Sunday, 28 October 2012


First we had the 7.7. earthquake in British Columbia and its relation to forgiveness due to the numeric of it. Now I have seen seven birds of note on my early morning walk in the fresh air. Seven is also the number of the Spiritual teacher, in Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN and the woman of valor.

First I saw four large black birds flying together, most likely ravens due to the rain. Has we know the ravens fed ELIJAH. One of the birds decided to go in a different direction to the other three. Three went left and one went right.

On the way back, a magpie attracted my attention and it was on the right side of the road. The young magpie flew up to the lamp and sat on top of it. Then it flew to the ground, then flew up to the bottom of the roof of the house. There were two pigeons on the top of the roof just sitting there conveying the scene. Little magpie didn't fly up, it decided to walk up the tiled roof side ways, in a zig zag fashion. Like a goat that goes up a mountain sideways. That is indicative of Capricorn energy, the 'Rose of Sharon' also said that Pluto is in Capricorn.

Magpie kept turning around to see if I was watching it, and the steps that it was taking. So clearly the steps up the tiles, and how it was going was an important message from the magpie.

Also an appointment for Athens is coming up on my screen for 9.00am this morning, as such there is a gateway opening there today. Greece is also fond of its goats and goat cheese. Feta cheese is good for you, although all cheese is expensive in the UK. Its a good idea to learn how to make your own cheese.  A friend sent me some information on it and it looks really simple. In times when food is getting very pricey, its a good idea to make as much of your own as you can. A saying from prudence is 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.'.

The North West is where the magpie is predominantly found, and that also links in with the earthquake in Canada. As such, one cannot rush the magpie, it has a will of its own. Magpie can also indicate opportunities that could be on their way. One step at a time. Now, apparently, there is a legend that the magpie was the only bird that refused to get into Noah's Ark. Ted Andrews informs us that it preferred to perch on the roof. It also delivers another message. That when you see a magpie perching on a roof, it means that this house will never  come down. When they make a nest their construction is large and very strong.

As we know Pluto is also small and it is written that Pluto is to do with the 'underworld' and is a very dense planet. With Pluto in Capricorn, it is not going to be a quick shift for those that live in hades. People will do their utmost to hold onto old realities when Pluto is in Capricorn, because capricorns tend to be very late developers. Hence, the over 50's will find this aspect the most difficult time for them, because life is passing them by and they having great difficulty in trying to understand the reason why. Those that did not experience a 'mid-life' crisis, are sure to feel it now in the current energies due to the planet and its people moving so fast, since the internet community began. The older generation just can't keep up with the changes that are taking place.

If and when people refuse to engage with the healing process, the impact of Pluto can be dramatic on the energy that is.  Hence why, with Pluto in Capricorn, it will strike at that which is holding humanity back. Combined with 'Saturn in Scorpio, it is going to be hard hitting, especially around people that live in attachment. It is an astrological configuration of 'Personal Crisis' and as we know the winter months are tough enough for the elderly, this winter will be tougher than ever.  With the increase of energy costs and food. It will feel like people are being hit on all sides, forcing people to examine their realities and that which no longer serves them or the children of the future. The children have a flexibility, adaptability and fluidity, that many of the older generation struggle with.

Only those that have truly made peace with themselves; will sail through this timeline like the holy mariner. The doves of peace will watch the magpie, and wonder why doesn't it simply fly up. Its got wings, why doesn't it use them? The fact of the matter is that the magpie, like the Capricorn goat, likes structure, organization, stability, bricks and mortar. Sound investments, sound money, pension plans, guaranteed returns and futures.

Well that has gone out of the window folks, this is the time of building your very own Ark. We live in exciting times; if you can move with it. The fact that three ravens flew in one direction together means that three quarters of humanity will stick together in their groups. However, the other quarter will really shift and fast. These people are movers and shakers, they are not going to stick around waiting for a group decision or a mass awakening. They know that time is running out fast, and they have no choice but to shift quickly.

Who runs the NHS? The over 50's. Is it any wonder that this government wish to privatize most of it?
The Queen of the South arrived with the people to judge this generation.

6-8% of people are dying due to what the NHS doctors have done. That does not include the rising complaints about the treatment and results that people have received. I knew one man that had seven operations, he died in the end due to the NHS. There is a huge shake-up in the wind, has we informed you in the past, no stone will be left unturned and that includes those that work in the NHS.

The medical profession have taken the NHS and the people that have paid for it for granted. Nothing can be taken for granted in this timeline. Not even the NHS have the solutions for the health and well-being of the people.

Remember the prophecies predicted that the LORD God would make peace your governor and well-being your ruler. What did his Son say?

"Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.”Luke 8:18 

"The meek shall inherit the earth'. 

Love beyond measure


PS I am feeling much better now energetically, and am starting to feel good again. Recovery from the 'Fruit Fly'  infection is now speeding up fast.



Eliakim said...

Remember that I mentioned the 'DECISION'.

Tsunami warning. From the tip of Vancouver to CAPE DECISION.

Eliakim said...

A financially-troubled NHS trust should be broken up, leading to a radical overhaul in services across south east London, an administrator says.
The trust - South London Healthcare - was put into administration in July after being declared bust.
It is the first time such measures have been taken in the NHS.
The move, if agreed by ministers, would lead to the reorganisation of A&E, maternity and non-emergency surgery across seven hospitals.
Private providers would get the opportunity to bid to run some of those services - and possibly a whole hospital.
The special administrator - Department of Health official Matthew Kershaw - said without radical change the services would become unsafe in the future.