Saturday, 27 October 2012


There is a 'Spirit of Generosity' in the gentle hearts of the merciful and compassionate givers. In my humble view, it was because people in Israel, the USA and Greece had been generous to the poor in their communities, that the LORD God sent a Spirit of Generosity to help them in this timeline. 

Who spoke to the spiritual community in England about being generous and of its Spirit during the Rev 12 timeline? Who fund raised for local charities in the business community prior to that? Yours truly.  Their Spirit of Generosity was their saving grace, for if they had not been generous to the poor, the LORD God would not have sent his help to them. Although it did fulfill the biblical prophecies.

The proverb 22 also tells you that the 'generous will be blessed because they share their food with the poor'. I have certainly been blessed in recent days, in addition,  Will also gave me a thank you card with these words.
'Thanks for helping me, you are kind, your not like those who won't help others. Pasts, presents and futures. I wish you well. Always, take care, Will'. I gave Will a mandala to raise his vibration. We have to scan it so that we can share it with you. He was so happy with it, he would like to make it a cover for a CD that he would like to record.

'One who loves a pure heart, and who speaks with grace, will have a king for a friend'.

The people that helped me during this timeline are also blessed, they know who they are. Here are some of their mandalas. Two people from Holland, there is a third one. Although I cannot find a scan of it.










No coincidence then, that the proverb is 22, a master number of the divine feminine, angels, charity, grand plans that are divine, and good leadership.

The solutions to what ails humanity, is truly in the hearts of goodness that understand the essentials of the heart.

Sometimes, it is giving healing, sometimes it is food to the poor, sometimes it is money to help out in times when it is essential for the fulfillment and implementation of the divine plan. Sometimes it can include the Spirit of Prophecy that gives the testimony of warning to help the people to avoid calamity. 

Has we know the widows offering of two coppers meant more to the Son of God, then anything that the rich could afford, because the poor woman could not afford to give what she gave. It was her very last two coppers. Yet, she still gave it with all of her pure heart. No surprise then, that the 'Rose of Sharon' gave me a two pound coin for a bus so that I could attend an appointment. That was during the time that I was cut off; has mentioned in the book of Daniel.

The other day, Will had no money, I gave Will my last three pounds, and I was left with no money to get a bus to where I had to go. Within days, I received a phone call with blessings from heaven, it was from a charity in the land of Joseph.

In my experience, the Spirit of Generosity can come in many ways, but it is always from the heart of pure intention to help others.

Has we know, the LORD God knows what is required and when. The heavenly Father always looks after those that look after others, when they come from pure intention.

Truly yours, in love beyond measure and blessings in abundance.


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