Tuesday, 23 October 2012


In the last post to do with 'Harvest Army and Preaching', Turkey and Caicos was mentioned. [1]

So what do we have on Caicos? The Turks and Caicos Islands are two groups of tropical islands in the West Indies. The Caicos are larger than the smaller Turks Islands. Source link mentions they are known for tourism and an offshore financial centre. No surprise then that many celebrities have homes there.

It is written that is a 'biodiversity hotspot', the 'oldest established salt-pan development'. Truly a natural reserve of beauty. Alas, Prophet Isaiah predicted that none of the Islands are safe in this timeline.

The UK, Turks and Caicos Island Governments have 'joint responsibility for their conservation and preservation to meet obligations under international environmental convention. It is on the UK's tentative list for future UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is planned for the Islands to return to home rule after the November 2012 elections. Self-government has been delayed by the British government due to 'allegations of ministerial corruption'. It looks like Obama has done a deal to get his hands on the natural resources, and offshore financial centre.

Between 1950 and 1981, the USA had a 'missile tracking station on Grand Turk. NASA also used it. Has we know Rev 3 also mentions Turkey, it is a well known fact that the Nation of Islam has also been involved in telling people of color that they are the original Israelites/Hebrews.

If you look at their coat of arms it looks like they have a 'scorpion' on it. Has we know on the 5th of October, 2012, the planet moved into the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit and Saturn is to do with the spiritual law.

So are the Scorpions mentioned in the biblical prophecies? Yes.

Deu 8:15, Ezekiel 2:6 informs the people not to be afraid. In the prophecy it states the 'Scorpions' are symbolic of a 'rebellious people'.

In the book of Luke, the followers of Jesus Christ are given authority, 'to trample on snakes and scorpions'. 10:19. In the previous post, we have explained that the 'mud' relates to the USA and the prophecies predict that the people are trampled upon like mud.

Truly, would the Son of God have said such a thing? Ponder upon it!. Did he not encourage people to seek wholeness and healing, to seek within for the kingdom of God? Would I ask you to trample on people? Certainly not.

In the book of Revelation chapter 9, it also mentions the 'scorpions', 'the sting in the tail', and five months. 2012 is a five year, and in Judaism a month can be a year. Five years from now would take us until 2017. Chapter 9 also mentions the 'locusts' and in a different verse the 'locusts' are to do with the 'merchants' that we mentioned in the Madonna post. Rev 17 and 18 is also about the USA and its merchants.

'You have increased the number of your merchants till they are more numerous then the stars in the sky, but like locusts they strip the land then fly away'. Nahum 3:16. 

In the book of Chronicles it mentions 'my father made your yoke heavy, I will make it even heavier'. 'The father used whips, but this one sends scorpions'. 2 Chronicles 10:10-12 Who wrote a book 'Dreams of my Father' about 'race and inheritance'? Obama. Was Obama whipped by his Islamic step-father in Indonesia? How did he get that large scar on his head?

Beware West Indies, in my humble view the merchants of the USA are after the natural resources of your Islands.

Defend your lands, environment, and people from Obama and everything that he stands for, because after the 2012 election, you are on your own, and the UK cannot defend you and your Islands.


2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turks_and_Caicos_Islands

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