Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Last night, a very heavy crown was placed upon my head. So it was no surprise that today, an international news agency had sent out a mail shot internationally about the divine government. This is my response to it. 
Dear All, this is our response to an international news agency that I am a part of and have been for a decade. What I have written is in response to a mail shot that has been sent out to what is known as American ‘light workers.’ Her work is also distributed internationally and this is not the first time that I have had reason to call her out. The mail shot that Patricia has sent out is about the ‘Divine Government’. Hence, I have responded to it.

I have read the mail shot from Patricia Cota-Robles, and I have this feedback for you.

The divine government put in place by the LORD God has been in operation for a long time. The LORD's chosen sanhedrin is here on this planet at this point in time. As he said to his governor,  'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.

The biblical prophecies also inform you that the governor is in charge and ELIAKIM is the governor.

The prophecies predict that all authorities (that includes religions and earthly governments) now have to surrender to the divine government because Romney and Obama have no authority from the divine to continue what they are doing and have done.

Only those of integrity can stand before Messiah Joseph and Romney and Obama have demonstrated none.

As far as what Patricia has written it is clear from her words that she does not know how to transform the darkness into light.

'The point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping' Archangel Michael

What is more merciful to call them out or experience another world war that either Romney or Obama will certainly lead the world towards.

As one Christian from America wrote 'It is better to be rebuked than for love to remain hidden'. I agree.

It is because people like Patricia did not call the leaders of nations out that they have continued to carry on in the way of the old boy network. People like Patricia did not ward off the captivity of the American nation. Therefore Patricia and those that she leads have no authority in the divine government that the LORD God put in place.

She also carries on doing what the bible warns the people about. Rev 2 was about Jezebel that was Elizabeth Claire Prophet and the ‘I AM movement’ the bible tells you that the way of Jezebel is 'satans ways'.

However, the one that was victorious and overcome was chosen and put upon his throne. She is a pioneer of his salvation and a healer of consciousness on multi-dimensional levels. The book of Revelation also tells you that the one that was put upon the throne was put in charge of THEOS creation.

Now Patricia it is time for you to stop leading the light workers 'astray' because you are 'compounding the problem'; that you speak about, instead of providing the solution.

You all supported Obama and look where that has taken the nations. Obama is mentioned in Rev 13, he is the Leo the Leopard from Africa that was also mentioned by Prophet Daniel. In your latest mail shot Patricia, you are still supporting what the bible calls the 'elemental' forces.

I could take each part of what Patricia has written apart at the seams. However, as she is still talking about 'wants' and 'needs' it shows us that she still has a lot of healing work to do on herself prior to her attempting to lead anyone, anywhere. 'Wants' and 'needs' are to do with the lowest levels of consciousness, the root and sacral levels in fact. It indicates that Patricia has to do a lot of work with her inner child due to 'needs' and 'wants' being unmet in childhood.

The bible warned you that when I came you would be judged by your words. Clearly, Patricia Cota-Robles has not embraced or integrated the divine teachings on EGO either. She is still spewing the same old on EGO from India that did not enhance the Indian nation. In fact, it kept their nation in poverty. It kept the rich, rich and the poor, poor. It kept the political caste system in place in India. It stopped the light from transforming what was required to be transformed.

Are we all one? Certainly not, and Prophet Isaiah warned about making all the fields one.

Do I come from the same place as Obama, Cameron, Romney or even Patricia, Certainly not.

Is their Father the same as my Father? Certainly not. If there Father was my Father they would've supported the divine governor and the divine plan that the heavenly Father is implementing with his true saints that truly do serve him.

Did Jesus Christ, the Son of God tell everyone that they were all one? He told them to look for the one that was coming to help his true followers. He informed that the next paraclete would come.

The Queen of the Prophets that has more wisdom than Solomon. The Son of Man e.g. The prophet that the Jewish sages, mystics and prophets spoke about. Oh yes, this time it is indeed a woman. The true ‘HARP OF FAITHFULNESS’.

The Psalms told the children to pursue those that could help them to attain wholeness. Wholeness is the opposite of fragmentation. Those that have not done their inner child work are still fragmented. Did I do mine? Indeed I did for ten years. I did not recommend to others what I was not prepared to do myself. The children listened to the Angel of the LORD and they did follow the good advice given. Why does the prophecies call them saints? They are saints that have reincarnated and they all suffered severely; to assist the divine plan to bring salvation and redemption to the nations. The prophecies inform you that the LORD always planned to exalt them for doing good by putting in the effort to attain wholeness, that includes people from the indigenous nations.

