Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This painting was done when the anointed one was cut off from the internet. Inspired art from early August, 2012. Has I look at it now, it speaks to me of Isaiah 8.  

In the centre of the painting, I see the hourglass. In fact, I see four of them. I was given a vision of an hour glass in 2011. That was prior to be becoming aware that Julian Assange has the logo of the hour glass. [1] Four of them, can indicate four years and four is a practical number. However, as I look at it again, I can see eight of them, four in gold and four in orange. 

As we know it was in 2004 that there was the first Venus transit of the sun and eight years later there was another Venus transit of the sun in 2012. 

Eight is also the number of spiritual transformation, the eight pointed star of Venus. USHA, divine truth, divine consciousness of the divine court. 

Also in the painting I see two crosses made of capstones, a gold one and and orange one. The crosses and the hour glasses,  are both in a square shape and there are four stars of David at its corners. Has we know David means 'Beloved'. There are six David's altogether in this painting and I know many people with the name of David. 

There are four beloveds on the inner sanctum and two on the outer. 

In numerology,  number six vibrates to planet Venus and USHA, of divine truth, divine consciousness, the divine court. I see the color black and brown, black being symbolic of the night time, and brown being a color of the earth. 

I see the pyramids being discovered around the world, I see the energy of the children coming in to the centre of their being. They are coming to find out who they are. 

I see the vibrant colors of the indigenous peoples, the bright colors of the American Indians. 

I see the love of the beloveds coming in. They know that the direction is within the inner sanctum. 



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