Monday, 22 October 2012


The LORD said 'SITAR' and in the past he said that there is a man that plays sitar for me. The sitar always reminds me of Italy, and a beloved one there who had a Sitar on the wall. He lived in a spacious place of 65 acres of ecological and self-sustainable land. He said that he had trained as an engineer.

Has we know, the Sitar, is an instrument that is usually associated with India.

The LORD God also asked for 'Or' and 'Or' is a Hebrew word for light.

The Sitar Light is calling me, the beloved is calling me, Italy are calling me for our help. This morning we sent out an email about the seven scientists that have been convicted of manslaughter; due to them not predicting the earthquake in 2009. At the time of the earthquake; I was writing an article called 'Creation is Calling YOU', and a beloved in Italy was brought to my attention, at the time of writing in the public domain about the environment.

After I received the message from the LORD about the 'Sitar' and his request for light.  I checked into youtube and 'HarvestArmy' had uploaded a video about the scientists. Hence, why I am making this post to give you this report in the public domain.

So what does the divine court of the LORD decide about this case?

Clearly, the scientists must be released. They cannot be charged for 'manslaughter' in this case. A scientist cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of an earthquake to come. For any government or its agencies to put all of the responsibility onto the scientists for this earthquake, is not only injustice, but also against the spiritual law of creation.

The scientists must be released at once. Clearly, their careers will be completely tainted by what has happened, is that not enough?

Exactly, who does it serve to imprison these scientists? Does it serve the scientific community? Does it serve the children that are inspired to become scientists of the future? A prison sentence for the scientists will not bring back those that left the planet during the earthquake.

Italy is meant to be a spiritual country like it was prior to the Roman empire.

Does the Italian justice system not understand the spiritual law in the bible? Does it not understand what is happening on this planet in the last days of the end times? How can you hold the scientists responsible for that?

Has we know seven relates to the spiritual law and forgiveness. So why can't the justice system and the people that it represents forgive the scientists? Why can they not find it in their hearts to do so?

Please release the scientists at your earliest convenience, or face the consequences for not doing so. The testimony of warning has been given many times. However, in the latter days, the spiritual Italians did not wish to hear it, they refused the waters of shiloah. When that happens the spiritual law and creation moves into a higher gear, and the strikes become harder and harder until the people do get the message.

Love beyond measure to the scientists, we shall hold you in our heart. and ask the LORD God to help you in the best way that he knows how. Always remember the LORD God is your refuge.

Has far as 'HarvestArmy' are concerned and their 'exclusive deity', best they read Micah 4 and the Psalms.

Elohiym said, Let there be light and there was light. Genesis 1:3 The LORD asked his elohiym for light, and there was light. The Harp of Faithfulness, always does what he instructs her to do, when he instructs her to do it.

The Sitar has either eleven or 13 sympathetic strings.

There is a beautiful sound bite here from Richard Gans, who plays Sitar.

Thank you Richard, that was a pleasure to listen to it.

This link states that Queen Ester was named after the Sitar, and I know in my heart, that the beloved in Italy is from the tribe of Joseph. He actually looks Indian.

Love beyond measure



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