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Earlier in October we made a post in respect of the 'Fruit Fly' infection. We also shared with you that Crystal Heart/St Catherine had a dream of a giant boil that had 'puss' coming out of it. Then the other day I bumped into the 'Rose of Sharon' and she had been given a dream with the word 'Space Bug'. At the time of the dream about the 'boil' I felt it was to do with the condition of humanity.

I am feeling a cold wind around my legs has I write this, and the cold wind is to do with what happened in 1966. See the post about 1966, although you may have other situations to add to that post.

I was still looking at those 'bugs' yesterday, so what else do we have on the 'virus's and insects?  In 1999, there was a film made in the USA in respect of a giant insect that hit a rural community and the people died. The giant insect came with a meteorite and the film was titled 'Atomic Space Bug'.

On the 21st of September, 2012. There was a meteorite that was seen in Chester, UK. Has we know, the 21st of September is also the UN International Day of Peace. It is also the 'Day of Taste', so the transport for the infection is given to you in what you eat by the insects.

My case is not the only case of this infection, I have been informed about a second case. There may be many cases that have gone unreported. The lady that was the second case of the back issue infection, (that is where it ends up, between the shoulder blades, after all of the organs have thrown it out. It also impacts on breasts, chest and lymph glands) had not associated her pains and various symptoms with the 'fruit fly infestation' that she had also encountered, although to a lesser extent than myself.

My question is this: We know that crystals in the earth have healing energies, can that which comes with outer space do the opposite? Can it empower adverse circumstances with the insects? Is it a coincidence that the bacteria infection that we experienced came after the time when the meteorite was seen?

Also is its empowerment of adverse energies have anything to do with atomic energy in the earth's atmosphere? When a meteorite comes into the earth's atmosphere does it bring atomic type energies with it; that impact on humanity? We know what has been going on with nuclear reactors around the world, do the meteorites go through that energy then deliver it to where it is seen and lands?

Let's see shall we.

Who worships around a black stone that came from outer space? Islam in Saudi Arabia.


Painted September, 2012 

What else do we have on the 'Space Bug' and the viruses from insects?

Scientists report that viruses from insects have been infecting organisms for 300 million years. 

Viruses were already infecting organisms some 300 million years ago, suggests a new study on what may be the oldest date yet for the emergence of an insect-infecting virus. "This is the oldest date ever proposed for a virus," said study researcher Elisabeth Herniou, of the University of Tours in France.

"Knowing about ancient viruses can help us distinguish evolutionary processes resulting from historical interaction as opposed to adaptive processes happening in the present day," Herniou added in an email to LiveScience.

This date, 300 million years ago, is as ancient as insects themselves. "Our insect viruses are already present right from the beginning from the evolution of insects," Herniou said. Viruses were still around during the age of dinosaurs, and survived the mass extinction that killed them. They survive to this day and have been found to infect every type of life; there are even viruses that infect viruses.

"Because insects were already infected by some viruses, you can probably extend that to other kinds of multicellular hosts," Herniou said. Viruses could have been infecting other forms of life on the Earth at that time, and in later eras.

The study was published today (Sept. 12) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.
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When the scientists start genetically modifying that lot, then the virus’s can shape shift into something that they did not anticipate.

Every time that the scientists change an original creation, it always backfires upon humanity.

Didn’t the dinosaurs get wiped out due to asteroids?

Linking up all of the dots. 

Please keep has physically fit as you can, peak spiritual fitness as well. Keep your physical defense systems in best order, especially your immune systems. 

Really, scientists involved in genetically modifying nature must be brought to account. If you have mutated genetics that person is also more susceptible to it. Stop circumcising children, and crucifying them. 



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