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Today, Harvest Army (USA) shared this quote from the proverbs. 

Prv.22;3 A prudent man forseth evil and hideth himself. The simple pass on and are punished.

Always remember that it was the Americans that inspired others to punish those that were sharing truth and passing it on. Especially, orthodox Christians. Islam have also been known to do the same to their scholars and philosophers down the ages. In fact, many were murdered for speaking the truth, just like the prophets were killed in ancient times for speaking the truth. Today, in Western lands, people do not kill the prophets, instead, they do their utmost to shut them up, by discriminating against them, or not distributing their work. 

Especially, if you were born where the prophecies predicted that you would be. 'The point of the sword of truth is prick the conscience of those that are sleeping' from Sacred Words 

Remember that the law of physics; includes the law of cause and effect. The 'law of attraction' can also be ‘fatal’ for those that do not live in harmonic concordance with the law of creation. Jesus Christ predicted that what you give comes back to you 30, 60, 100 fold. The Dead Sea Scrolls informs you that in the case of Joseph, it is a 1,000 fold, and that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before (Messiah) Joseph in integrity.

Verse of the Day
“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12


Prophet Isaiah also gave advance warning about the ‘Testimony of Warning’ in this timeline of Syria.  How the people will pay the consequences personally, if anyone dies due to the information not being passed on to the people to ensure that they are informed. Once the people are informed, they then cannot say, that they did not receive a warning. The quote from proverbs above was passed on by ‘Harvest Army’ today and it was divine providence. I have already pointed out that the 'Interpreter of the Law' does not agree with many of the interpretations that Harvest Army provide. However, the Queen of the South sent by the LORD God does not punish them, she simply calls them out and explains the prophecy that they have received. So please bear that in mind when we share any of their videos with you. Take from it, if and when it does ring true to you. In my divine experience of working with the Son of God, he does not give any prophecies to do with the environment. Although, the Spirit of Prophecy to do with the environment was upon him when he walked the land of Israel. In my experience, it is the heavenly Father that gives the Spirit of Prophecy about the environment. All prophecies that I have received about the environment came from him. I speak from divine experience for the benefit of humanity and the LORD God said 'They need to hear your voice'. He used the word 'need' due to him knowing that humanity have 'needs' due to them having not moved their energy into their hearts of essentials. How is that done? Healing the self. Anyhow, here is the video from Harvest Army.

Its a good idea to keep your eyes open for the WHITE HORSES in this timeline. Has I have already explained, you cannot defeat the political and ideological Islam, and its intentions of global domination without yours truly. That is why the LORD God sent his ‘Interpreter of the Law’ to help the people to do so. Islam claim that their prophet was who I am. That fact, cannot be denied by anyone. Islam claim that their prophet was the advocate that Jesus Christ predicted would come for his true followers. The paraclete is indeed here. The day that I flew into the USA, the LORD God burnt down the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church, it was burnt to the ground. He was letting America know that we had arrived and judgement was upon them. That Church had claimed that they hold the ‘Key of David’ that was given to yours truly. So one can understand why the LORD God chose to burn down their Church. People cannot claim to be who I am without detriment. For those that stand against me, stand against the LORD God and his Son as well. The LORD God does take action against them, although no physical harm came to anyone in the Church that he burned down to ashes. We also informed you to stay away from the ash mountains and it is clear that the ash mountains are to do with the Church that is being burnt to the ground. The prophecy of prophet Obadiah also stated that the land of ESAU would be burnt to a stubble. I view that in terms of the fields of GMO, that are poisoning the people of the USA and beyond.

When I was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles the other side of (the birth of) JORDAN, has predicted by Prophet Isaiah; the spiritual elders found me wearing white at each public appearance when the LORD God chose to reveal me to them. At that point in time, I did not know who I was ordained to be. Jesus Christ also predicted (in scripture) that if I came with the third watch then they would be blessed. I did come with the third watch in the 20th century, has pre-ordained to do so. I appeared with the third spiritual wave of the Sons of Light. The healers that are the Angels of ELOHIM, the true family of Jesus Christ who followed him and his true healing ways to help the nations to heal.

