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HarvestArmy & Preaching

Harvest Army provide some good videos. However, on their website they have a page telling people to 'preach' and how to do it. 


 Has we know the meaning of many words have changed down the ages, and I must admit sometimes I quote from the bible to explain a prophecy without going back to the origin of the word in every case. In 2011, we shared on the 'Matthew 24, Nuclear Reactors' [1] post the following: The word 'preach' appears in that passage. However, the original word in Greek is 'Kerruso', and it means to be a herald. 

It is formal and to do with divine authority. Prophet Habakkuk also spoke about the herald that would come at the appointed time and run with the prophecy e.g. a commentary to explain it. The appointed time has called by the LORD God for the commentary on Habakkuk was in 2009. After this blog was compelled. 

So are the people meant to preach in the way that Harvest Army depict it? Absolutely not. 

Let us look at their interpretations of visions that they say that they have received. 

In the first they mention 'mud and a train'. Has we know a train carries people to a destination and the train was carrying mud. Who laid the original rail roads? The USA. So then this prophecy is related to the USA. Mud is also mentioned in the bible to do with the 'mire'. The train travels at great speed in this vision and then it disappears. When they received the vision there was no mention of the Caribbean, they have added that to the interpretation. 

In the book of Samuel the people become like mud in the streets. 2 Samuel 22:43 It is the same in the book of Job. Again in Psalm 18:42. Isaiah 10:6. Isaiah 10 mentions the 'godless' nation and how the people are like 'mud in the streets' that are 'trampled down'. Isaiah 57:20, 'The wicked are like a tossing sea which cannot rest. Whose waves cast up mire and mud'. The bible also mentions how the people are made of clay. In my humble view the vision that the member of Harvest Army were given is to do with the emotions of the people. Who stirs up the 'mud in the streets' in a 'godless' nation? Is it not Obama? Obama who is the Leopard in Rev 13 and the book of Daniel. He is also mentioned in Proverbs 30 along with Andrew Breitbart the Rooster. 

What did the LORD God say to his 'interpreter of the law', he said 'You have the lever to get them out of the mire'. 

The second vision/message that they claim that they received mentions 'TURKEY' and the word to repent. That relates to Rev 3. The message states: 'It starts at the knee, the water is above your knee, and instantly it is above your head'. The message also mentions Caicos. 

Firstly, in healing the knee is to do with 'suppressed anger', again this is to do with 'emotions', its starts at the knee, means it starts with the 'anger', when the 'emotion is above your knee, then instantly it is above your head'. Ever heard of the term, 'in above your head'. The wave of emotions surge, just like it has done in the Arab spring. This message is to do with Islam and Muslims due to the mention of Turkey. 

In my experience does Jesus ever use the word 'repent' ? Never. Does Yahweh use the word 'repent' I do not remember him ever saying that word to me. There are two different Greek words in the bible that have been translated as the word 'repent', one is to do with 'caring' and the other is to do with 'changing the self'. The word translated as 'repent' in Hebrew is 'Teshuvah' and it means to return to the sacred. 

What did the LORD God say to the people recently? 'If you love someone, then you are are co-operative to change'. 

The only reason that I share information on this blog from the biblical texts is to help the people to understand the prophecies. 

The Son of God informed his followers that the Angels are the harvesters at the end of the age. 


1. http://academysounds.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/matt-24-nuclear-reactors.html

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