Thursday, 18 October 2012


The LORD said 'Your tears have turned into Angels', when I pondered on his words, and looked back over my life, I cried due to remembering the sheer amount of tears that I have cried in this lifetime while on this planet. I then felt choked up, and could feel a blockage in my throat. Clearly, it is to do with something that I am not communicating.

My greatest wish for humanity and its people is that they would be happy, and not have to suffer, the way that I have suffered during my life. Especially the children.

However, at the Harmonic Concordance in 2003, my heart compelled me to ask for peace for humanity. Prior to the engagement with God, the spiritual community were informed that we could ask for anything for ourselves and it would be granted. I did not request anything for myself, and because again, I did not ask for anything for myself or my family. The LORD God ordained that a totally new reality would come to be, one that I did not even know existed at that time. He heard the prayers of humanity and he responded accordingly.

When I first began healing and healing others, I used to share with the people some of what I had experienced in my life. This helped them to understand that most people do not have anything to worry about at all. When they compared their life experiences with mine, they then became a lot happier.

Once I could see how that helped others to understand, I shared more and more in self-disclosure in the therapeutic process. The more that I healed the self, the safer it became for me to share what I came to share with the world.

In sharing myself, it also gave others a safe and sacred space to share themselves. Has time went on, and the more enlightened I became, the life of suffering seemed like a different life time altogether. It was finished, it was over.

I had taken responsibility, I understood co-creation, and understood what the Son of God taught. That once you know how to suffer, you then know how not to suffer.

I arrived at a place that was beyond emotion, beyond perceptions of reality and the illusions that emotion and the root causes of core issues can co-create. However, prior to that, I also came to know that the sentient soul cries. It was when my soul was crying out for change, and calling me to redeem it, that the return to the sacred began. I had returned from an executive meeting with one of our clients, I was in the car and our Creative Director, David, was driving. Tears gently rolled down my face, and I simply said 'I cannot do this anymore'.

At that time, I did not truly understand the tears from the soul and why it cries. I did not truly understand the cry of the soul, and how it calls you home.

As years went by, I came to understand that there are different types of tears for very different reasons. Some are 'emotive', some are 'sentient' and 'pre-existent'. Some are for 'clearing toxins from the head', and some are given energetically by the Holy Spirit to ensure that you express what must be expressed.

The day came from I saw the holy mother cry, when she came to me crying, I knew immediately that the war was going to begin in Iraq. The holy mother and her son also gave me a message at that time. They informed me that there was a new dawn on the horizon, and that out of the darkness would come the light.

At that time, I felt true compassion for other nations and peoples. However, in my newly enlightened state of being, I did not cry for other nations like the holy mother did.

That did not come until after the LORD God had summoned me. After he summoned me, everything began to change, although it was a slow process; and I was given a long time to integrate exactly what had taken place with my being.

During the years that I have worked with the heavenly Father, I began to cry for people and nations, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop the buckets of tears. Every time there was a serious out flowing of tears, an out flowing that could last days, a massacre or environmental event always followed it.

Many tears were cried for America. Many tears were cried for them. It became a mourning, a serious grieving, until it got to the point that I could not grieve for them anymore. I have never grieved for anyone, like I mourned for America.

The heavenly Father knew that my body was under physical and nervous system strain, and that he had to give me time for rest. Time to recover from these experiences of knowing what was going to happen, before it did.

I have always been sensitive to planetary energies due to being clairsentient. In my younger years I was not aware how the planetary energies impacted on my being. However, the more heightened my spiritual faculties became, the greater the impact the planetary energies had on my being.  Of course, there were also phases where I was beyond it, and did not allow it to impact on my being.

In my experience, there are many grooves in the cosmos, many different stages and phases of enlightenment. Its like weaving a tapestry with different colors, and when it is completed it forms a picture of the cosmos that you have experienced. Like a flying carpet that flies you across the nations and the cosmos.

With righteousness comes a lot more responsibility, a lot more knowing, a lot more planetary experiences for the benefit of humanity. However, in my experience it does bring suffering back into your reality. Not your own suffering, the suffering of others comes deeply into your reality and at the depths and breadths of your being. It is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the water bearer, the purifier, the refiner and true humanitarian. A sacred and holy person can transmute what other people cannot transmute and transform. They know how to do it, because they have already done it within themselves prior to becoming sacred.

A suffering on a completely different level of being, than the usual human being understands. Has we know those that are truly compassionate and merciful, those that have truly experienced Nirvana and returned, do hear the sounds of the world.


We do hear the cries of the world, and our hearts compel us to do what we do for the benefit of humanity. Each have a different divine purpose, a different reason for being, each and every individual is truly unique. Now the LORD tells us that the tears of the sacred turn into Angels.