Yesterday, it was shown to me that another WHITE HORSE has arrived. Here you will see Russell Brand wearing white and it is no coincidence that the white mantle that he is wearing has tassles. I was also gifted with a cream mantle with tassles to wear for the second mission to Israel, in addition to the golden gown that is mentioned in the Psalms. I wore the creamy white, the day that we went to ELIJAH’s Cave, on Mount Carmel. The day that the LORD God chose a humble Jewish stall holder; to sound the SHOFAR for me. I also wore it; when I appeared on the balcony in the synagogue in Safed, September 2007.

I had truly arrived in the mystical city of Israel has predicted by their sages, and all of the men looked up in awe of what was before their eyes. The light of love did not blind them like it does many, they were attracted to it like moths. Has the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.

Russell Brand has not been photographed wearing white before, or looking so angelic. Russell Brand from this land of Joseph. He would be ideal to play the part of Jesus in a film about his true teachings. He drops his aitches; like a true Galilean from biblical times. No coincidence than that was pre-ordained for the cockneys from London.

So what does the bible say about the WHITE HORSES?

Prophet Zechariah predicted that the White Horses would go towards the WEST. Zech 6:6 And the West is the sacred direction of the peace makers. Has we know the origin of the word Shalom, means wholeness. Has such, the white horses are going towards wholeness, and completion of truth does exist.  White is also symbolic of purity and pure intention, of their reason for being.

The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Rev 19:4.

Now the other day, the LORD God said ‘HADES’, so we know that this is the timeline mentioned in Rev 6. The Lamb opens the fourth seal, then comes the pale horse, its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Rev 19:7-8

In recent days we have warned the USA about Obama and the Scorpions, we have warned them that Obama is calling for an event, we have also warned them about the famine and pestilence. We have informed them about the 'Fruit Fly' infection/virus that is related to a bacteria. We have also informed them that a friend had a dream and was given the words 'space bug'. No surprise then that there was a film called 'Atomic Space Bug' made in the USA in 1999. The film is about a meteorite that brings a giant insect, and it kills people in a rural community. 

Is it a coincidence that there was a meteorite that was seen in Cheshire UK, on the 21st of September, 2012? I do not feel so. Has the 21st of September is also the UN International Day of Peace. 

Is it a coincidence that a woman died in Argentina when a meteorite fell on her? No. We were being warned about what is coming. It was definitely a sign. 

Does it remind you of GMO and what they are doing with genetically modifying insects? Particularly, in the USA. Remember the spiritual law of the cosmos; is not very kind to the people during a 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit. That transit began on the 5th of October, 2012. Another friend had a dream of a 'giant boil and there was a huge amount of puss coming out of it.' I viewed it has the state and condition of humanity. 

Are the giant insects empowered by the energy of the meteorites? You decide. We know that crystals from the earth bring healing energies with them, so could meteorites do the opposite? Is it a coincidence that Muslims worship around a meteorite in Saudi Arabia? 

Have you read the 'Apocalypse of Zephaniah' and what it says about 'HADES"? 

It describes how the 'whole inhabited world is hanging like a drop of water'. Which is suspended from a bucket when it comes up from a well. I said to the angel of the Lord. "Then does darkness or night not exist in this place? He said to me, "No, because darkness does not exist in that place where the righteous and the saints are, but rather they always exist in the light."

And I saw all the souls of men as they existed in punishment. And I cried out to the Lord Almighty. O God, if you remain with the saints, you have compassion on behalf of the world and the souls which are in this punishment."

The accuser and the angel Eremiel in Hades.
Again I turned back and walked, and I saw a great sea. But I thought that it was a sea of water. I discovered that it was entirely a sea of flame like a slime which casts forth much flame and whose
waves burn sulfur and bitumen.
They began to approach me.

Does that remind you of the BP Oil Spill and other oil spills? 

