Monday, 15 October 2012


Brand X exalts the heavens after being at the Carl Jung Institute in the USA.

A gateway has opened for Russell and he is on his way. [1] However, know this dear one, it is only a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, there will be more to come. You can always come here if you have any questions. Always remember that the knights of the round table did not get the holy grail, because they did not ask the right questions. They also looked outside of themselves for the holy grail, instead of within.

We have confirmation from cutting edge science, the importance of 'nature, nurture and environment'. See the great work of Dr Bruce Lipton, USA.

Carl Jung was ahead of his time in many ways. However, he was the first to admit that he had not come to completion of truth. At the end of his career he wished that he had spent his life studying mysticism and its alchemical processes instead.

He and Freud agreed, that they had spent their life studying what the 'Essenes' and mystics already knew to be true. They described the therapeutae has natural psychologists. Of course, we are, because the true meaning of the word 'psychology' means to study the soul.

There is not an academic university that teaches the people to do what real healers of consciousness do naturally.  Why? True healers of consciousness are beyond academia and where it is coming from. True healers of consciousness began by seeking within, exactly as the Son of God advised them to do.

Those known as the therapeutae concentrated on the self, and their own inner process until the time came when they were ready to share what they knew with others. Even in the years that they shared with others, they still continued to do the inner work. They knew how it important it was to always be aware of the inner processes; and its alchemy that takes place at different levels of being during its evolvement and the spiritual evolution of the soul.

Until the time comes when the soul is purified and it merges with the Spirit in what is known as the bridal chamber. An initiation that is known about by spiritual Christians and Hindu's. Spiritual people that really put the effort into the 'inworking' were blessed to experience this celestial reality.

Has we know, 'Creation evolves and evolution creates' from Sacred Words

Love beyond measure Russell, you are on track.

Remember the holy kiss, simple is best and easy for the people to understand.



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Eliakim said...

Tut, tut....

Seriously Brand is required to obtain an education on this subject matter. Until he and people like him can deal with it like a grown-up. The world will continue to suffer from the liberals, and their lack of real experience of the reality that Pamela Geller is standing against. It truly is a reality check, and not a subject matter that is funny.

An angelic appearance the other day, soon flew out the window. Decorum is required, with such a sensitive and serious condition that the world currently finds itself in globally.

Truly, the current state of affairs is not a laughing matter. If you really know what is going down and what is ahead.