Tuesday, 30 October 2012


A large golden door appeared on the wall on the left. In the golden door there was what looked like a large trunk of a tree and it was black. The space behind the tree trunk was much smaller, than the other side of the tree trunk. On the other side of the tree trunk, the side closest to me, there were two mandalas on the wall. These two mandalas were in the golden door.

I asked what does this mean? The little space behind the tree represents orthodox Christians. The larger space where the mandalas were represent 'MY PEOPLE'.


August 2012 

My people have expanded beyond measure. In this mandala, you can see four golden doors in the four sacred directions of the planet. You can see the cross of creativity on the target of the spiritual law. You can see the four red rose petals, the flower has eight petals altogether, and eight is to do with spiritual transformation. It also relates to the 'Star of Venus', that has risen in the centre of their being. USHA, the divine court, divine truth and divine consciousness. All colors are here in the four sacred directions. All rooms, all gateways, are connected on the planet, my people are united in the 'Star of Venus', the planet of love of the divine feminine. It is, has I predicted, the passing of Russell Means has impacted on the world. Remember I was cut off when his cancer came back. Being cut off was mentioned by Prophet Daniel.

This is the mandala that was underneath the one above. This painting looks like a 'WATCH' on a woman's arm.


September 2012 

In the centre is a flower with seven petals, seven being to do with the spiritual law, forgiveness, seven year cycles. Seven is the life number of the spiritual teacher,  it is also the ZAYIN. The Jewish sages describe the Zayin has the 'woman of valor'. However, in the ancient pictographs it looks like a plough, it is described as an agricultural implement. The deep ruby red flower has gold upon it, and it is surrounded by the orange energy of the sun. Around that is the turquoise, the stone that is most associated with the American Indians. It is also the color of the thymus, and the level of 'I ACCEPT'.

Then you can see the hearts that surround the watch, it is very decorative. The hearts surrounded the 'watch' that has the timing perfectly arranged, in harmony with creation and its spiritual law.

The watch sits upon the arm of a woman, an adornment for time, that can feel the pulse of humanity, and its heart beat. The watch is like a 'pace maker' that regulates the heart to keep people alive. Behind her you can see the green pastures where she lives, on a green field. Everything is roses for her in this timeline, she watches her people blossoming in the heart of the golden doorway of time.

Mercy beyond measure, we are watching you.

Energy appeared on my left hand has I finished writing those words. My people have been with me in many lifetimes, when she speaks to them, they understand yours truly.  They know her heart and its pure intention.


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