Monday, 29 October 2012


In the previous post we wrote about the 'Gates of Mercy Prophecy' and the 'PATTERN Paintings.

Did you know that there was an American woman that was better known as 'Grandma Moses', and 'Mother Moses'? It is written that she began a career in the arts at an advanced age. Family and friends also called her either 'Mother Moses' or 'Grandma Moses'. In 1887, at the age of 27, she married a 'hired man', Thomas Salmon Moses and they lived on a farm. How amazing is that!

'Her art might be classified as folk art which is self-taught art. A folk artist doesn't go to school to learn how to paint or study with another artist. Grandma Moses fits this category of artists. Sometimes it is called "primitive" art.' 

Has you know, I call it 'INTUITIVE ART' that is part of the HEALING ARTS. Due to color having vibration and frequency. It has the power to clear environments and auric fields. 

So what does the bible say about the paint? It informs us that blood was used to paint the homes of Israelites to ensure that no harm came to them in Egypt. The LORD God predicted that he would bring judgement upon the land of Egypt and all of their gods. There is also a prediction about the first born sons, and has we know Obama has recently declared that he has a 19 year old son.

It was written that the blood would be sign and the 'Gates of Mercy' prophecy also speaks about MERCY being a sign in the last days of the end times. He also refers to the PATTERN, painting that would be provided. Those that refused the "Gates of Mercy' would then have to go through the 'Gates of Justice'. It mentions the rays, the 'blood' and the 'water', see the post for further commentary and explanation about that.

The prophecy is to do with 'Passover' and it mentions the plague that was coming. Those that had the sign on their homes were not touched and the plague passed over them.

So now you can understand why the words of Jesus about the 'Gates of Mercy' and the pattern painting delivered by these gates is so very important.



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