Saturday, 20 October 2012

Will 'History Keep Repeating' America?

An American that has posted in the comments section of the post 'Tears of the Sacred' claims the following:

'History will keep repeating'.

Is that true?


The spiritual alchemist that the LORD God chose to send to help humanity,  helps the people to break the never ending cycles within themselves. Her work was tried, tested and proven to be successful. However, it comes to those that honor her, and what she shares with them. They make huge breakthroughs, its profoundness can take time for the people to integrate; so that they can gain their own wisdom from their own life experience and the healing process.

So is the American a Spiritual Master like it claims?

One might ask master of what?

If she was a spiritual master then she would not have made the written statement,  'History will keep repeating'.

Goodness gracious me, it is 2012, and there are still people that are writing that 'History will keep on repeating'.

Have they never heard of the golden age that began in 2003 when yours truly arrived?

What else do we have for you today?

The American claims that 'You imply that Americans need your spiritual help'.

The word 'need' shows us where the poster is coming from and their level of consciousness. I recommended 'inner child' healing work for that person. Has the Son of God said 'You have to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven'. He was spot on when he launched his arrows to hit the target straight on.

Has far as the Americans requiring help, the prophecies of Malachi give you warnings and good advice about this timeline. So did Prophet Isaiah when he shared with you about the one that would deliver the testimony of warning. Prophet Obadiah predicted that the USA would become stubble, and I have already explained how that could well be to do with GMO. How the GMO crops will be burnt to the ground. Prophet Amos also delivered warnings to the farming community, as did some of the other Jewish prophets.

The Americans claim that they have many spiritual masters, our response to them is why then did they not do their utmost to stop GMO in the first place? Why did they not do their utmost to ward off the captivity that the USA now finds itself in?

As we know, the LORD God sent his paraclete to the USA in 2008. Those that know me well, also know what the LORD God chose to do through his instrument, when and how. Remember the nations were warned that if they did not do the will of the LORD God, then the LORD God would take action. So what action did he take in 2008? The Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia was burnt to the ground when we arrived on US soil.

It was the LORD's testimony for his comforter that he sent to help them. Has we know Prophet Zephaniah predicted that the Virgin would stand with 60 just ones against the 'Son of the Lawlessness'.

What else is there to share with you?

The biblical prophecies predicted that the USA would become stubble. They also predict that every time they try to build it up, the LORD God will bring it down again. When the Rabbi's were asked if it could be saved? They responded that only Joseph can help them. Why Joseph? The Jewish sages knew that the favor promised by the LORD God was ordained to be given to a descendent of the tribe of Joseph.

Prophet Isaiah also knew that the one would be born on an Island, an Island that is the land of Joseph. That the person outlined in the scriptures for this timeline, would be found on the circuit of the gentiles, after her son Jordan was born. Hence, why Prophet Isaiah predicted, that they would come the other side of Jordan. That happened in the 90's, the prophecy was fulfilled, the 'Sons of Light' did find her and she united with them.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls he also predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand in integrity before Joseph.

So the help is indeed here has ordained to be so.

What did David Cameron tell the masons last week?

'Hard luck', 'The day of reckoning', 'heal' 'do or decline', he also gave them the name of the one that the LORD God sent. In other words he was telling them that they do not have a choice in the matter.

Did David Cameron revere my name as the prophecy predicted?

Indeed he did.

Love beyond measure


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