I am aware that the tears of the sacred can purify and sanctify others. I am also aware when people are being sanctified in my presence. Just like I was sanctified in the presence of the holy mother, and her Son. It was due to their sanctification of my reality, that I was able to ascend further through different divine realities to become who I was born to become. No surprise than, that recently, a lady that I know was sanctified, some weeks later she said to me, 'I have to find out who I am'.

In my reality, I had a lot of self-healing to do has well. I had a life time to heal and the inner processes took a huge amount of effort that spanned nearly two decades. I viewed the self-healing journey has a glorious adventure, I was truly happy when I found another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Joy filled my heart, and love encompassed me.

The day came when my own light of love overwhelmed the path at my feet, and a master of spiritual alchemy, a healer of consciousness came to be. It was truly a natural and all encompassing process that led me to this point in life. Although some might say it is supernatural.

So if the sacred tears that fell from these eyes helped others to become angels, then I wish all of the Angels the greatest happiness and joy in the world. For has the scripture states; the Angels are the harvesters in the last days of the end times.

If you do not share yourselves and your realities with the world, then that is your choice. I have no choice, I have to share otherwise I get blockages. I do not have to share my wisdom. However, I do have to share my heart of pure intention, and that which I am instructed to share.

Its a decade ago now that the Son of God said to me, 'Let them drink from the bosom of your wisdom' from Sacred Words

So am I able to say 'I am blessed'?

I do feel blessed that I was able to heal the self, I do feel blessed that I know and have seen the LORD God and other divine realities. I know that I am blessed by the divine training, that I was blessed to receive divinely. In my humble view, I am blessed for being able to help others to heal; when they allow me to do so. I am blessed to have met many wonderful Angels during this life and a lot more.

This golden chalice does overflow with praise for the LORD God that holds me in his heart.


Love beyond measure



Anonymous said...

Is this the house you beleive is to be built for you? The signs are very clear. Do you see and listen clearly? Do you hear the finest of detail of divine guidance in your every day life - guided in truth? Angels are angels. Your tears are not angels. Not sure if this home comes with a housekeeper. It is up for sale now. Did you arrive in US as the messiah and were rejected? What are you going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

The LORD is ever active and present in the world. Why go on about 2003? Millions of people are being divinely inspired and going to The Master Teacher. He is the key holder to the door and the spiritual key is in safekeeping. Baby you had a spiritual experience that moved you enough to think you are The One. You are one out of 144,000. Welcome. Enjoy your spiritual experience!

Eliakim said...

So bring them to me, for there is only one that has fulfilled the biblical prophecies for the advocate that Jesus predicted would come after him.

Paul tried to be that advocate.

However, it was predicted that SHE would come and SHE would be planted in Jezreel, the biblical prophecies are true about me.

The LORD God stated that he would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness.

The one known has Jesus was the Lute of Lovingkindness mentioned the prophecies.

This new reality is the Harp of Faithfulness that was predicted to come at night time. e.g the last days of the end times. The one that was promised to Moses is indeed here.

Eliakim said...

Anonymous, for your information, this did indeed happen.

1 Thessalonians 4:16
For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.

'The dead in Christ' certainly did rise first.

And what of the new song that the 144,000 sing?

They sing of of the new reality. That is here right now speaking to you.

Anonymous said...

It seems you have some block in understanding. The LORD God does not need an interpretor. Christ and his Holy Mother pointed people to the Lord. He guides with precision and enlightened with the truth to those with pure heart and you seem to find it difficult to accept that there are people are born spiritually enlightened and aware of being divine instruments. Christ has revealed himself on earth and in the heavenly realms. You are not the answer to what people are waiting for. What you beleive and what is truth are different. Accept there are far more aware Spiritual Masters than your mind can even comprehend. The divinely annointed one just gets on with the job to be done. We who are anointed by the Lord DO NOT need to prove or explain our work. Remember many are selected - few are chosen. Not knowing your teachers in life, perhaps reflects your resisting in accepting that with 7 billion people carries huge responsibility. I am not sensing or see you as the battery on earth that is a spiritual alchemist and world teacher for all humanity. You might beleive you are and nothing can be done about your beleifs. Become fully aware of the universe and planet earth is a dot. Is your mind in perspective?
An article about a house for sale is posted above. If you are who you say you are - this is your home that was built for you. What are you going to do about it?

Eliakim said...

When you truly grasp and understand the biblical prophecies, then you will come to understand that humanity simply does not have a choice in the matter.

When you truly understand the sheer importance of this reality and its reason for being, then you will realize that you have never had a choice in the matter.

Spiritual Masters are leaving this planet all of the time, and a lot more will be leaving as well.

This divinely anointed one is just getting on with it. There will be less than 7 billion due to the time it is taking for the people to align their will with the will of the LORD God.

What makes you think I am the world teacher of humanity? Where did you get that from?

