Thursday, 4 October 2012

Vincent van Gogh - Loving Faithfully

The artist, Vincent van Gogh understood many things as do many artists that allow the creative light to pour through them. He wrote about the importance of 'loving faithfully, what is really worthy of your love.'

He also wrote about the importance of keeping the 'original character of an anchorite' and the voice of conscience. In my divine experience, the voice of conscience can only be accessed in the heart of integrity, many people think they are coming from the heart.

However, in my experience the heart can have many tongues until the day comes when the gateway to the inner sanctum of the heart opens for you. One moves through many dimensional realities prior to entry to the inner sanctum, one moves through many gateways of the heart during the time of ascension before it is made possible.

The true heart of conscience cannot support what people like Obama have done during his administration. It cannot support violence or those that trade in souls. It cannot support what took place against Israel, Iraq or Libya. It cannot support what Bush, Clinton, Cameron and others have been involved in because 'Violence disempowers the soul, and vexes the Spirit of God' from Sacred Words

Clearly, Vincent van Gogh was giving those that have the eyes to see a message, he clearly understood that the Harp of Faithfulness would come; and that is why he wrote about 'loving faithfully'. There are many messages in his paintings, he even painted the IRIS, and as we know, Nostradamus wrote about the Iris that would not be seen for 40 years, and after 40 years she could be seen everyday. This song was written in honor of Vincent van Gogh.


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