So no more evoking, start surrendering your human wills that have helped humanity to get into the 'mess' that it is in.

Then you will truly come from your hearts of pure intention; and into harmonic concordance with the divine plan. By leading the support to build New Jerusalem in the place that the LORD has ordained.

‘The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left’ from Sacred Words
Patricia Cota-Robles and her followers have no authority to judge our saints, who listened to the one that the LORD God sent to help them in this timeline. They know her distinctive voice and when she speaks to them.

Our saints are justified, and they know what they are doing, they have been well trained on how to maximize every negative situation and turn it into a positive outcome. How to take their light into the darkness and be dauntless in the face of adversity. They understand the sheer depth of mercy that came from the heart that was showered upon them. They know that the steel of the word of God that yours truly delivered; is mightier than the iron fist. They also know that the LORD is their refuge; and he will reward them for sharing the truth in integrity and honoring the source.

ELIAKIM serves the light and will do so forevermore,  that is why the biblical prophecies inform you that we encamped around them night and day to help them when they required it.
This message comes from the mercy seat in defence of the saints of the LORD. ELIAKIM will always defend them, and they come from many nations. Some of them know her has Lotus Feet, and they know in their hearts that she loves them very much. It was real love that gave them the courage to go forwards in a good way. 

As the Son of God said to them 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'.

So let us praise the LORD who sent his Son and the one that his Son predicted would come.

Love beyond measure


Anonymous said...

Who rebukes you EGO?

Cosmic mind fuctions beyond ego!

A crown you might believe you have on your head - humility is lacking.

Righteousness is people rebuking?

Love is feeling. Where is your love - even in your written word?

Lotus Feet?

Spiritual Alchemist?

Do you even understand?

The Saints know and understand.

Eliakim said...

The LORD God provided a discourse on EGO in 2002 and it is truly cosmic.

You speak of cosmic mind and I speak of the heart and its inner sanctum.

'No mind, is all mind, is no mind at all' from Sacred Words

Just like Jesus Christ, my heart is humble and those that truly understand know that.

Yes righteousness does rebuke, the teacher of righteous does her utmost to ward off the captivity as ordained to do.

Yes love is feeling and one does not get to sit in the seat of mercy until one has truly lived mercifully.

This love is not 'fluffy love' like many light workers spread. We were divinely guided that the time of 'fluffy love' was over in the 80s'.

There is a big difference in the love that humanity engage in, and the love of the LORD God.

Is Lotus Feet a saint?

Lotus is beyond sainthood as it was ordained for her to become.

So yes, she does understand where you are coming from, and the day will come when you will understand a lot more.

So can you own it?


Seek within Anonymous, then you will not be anonymous anymore.

Anonymous said...

Frienda of yours?

Eliakim said...

Plato understood where I am going from.

"Strange times are these in which we live
when old and young are taught in falsehood
schools, and the one man that dares to tell
the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool."

Plato (Greek Philosopher) 427 - 347 B.C.

Lotus Feet speaks the truth and as Jesus said 'The truth will set them free'.

Eliakim said...

I have this to share with those that defend Patricia.

“Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root.” Ronald Reagan

Patricia supports those regimes and I do not.

That is the big difference between those that come from a heart of conscience and those that do not.

Anonymous said...

Good video about the claim to the crown. Did you answer the question. You provide no validation either.

There is no comparison to you and Jesus Christ or his Holy Mother.

Beyond sainthood you are not.

Eliakim said...

Yes, someone posted a link to that video in the past. No I do not know him in response to your question. However, having read the five doves link it would be very easy for me to respond to his claim.

Validation? As Jesus said to those that asked him for validation. You could raise up a dead man in front of them and they still would not believe.

What kind of validation would satisfy you?

The last time I asked the LORD to prove it to the people. 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel. So I shall not be asking him to prove it to you or anyone else.

The LORD gives testimony for me, and if you knew the prophecies about me then you would also know that the uprising in Egypt was the LORD's testimony for his flame of Joseph.

I do not compare myself with Jesus or his mother. As the LORD said 'You are unique'. 'You are indefinable'.
Jesus and his mother did things that I did not do, I have done things that they haven't done. Our missions have had a different purpose and reason for being.

It matters not to me whether you think I am a saint or not. What matters to me is that the LORD God knows. I would say that he knows plenty more than you do as he is the one that instructed me.

Remember this that when you stand against me, you are also standing against the LORD God that sent me.