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St Catherine's Mandala

In the post titled 'St Catherine and Moses Revelation' the mandala was mentioned that relates to St Catherine who has reincarnated. Please see the original post for more information that includes the numerics.  [1] This has been a wonderful energy to have on the wall, with so much pink that is symbolic of a love ambassador. We have a seven pointed flower in the centre and as we know seven is to do with the spiritual law in the NT. It is also to do with forgiveness. In the life of St Catherine, the Princess was murdered, she became a legend, and I can understand why the love of forgiveness appears in this mandala.

St Catherine is a wonderful healer this lifetime. Past Life, Reiki and Indian Head Massage. She also works with flower essences and aromatherapy oils. She is a special 'Crystal Heart'. When this painting was created I had not been informed that it was for Crystal. I had already given her a mandala, it too has a pink rose in the centre, although the pink flower is in four parts. However, has the art evolved for different people, so did the story of this one and who it was for.

The number seven is also to do with karmic contracts. The flower is in the centre of the mandala in what looks like an art frame. This lady is an artist at the centre of her being, and whatever she chooses to do, she perfects her art. I see the mountain where her monastery still stands in Egypt, and the color of it also informs us of the transformation going on there at this point in time.

The green is symbolic of ecology, her connection and love of the environment, nature and living naturally is a big part of her inner sanctum. It is nature that provides her with her boundaries.



The pink flower is on a golden flower that is not yet seen, and she has a huge heart, has big as a holy mountain. It reminds me of recently when the LORD said 'Your love is has deep as the ocean and as tall as a tree'. The Lute of Lovingkindness said 'The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love' from Sacred Words.

There is no question, I know, that this lady has integrated forgiveness in a truly awesome way. It was the sheer depth of her forgiveness; that catapulted her into the love that she was born to be. She is a true saint and a blessed friend. Her patience has been beyond measure, she has truly integrated patience of a saint. Hence, the heavenly Father chooses to reward her with the miracles and blessings from heaven. The light of love did help her to overcome and be victorious over life circumstances.

The more she gave her heart, the larger her heart energy became, until it encompassed her being. This woman truly has integrated unconditional love in the best possible way. Her purity is tinged with love, and love is her existence and reason for being. Love is her wholeness and completion at this point of her spiritual journey, and a new phase in her life is about to begin with divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

The capstone of spiritual independence is active in her life, it is in place and it is like the golden crown of self-mastery above her head. She truly did return to the sacred, a true pilgrim of the heart and life. A sister from the ancient order of the 'sisters of the rose'.

Rose mathematics. [2] Seven petalled Rose [3] [4]

Here is a video on how to paint roses.

I enjoy this intuitive healing art that compels me. However, it is the messages that fascinate me, especially when it reveals a past life of a person. See the earlier post for more information on that.

The story of St Catherine's monastery.

This video explains the compromise that has been made at the monastery in the last 1,400 years, and the reason why.

As the LORD God said 'No compromise'.

However, the letter with the hand on it is interesting.

Love beyond measure



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