'healing modality'.

Those that are afraid of Spirit and all that is divine,  have different values to ours. Their reality is based upon materialism, and third dimensional realities, and the bible warned that they would not come into the light willingly; due to them not wishing to expose themselves to the light that would shine on them and what they do.

Plato also understood it well. When he said 'We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light'.

"Strange times are these in which we live
 when old and young are taught in falsehood
 schools, and the one man that dares to tell
 the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool."

 Plato (Greek Philosopher)  427 - 347 B.C.

Has we know they said the same about the Lute of Lovingkindness. So we are all in good company with our spiritual family of healers and complimentary medicine therapists. 

I also like this quote from the American scientist, William Tiller Phd, 'Its easier to take a mystic and teach them scientific principles, than it is to take a scientist and engage them in mystic teachings'. 

Has he said 'The meek shall inherit the earth'. 

Take good care of yourselves, keep your vibrations high and enjoy the journey.

Love beyond measure


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