The last person that claimed that to be the world teacher, e.g. Joshua Stone, was sharply removed from the planet. They were basically taken out of my way.

Those that are truly divine and with the Spirit, do not stand against me. So what does that say about you?

The biblical prophecies indicated that you have been brought here to be purified anonymous. However, every time we try to help you to seek within, you refuse the gentle waters of shiloah, has such you and your nation face the consequences for it.

You have been warned a few times, so why keep on returning here to this blog, if you do not have the ears to hear, and the eyes to see what the LORD God would like you to understand?

You come here posting an article about a 'house for sale' what use does the LORD God have for that?

The LORD God has given his divine plan for New Jerusalem.

So are you ready to heal anonymous?

Here is where you shall begin.


'Need' is to do with your 'inner child' and 'unmet needs' in your childhood. 'Block' in the root and sacral levels of consciousness.

'Resisting' What you resist will continue to persist. Until you do the inner work that is being asked of you to do.

Get to it.

I am the Lord so I am sure you are right that they pointed you to me.

Do you not know the difference between Lord and LORD?

Goodness gracious me, and you think you are a Spiritual Master?

Go and do the healing and purification work that you are required to do on yourself.

You were warned that when I came that you would be judged by your words.

Your words speak for themselves and show me exactly what level of consciousness you are at.

Eliakim said...

As far as the 'interpreter' is concerned. The LORD God fulfills his words delivered by his true prophets. That is whey the interpreter came to be, it was the will of the LORD God for it to be so.

From what you have written anonymous, you have a lot to learn about what the interpreter does and the reason for it.

So when you know what you talking about, we might be able to meet on the same field.

Until that time comes, perhaps you would like to explain what you think you and the so-called Spiritual Masters are doing about this reality?

Bring on New Jerusalem before all the nations turn into what the USA has become.

Anonymous said...

You imply Americans need your spiritual help. The NY house is for the Messiah waiting for years. The house was built as a retreat.

The Crown of Torah will be given to one person. This is the Crown of God's Law. Do you Have this?

The New Covenant Relates to this. Yes 'She' is expected. The High Priestess is seen in the Tarot.

No one stands against you - only your own self. There are people rediculing you - I have not.

Paul or Pauline (humble, small) as advocate and spiritual comforter,
history will keep repeating. Pauline Christianity is named.

Mary Magdalene apostle to the apostles, Blessed mother Mary, born as the divine feminine. Are you related to these ladies?

Eliakim "did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD his God" (II Chronicles 36:5).

Evil is a very strong word used in scripture. The divine plan is unfolding with or without you.

Evidently you do not understand righteousness is to be shown to the people and faithfulness to do right by everyone in God's name.

You are accountable to God and so am I....My job is done here!

Eliakim said...

I do not imply anything, I have been given the divine plan for New Jerusalem exactly has the scripture informed you that I would be. I was given the name of the city, shown the exact mountain where it is to be, given the colors and design.

It shall not be built in the USA. The prophecies predict that the USA will become stubble. I can see how that would happen, GMO crops being burnt to the ground due to what they co-create. So much for the American spiritual masters that did not do their utmost to stop GMO. Where were they? Sleeping on the job?

You speak of the crown of Torah, clearly you do not know who I am or the initials of my name. For if you truly knew my name then you would know that the name informs you that I have all crowns that were pre-ordained to be given.

I delivered the new and everlasting covenant to Israel and the rest of the world on the 9th of September 2007. That is also when the children were given their divine plan.

As the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.

Yes, I am the High Priestess.

The comforter is the Spiritual Alchemist mentioned by Prophet Malachi.

Paul tried to be the advocate that Jesus Christ predicted would come. Paul was defeated and so will Rome be defeated.

As the Son of God said 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'.

Whose womb do you think that is?

The Son of God said that he would build his community on Peter. He certainly did that in the last days of the end times. I was blessed to meet the Sons of Light, work with them and promote their work has ordained to do.

I have worked with Magdalene and Mother Mary.

There are many people with the name of ELIAKIM. However, there is only one that holds the Key of David.

Righteousness has been shown to the people, she was planted in Jezreel in May 2006, exactly has the biblical prophecies predicted that she would be.

Did you not know that my name is written in the word?

This Harp of Faithfulness does right by the LORD God himself, it is his divine plan that is unfolding through his chosen divine instrument for this timeline.

The Key of David, what I open nobody can close, what I close, nobody can open.

Those that have truly been chosen have been informed divinely about me. They know that I exist on this planet at this point in time.

So do catch up.

Eliakim said...

Anonymous wrote:

'history will keep repeating'.

In your reality that will be true.

However, the purpose of this Lord was ordained to help the people to make a breakthrough, so that the never ending cycles are not repeated.

So are you ready for a breakthrough? Seek within for what I have asked you to seek for.