Friday, 12 October 2012


At the end of September I wrote about the 'Fruit Flies' that had infested my home. [1] Last week, I had a chronic bug from the fruit fly infestation after eating some home made celery soup. I was in bed for two days due to what I had eaten. The organs of my body are still working on clearing out the infection that has come from the fruit flies.

This has been a most serious infection, I nearly rang for an ambulance last week due to the immensity of pain that had been created by it.

So what else do we have on fruit flies?

Fruit flies self medicate with alcohol. It is written that the life of the fruit fly revolves around alcohol, not just fruit. Apparently, they like their food with about 4% alcohol, or roughly the same alcoholic content as a bottle of beer.

The research informs us that the medicinal effects of alcohol kills off a blood-borne parasite, and protects us against future infection. [2] Clearly, I have not been drinking enough alcohol to kill off the fruit flies and humans have used alcohol to kill off infection for 1,000's of years. In the past, I was divinely guided to drink gin and tonic, it is a good blood cleanser and has juniper in it. Juniper is also mentioned in the bible.

A good red wine in moderation is also good for the blood. However, it is very expensive to drink alcohol in the UK. In Southern Europe they have a much lower rate of heart disease due to their diet and wine that they drink.

A few gin and tonics would certainly kill off the pain of the infection co-created by the fruit flies. I have thrown all fruit and veg away now, and will have to buy more fresh when I can afford to buy some more next week. The doctor had never heard of a 'fruit fly infection', and prescribed pain killers for it. It did not cross his mind to prescribe an anti-biotic, or alcohol that can act has one. What else do we have on natural anti-biotics? Chilli peppers are recommended for pain relief and so is basil tea. Garlic is also called the spicy healer, they hold compounds that stop infections. However, make sure that the garlic has not been infested by the fruit fly.

Researchers have discovered that garlic is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and has anti-bacterial power. John Hibbs, a naturopathic doctor and associate professor of clinical medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, said "For people with infections who enjoy eating garlic, we recommend that they chew as much fresh garlic has they can tolerate". In the book of ’New Foods for Healing’ it recommends a whole bulb, although I usually cook with a few cloves daily. Although I haven't felt much like cooking or eating, due to the fruit fly infection.

'Eat for immunity, Vitamin A, strengthens your body defences, vitamin C helps the immune system to go on attack. This two-pronged approach, provides powerful protection against incoming germs. Oranges and broccoli also strengthen the 'gobbling power' of the bodies germ killing cells.' 

In addition the mineral zinc, is an essential mineral for keeping the immune system strong. Although most people do not get enough of this mineral that can be found in crab.

If alcohol can kill off the parasitic infection from wasps in the fruit fly, alcohol can also do the same for the people. Has such, how can a prophet that tells people not to drink alcohol be true? Ponder upon it Muslims. Nature can give us the messages that are divine, and they defeat Islam and their prophet at the same time. The biblical prophecy tells the Muslims from the oil rich nations to drink and be exposed in this timeline. The Jewish people might like to eat crab as well if they are low on zinc!

So what is the message from the fruit fly? The wasps are coming, and they sting harshly with the parasites that they bring.

Clearly, it is time to write about the new Saturn transit of Scorpio, with the sting in its tail. Look out world here it comes, the Scorpio timeline for the next couple of years and we are still in the Chinese Year of the 'Black Water Dragon'. People are going to have to be really strong to get through what's coming; due to the nations refusal to do the will of God and embrace the divine plan.

Are you truly prepared?
Scorpio is deep and they hold onto secrets, they like the desert environment, and are said to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac. The last time there was a scorpio transit, you will probably find that it was a time of huge expansion of 'sexual disease' that came into manifestation; due to what the people had been engaged in. Look out USA, here it comes, people cannot transgress the spiritual law without paying the consequences for doing so. Has we know Saturn is the teacher of the spiritual law, and when it strikes, it strikes hard.

The people were asked to teshuvah to the sacred. 

Please keep your bodies in peak fitness, your bodies defence system is a good health investment, and I will do my utmost to do the same. Onwards and upwards.




Eliakim said...

There is another report of another case of a 'Fruit Fly' infection. A scientist tells me that people cannot get infections from fruit flies. However, in both cases where people have this infection, fruit flies were involved. Make of that what you will, there is something going on with the 'Fruit Flies' and GMO could have something to do with it. Especially has banana's are imported.

Eliakim said...

I have had a blood test tonight and my blood is fine. However, check out some of these links.

What else do we have on blood-borne parasites.

A tick-borne parasite invades the blood supply.

Whatever it is, it is being carried by insects.

Parasitology is the study of parasites and as such does not include bacterial, fungal or viral
parasites. Human parasites are separated into intestinal and blood-borne parasites. For a
parasite to be defined as intestinal it must have an intestinal life-cycle stage, though it may
have life-cycle stages in the heart, circulation, lung, tissue, other animals or the environment.

Parasites found in the intestines can be categorized into two groups: Protozoa and Helminths.

Eliakim said...

Is there a connection with this?

Eliakim said...

Viruses were already infecting organisms some 300 million years ago, suggests a new study on what may be the oldest date yet for the emergence of an insect-infecting virus. "This is the oldest date ever proposed for a virus," said study researcher Elisabeth Herniou, of the University of Tours in France.

"Knowing about ancient viruses can help us distinguish evolutionary processes resulting from historical interaction as opposed to adaptive processes happening in the present day," Herniou added in an email to LiveScience.

This date, 300 million years ago, is as ancient as insects themselves. "Our insect viruses are already present right from the beginning from the evolution of insects," Herniou said. Viruses were still around during the age of dinosaurs, and survived the mass extinction that killed them. They survive to this day and have been found to infect every type of life; there are even viruses that infect viruses.

"Because insects were already infected by some viruses, you can probably extend that to other kinds of multicellular hosts," Herniou said. Viruses could have been infecting other forms of life on the Earth at that time, and in later eras.

The study was published today (Sept. 12) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.
You can follow LiveScience staff writer Jennifer Welsh on Twitter @microbelover. Follow LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter @livescience and on

When the scientists start genetically modifying that lot, then the virus’s can shape shift into something that they did not anticipate.

Every time that man plays with creation, it always backfires upon humanity.

Didn’t the dinosaurs get wiped out due to asteroids?

Once again, we have a link with a space bug.