He said to me, "Take heed. Don't worship me. I am not the Lord Almighty, but I am the great angel, Eremiel, who is over the abyss and Hades, the one in which all of the souls are imprisoned from the end of the Flood, which came upon the earth, until this day."

Then I inquired of the angel, "What is the place to which I have come?" He said to me,
"It is Hades."
Then I asked him, "Who is the great angel who stands thus, whom I saw?" He said, "This is the one who accuses men in the presence of the Lord."

That reminds me of the Rev 12 timeline that ended in December 2008, and Micah 4 when the LORD God rescued daughter ZION from Babylon, USA. 

The 1st trumpet: triumph & visitation of the righteous.

Then a great angel came forth having a golden trumpet in his hand, and he blew it three times over
my head, saying, "Be courageous! O one who has triumphed. Prevail! O one who has prevailed. For you have triumphed over the accuser, and you have escaped from the abyss and Hades. You will now cross over the crossing place. For your name is written in the Book of the Living."

I wanted to embrace him, I was unable to embrace the great angel because his glory is great.
Then he ran to all the righteous ones, namely, Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Enoch and Elijah and David. He spoke with them as friend to friend speaking with one another.

Now what was happening in the public domain is that some of the Americans viewed themselves has being in Hades. Has such, they were 'punishing' others that they considered to be 'lawless'. When in fact, it was they that were lawless. The text also mentions the 'faces of the Leopard like cats' and that relates to Rev 13, the Leopard, Obama and his followers. The scholars speak of the Apocalypse of Sophonias in terms of the Virgin that stands with 60 just ones against the 'Son of Lawlessness'. 

This is an example of the 'lawlessness' of the followers of Obama. He surely is the 'Son of Lawlessness'.

So who is the angel Eremiel? In the dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson, he states the following: 

Eremiel is an angel that watches over souls in the underworld. In the Apocalypse of Elias, Eremiel is equated with Uriel. Variants appear in IV Esdras, and Apocalypse of Sophonias. So let us return to the original proverb that 'Harvest Army' shared. In the NIV translation, the word 'punishment' does not exist. This is what the translation says: 

'The prudent see danger and take refuge. But the simple keep going and pay the penalty'. This translation gives us a completely different view of the proverb. Has we have been sharing, the LORD God is our refuge and the full amour of God is essential, if you are compelled to take your light into the darkness to transform it. However, does one keep going in the same reality if and when 'danger of famine and pestilence is coming'. Clearly not, that is when people receive the penalty for not honoring the word of the LORD God almighty. Those that are truly of the light know when to withdraw, and leave, because the innocent are divinely guided to do so. 

The proverb also tells you that the 'generous will be blessed because they share their food with the poor'. I have certainly been blessed in recent days, in addition,  Will also gave me a thank you card with these words. 'Thanks for helping me, you are kind, your not like those who won't help others. Pasts, presents and futures. I wish you well. Always, take care, Will'. 

'One who loves a pure heart, and who speaks with grace, will have a king for a friend'. 

The proverb also provides 30 sayings for the wise. 

Now who was it that spoke about 'punishment' during the 2008 election? Obama! The cats with Leopard faces certainly arrived. What did the LORD God say about them? He said that he would remove their claws. What does it say about the supporters of Obama in Rev 13? It informs you that they are not written in the Lambs book of life. 

Are 'Harvest Army, USA' Obama supporters? Check it out! Why are they concentrating on 'environmental disasters' daily,  instead of talking to people about the presidential election? 

Forewarned is forearmed. 

Now there is a 'Spirit of Generosity' in the gentle hearts of the merciful and compassionate givers. In my humble view, it was because people in Israel, the USA and Greece had been generous to the poor in their communities, that the LORD God sent a Spirit of Generosity to help them in this timeline. Who spoke to the spiritual community about being generous and of its Spirit? Yours truly, during the Rev 12 timeline. Their Spirit of Generosity was their saving grace, for if they had not been generous to the poor, the LORD God would not have sent his help to them. Although it did fulfill the biblical prophecies. 

Yours truly 


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