Friday, 19 October 2012


The latest development in London, is that a 'Snow Globe' is proposed to shield Eros. [1] And we know what the snow represents don't we, big smiles. It is planned to be 36ft high, good number in Hebrew gematria that relates to yours truly.

In 2011, football fans from Barcelona, did the following: 'the archer's bow was bent and its string broke'

It was originally erected in 1892 to commemorate Anthony Cooper, whose work for the poor led to calls for a memorial in his honor. Anthony Cooper was the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

I have a particular fondness for this part of London, due to extended family heritage that sold flowers there on the corner. The women in our family were good with floristry, and some carried on the family tradition.

As far as I am aware, family still have pitches in that part of London, although they do not sell fresh flowers there like they once did. Also the Jewish grandfather of Joseph also had a cigar kiosk in Shaftesbury Avenue. He made cigars.

So what about EROS itself? EROS, it is written that eros was the Greek god of LOVE. There are many different words for love in Greek. However, Eros refers to 'intimate love; or 'romantic love'. In Roman mythology it was Cupid that shoots the arrows of love. Like the matchmaker, bringing people together to unite. When eros shoots the arrows; they are always at the heart of the matter and person.


In the teachings of Plato, eros can help the soul to 'remember' beauty in its pure form by contributing to the understanding of truth and its beauty. Like the call to love the beauty within you.

It is also written that Carl Jung wrote that the counterpart of Eros is Logos. Jung embraced eros has the feminine aspect, probably because good women are fond of romantic love. No surprise then that flowers for romantic love were offered at this site in Victorian times. Just like the flower calls you to appreciate the beauty of its color and fragrance, so too there is more to eros energy and its actions.

If and when a person gives you some flowers, do you ponder on the gift and the giver, or do you ponder deeply on the message that the gift is offering you? Do you see beyond the obvious? What is the depth of your appreciation of the message that is being offered to you? In my humble view, that is the message of eros. If the snow globe is to protect eros, that means that this protection will be globally, and it is about that which shoots the arrows of love to ignite the passion of humanity.

Let me give you an example:

You are given a divine mission, the match is perfectly lit, and it ignites the fire of your passion to fulfill divine will for a cause that is very close to your heart. You do your utmost to fulfill it for five years, and then you are informed that it is time to draw a line under it. Would you concentrate on all that hard work that you had put into it, or would you understand that it had a bigger and more important purpose than you were aware of at that time? How would you respond every time you had to let go of a particular reality, that you had invested your life and time in?

Would you come to understand that the arrows of love that co-created it, were to compel you to co-create a reality that would empower others to take up the cause? Would you view it has a job well done, and that you had integrated what you were required to integrate? Would you truly appreciate that you had shared what you were divinely chosen to share?

Would you understand that there is a bigger picture and the project that you were given was to help you to integrate what real dedication and devotion to a cause, and the will of God means?  What if you later discovered, that all of the missions and projects that you had been involved in; were to prepare you for a cause greater than the self?

In Greek it is Ergon.

In my humble view eros energy is the catalyst for Ergon to come to be.

In the same way, intimate relationships with great passion can also be a catalyst for something greater that is coming. For instance, a passionate relationship that does not work out, can be a catalyst for the healing process. As such, the passionate relationship fulfilled its reason for being. Were you truly able to love that person unconditionally, or were you trying to make that person fit in with your reality?

Has we know this is the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit, so passion and what ignites your passions is going to be a biggie for this timeline. The secret is not to become 'attached' to the obvious, nor listen to those that stood against you, and what you knew in your heart to be true.

For has we know there is a greater power above us all, and we all have an important reason for being. However, many people are at different phases of their souls evolution, and the journey home cannot be rushed without detriment.

Here is another example of eros.

I have valued every single project and mission that I was given. Each and every one brought their own treasure and gifts of friendship and love.  I had the flexibility and adaptability and was fluid enough to be able to keep on moving onwards and upwards. I was blessed to be given a thorough understanding of what, when and why. I was fortunate that in the nature of the Aquarian, we love change.

Ultimately, I did arrive at ergon after I had integrated all of the processes involved and its initiations that I was required to understand. If I had listened to humans that had stood against me,  I would not have become what I was ordained to become. Those that truly are of the Spirit, do not stand against the blessed ones that truly do hear the divine.

As the LORD God said 'If you love someone, you are co-operative to change'. So how much do you love and how co-operative to change are you? I loved the divine unconditionally, and because I loved with all of my heart and soul, that is why I stand here before you today in the way that I do.

It was a miracle and it is divine providence.



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