Saturday, 13 October 2012


In 2009, I saw the bell mushroom law makers wig mushroom for the first time outside my door. Please see previous link that included the visions and messages. [1]

In addition to the mushrooms that keep arriving outside my door. I've just seen another one outside of the window of a lady that was disabled, due to an operation that she had on her back.


This could have been painted larger. However, I painted the lawmakers wig actual size. Hence, the scan looks small, I was also out of white paint, so had to use what colors I had. 
13th of October, 2012. 

Has such, this bell maker mushroom lawmakers wig, is pointing to the national health care system, what it does and what is happening to people that is making them disabled. While walking, I also noticed that front page news in the UK today, states that the EU parliament will sue the UK. If it refuses financial benefits and health care to people from abroad. The health care system in the UK cannot even afford to give people the right treatments for their conditions, let alone pay for people from other countries. This is an economic issue, the UK cannot give to others, what it cannot afford to give to the self. Of course, if the rich paid their taxes, and the atheist doctors embraced the sheer importance of body work therapies and massage, things would be different.

Also while resting, a badger appeared before me and the badgers are calling out for our help. The UK government are culling the badgers; and this is bound to back fire on the UK government and its farmers that have pushed for the cull to take place. Especially in the timeline of Saturn in Scorpio, the spiritual law of creation is not on the side of the farmers, people and governments that transgress it. Remember the farmer that was eaten by the pigs that he farmed? The biblical prophecies warned you about the animals in this timeline, and how the animals will strike back.

When I saw the vision of the badger, it also reminded me of a young one that went by the name of badger. How he came to a wonderful realization within himself. The keynote of badger is 'Bold self-expression and Reliance-Keeper of stories'. Its cycle of power is late Spring. Author, Ted Andrews wrote that Badger never surrenders and that when badger shows up, there will be opportunities to develop self-expression and reliance. It speaks of a time to begin to tell a new story about yourself and your life.

On the way back from my walk, I also saw a large white angel with large wings in the clouds, it was heading straight for a grey cloud. It brought joy to my heart to see it.



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