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Crystal Fluorite and Discipline

This inspired painting was done a few days ago, it shows me that there is not much time left.

Crystal Fluorite and Discipline 
October 2012 

I see the earth, and two mountains that are protected by that which surrounds them. I also see the crystal fluorite, that can also be symbolic of the crystal children that are integrating self-discipline. The crystal fluorite is for spiritual discipline. Has we know integration of self-discipline is an essential, not only on the spiritual journey, but also in life itself.

Fluorite comes in different colors, I have a beautiful turquoise/green one in the healing room, that I purchased in the 90's, I bought it when I was divinely asked to wear the colors of the sea. Its only small, and it is pleasant for people to view and to hold in their hand.

When you hold the crystal up to the light, you can see the colors of the sea inside the crystal. It is seven inches long, and has we know seven is a numeric that is related to the spiritual law of the cosmos. I just measured it with a ruler and it is 70mm. The one featured in the painting is 115mm in length. 1+1+5 also adds up to 7. Seven years would take us to 2019. There are also seven shapes inside the mandala. Remember I was given the message 'ICE CAPS 22'.

The crystal shows us two directions, it is pointed at the head and the tail. The special place upon the earth is being protected beyond measure. Nothing shall be allowed to destroy those particular  mountains.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and honor, 'Naisha Ahsian' and the work that she did originally with the crystals and 'Crystal Allay Cards. [1] Most people are not aware of the story about her beautiful artwork and what happened with the publisher at the time of publication. When I first became aware of her story, my heart went out to Naisha, and I made sure that the people that I knew, were made aware of it.

'The point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping' from Sacred Words

Here she is with a message for  2012,

Part 1


Inner peace and the water card together signifies 'Shiloah and its soft waters' that came from the sanctuary of the LORD. Mentioned in the book of Genesis and Isaiah 8. Has we know the origin of the word 'peace' comes from the root word that means 'wholeness'. Shalom means 'Be Whole'. Being whole is also part of the Christ teachings. Of course it would be, bearing in mind that the Son of God was Jewish. He was also the most amazing shaman, and wholeness is to do with the indigenous peoples and their teachings.

Part 2


You can see that a male energy that is powerful is going to defeat a leader. Has this reader is in the USA, and bearing in mind the timing of when she gave the reading, it could well have predicted the defeat of Ron Paul, in addition to the defeat of Obama. The leadership card always reminds of the USA.  Has we know the money is behind Romney, although they back both sides.

Naisha then lays out the 'Fluorite and Smokey Quartz'. Once again it demonstrates how important it is to be prepared by having self-discipline in place. Self-discipline can also relate to embracing what is being asked of you all, and that is to live ecologically and self-sustainably. To live in a higher reality than is currently lived by humanity.

Smokey Quartz crystal also helps people to align with their higher selves and the higher perspective. Enabling people to see the bigger picture, people are not able to do that, if they do not have self-discipline in place. In my humble view, those two cards are not about structures outside of yourselves, it is all about you has individuals, and how you view reality.

She then lays out the 'Courage' card, and what I call the 'Moon' card and we all know what that relates to. Having the courage to take on those that are represented by the moon. Do take note that the courage card is represented by bloodstone; and has we know there are different types of courage. Men that go to war and think that they are courageous. As we know 'bloodshed pollutes the land' in the biblical teachings. Then there is the courage to speak the truth and take your light into the darkness to help transform it.

The final cards that Naisha laid down were the 'Earth' card and 'Inner Child' card. This signifies that after Ron Paul was defeated, a lot of people had to do a lot of self-reflection. Has we know, he was defeated due to those that were in his own organization. Younger members of the family, that did not have self-discipline in place; due to having not healed their inner child. The same could also apply to Obama, has many people he relied on last time, have turned away from him.

She is correct about the earth and water cards relating to the environment, and the environmental issues are forcing people to look at themselves, and seek within for what is being triggered by it. There is a lot of healing and self-purification to be done, especially in the USA. Healing and self-purification takes patience, perseverance, tenacity, courage and self-discipline. In addition to having the humility to do it.

Only once that is in place, can people have any true comprehension of the bigger picture, what is going down, and the reasons for it. Co-creation being a major aspect of the climate change. What you do to the planet and the innocent, comes back to you, in ways most people do not understand. Its all part of the spiritual law of creation, that is also part of the physics of the cosmos.

For instance, you drill for oil without understanding why the oil was placed in the earth to begin with. Humanity remove the natural resources of the planet without fully replenishing it. As such, the planet will rid itself of people to save the earth for those that honor it. Remember the Son of God said, 'the meek shall inherit the earth'. He was talking about the people that truly take care of mother earth, and its inhabitants that take care of it. That is the higher perspective of the situation, that humanity now find itself in.

Now has far as the intuitive cards are concerned, they are good for those that do not have their third eyes opened. The third eye has to be massaged, the way that is done is by working with symbology. They are simply a focus point for the third eye, so that the intuition can flow easily, I used to teach people how to develop their intuition, and open their third eyes. Hence why, in Rev 13 it mentions wisdom with insight, that was called to do the count.

Love beyond measure



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