Monday, 1 October 2012


Dear All,

I have received an insight tonight and have been shown a sign, compelled to tell you that ‘the papers have gone left, because they know the Messiah was right!’

However, I have this to add. He did not tax anyone, anything at all. He asked for everyone to give willingly, and if they were not prepared to do so, he basically told them to ‘Fuck Off’. In ancient times he told his true followers that when they went out to heal the people, to take nothing with them. No money and no fresh clothes, that all would be provided for them, including a roof over their heads. 
There was no way, that he was going to save them from their own self-destruction, if they were not prepared to give their everything has he was and did do.

That is why he valued the widows offering of two copper coins from a poor woman, that was everything that she had to live on,  in preference to all that the rich gave.

He was a hard task master has he taught me to be. It had a divine purpose to being. As one Christian wrote 'It is better to be rebuked than for love to remain hidden'. Very early on the spiritual path I had to integrate self-discipline; and it was one of the very first things that I passed on to our students. If a student of serious spirituality has not integrated self-discipline; then they will not go anywhere on the way home to the one that sent him and me.

I can assure you that the spirituality of the one known has Jesus Christ is not for the feint hearted, and as most people admit, few have lived up to what he asked for. And I am not just talking about financially now either. He is much deeper and broader than most of the orthodox Christians understand. What do the orthodox know about true and serious spirituality? 
In modern terminology, he would say ‘bugger all’, that is what you do don’t you? Bugger all. In the Urban dictionary it states that when people do 'bugger all' it means that 'they bring everyone else down with them.' Another terminology for it is 'fumming'. 
The bible conveys that Paul informed the early Christians that they should all be (spiritual) teachers by now, and that they were babes in Christ, still drinking milk on mother's breasts, and not ready for the meat and to feed themselves.

Those that know me well, know that I rarely swear. However, there is a time and place to emphasize the meaning and depth of of it, in ways and a language that others can understand. Sometimes, you have to go to where they are to explain the circumstance,  and not ask them to come to where you are.

As I have explained many times before they cannot learn Z before they have integrated ABC, if people wish to ascend self-sustainably. It truly is the path of no return to the old way of being. There is no turning back once a person truly walks the talk; and as we know the Lute of Lovingkindness did not have an issue with calling a spade a spade; if and when it was required for his arrows of truth to hit the target.

However, he and I both took our light into the darkness to help transform it. We did have the courage and tenacity to call them out, 'The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left'. from Sacred Words

What is more merciful? To call them out or to witness a world war?

You know that I am right.




Anonymous said...

Still slamming Orthodox....The Orthodox will inherit the crown. They have already got the crown.

Eliakim said...

Bring them to me and we will see who wears the crown and who does not.

Eliakim said...

Anonymous, always remember that the orthodox did not ward off the captivity of humanity. They co-created the captivity that humanity finds itself in by co-creating religions that 'bind' the people to a single reality. Hence the development and intention of governments to create a new world order that the people and the bible stands against.

Prophet Isaiah informed you all, not to make all of the fields one. In other words, no new world order where one man can control and dominate the people of the world.

Now read Micah 4 about daughter ZION who was given the Royal Crown along with the Psalm that speaks of the Royal Queen that wore the golden gown that was gifted to her by a princess.