Sunday, 28 October 2012

7.7. British Columbia - Forgiveness

Harvest Army report that there has been a 7.7 mega earthquake on the West Coast of British Columbia. The sacred direction of the West is the peace makers. The root word of Shalom is wholeness and shalom means 'Be Whole'.

77 is to do with forgiveness in the teachings of Jesus. When the Apostles asked Jesus how many times they should forgive, he responded seventy seven times. Clearly, he was also giving a message that was related to the prophecies in the book of Daniel. How each year would require forgiveness.

What do I have for you on forgiveness?

'The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love'

'Forgiveness is an act of compassion for self, for you are the only one that is truly harmed by unforgiveness'.

'A giving heart, is a forgiving heart. The heart is for giving'.

from Sacred Words

In my experience, forgiveness is essential for the heart gateways. Nothing can truly heal without true forgiveness. Mandalas for friends in Canada.

28th of September, 2012. 

Early September, 2012 

In my humble view, this earthquake is a call for forgiveness due to its numeric. If the people of Canada do not shift into the heart of forgiveness, then more quakes will come. 

This painting is also from early October, 2012. Has we can see it is striking the waters. It feels like this earthquake is connected to the magnetic pull of the sun. 

Harvest Army cite Isaiah 29, and that is a powerful chapter. It speaks to all of the nations that stand against (Eli) ZION will feel the power that is sent against them. It speaks of how the people will hear the words of the SCROLL. Once more the humble will rejoice in the LORD. They will rejoice in the holy one of Israel. The ruthless will vanish, the mockers will disappear. They will stand in awe of the ELOHIM of Israel. Those that are wayward in spirit will gain understanding. Those who complain will accept instruction. 


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Tsunami warning. From the tip of Vancouver to CAPE DECISION.