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When I woke up today, I saw a large energetic lamp on the ceiling, a few times it appeared before me. Has we know the lamp is mentioned in Mark chapter 4. It is encouragement to continue because the lamp is put on its stand.  4:21

For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.

Why did this lamp arrive today? Maybe it is because in the early hours of the morning we produced this video on a prophecy from Nostradamus about this timeline. We are disclosing more truth that will set them free.

Many on the internet speak of it in terms of a miracle, it surely is divine intervention. C1.Q43. It is a prophecy about what happens prior to the change of the empire. [1] It speaks of a pillar, a philosopher, and writer that would come. The pillar is also mentioned in the biblical prophecies. See Rev 3:12.

Then when I checked into youtube, I had been sent an email with a link to this video. It had been uploaded by 'Elijah Livingstone' called 'Arrogant Elijah', the American is claiming to be the spirit of ELIJAH, that was pre-ordained to return.

However, Livingstone's video is titled 'Arrogant', do you know the origins of that word and what it means? It means that Livingstone can be added to my ELIJAH's List with the rest of them. However, I have this to say, I shall ask the LORD God for forgiveness for Livingstone.

In May 2006, I made atonement on Mount Carmel with spiritual Israelis',  a large group of French Catholics were also on the mount asking for forgiveness of the Jewish people. Fragments of souls were released so that they could be reclaimed by those that are 'fragmented'. I anticipate that most of them are in America like Livingstone. Has Rev 17 also signifies that.

Teshuvah 'Elijah Livingstone' teshuvah to the sacred.

In my divine experience of the Son of God, he helps the people to remove 'anger' from their heart, when people return to the sacred; by beginning the spiritual path to heal thyself.

'Healing is the get out of jail card. Healing is the path of salvation and love is the way' from Sacred Words

He taught his true followers 'Do not anger'.

Now read Psalm 37:8, Proverbs 22:24, Ecclesiastes 7:9. Ephesians 4:26 and what did James say?

'Human anger does not produce the righteousness' James 1:20


We passed this on to our students that were training to be healers.  'Just for today, do not anger'. We also helped people to access the root cause of their 'anger' so that they could heal it. Then it was up to them to put the effort into the healing process; and to integrate what we had shared with them.

The LORD God did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for mercy. He also asked for mercy for this holy one that he sent to help the people to heal the nations.


In the Gospel of Thomas, we also provide you with this quote.

'I will give you what no eye has seen, and what no ear has heard, and what no hand has touched, and what has not arisen in the heart of man'. GT17, was he speaking of the divine feminine? The advocate that would be summoned? The spiritual alchemist that Prophet Malachi spoke about? The refiner and purifier that worked with the Levites in Israel.

The word 'arisen' is your clue in the Gospel of Thomas prophecy, because it refers to the name of the one that was promised to Moses. The Son of God chose the one that would represent him, and his true teachings. He also predicted the exact age that the heavenly Father would summon the one, and gave the age that they would be when the work finished with his true community.

He did inform you that another advocate would come for his followers. Paul did his utmost to be that advocate. However, Paul did not come in feminine form has predicted, it would come to be.

Has such, the prophecy in the Gospel of Thomas is true.

Much has been written about the spirit of ELIJAH. In the Carmelite tradition,  ELIJAH is the spiritual father of the Carmelites. Their tradition also focusses on the withdrawal of ELIJAH from public life.

It is also written that ELIJAH was considered to be the 'cornerstone of the prophets', has we know he was also a healer and healed those who honored him, he also blessed ELIAS.

The Latter Day Saints claim that their prophet Joseph was Messiah Joseph. The mysterious figure that is mentioned in many texts. Was Joseph Smith, Messiah Joseph? No. I have seen no evidence that Joseph Smith fulfilled any of the biblical prophecies that are related to the one; that was promised to Moses and many other Jewish prophets.

The American people and other nations have allowed the LDS to grow on their land without thorough investigation of the real prophecies that are to do with this timeline. Has such, the USA faces the consequences for their in-action to defend the truth with all of their might. They are co-creators of their reality, and what they currently experience in their nations.

A Jewish view of the one that they were waiting for; is that they would be 'zealous'. Do you know about the event of 'ZEALOUS COMPASSION' in October 2004?

They also write in terms of a 'helper to those that are in distress,'. Who has been in distress? The Jewish people of Israel. Their career is extensive, colorful and varied, it includes being a skillful writer. That they would appear in the world like a beggar.  They would bring love and hope to their people, plus a lot more.

Mark also gives us more information on the timeline that is before us and it provides the 'Parable of the Growing Seed'. It is all about the good seed that was planted.

"the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how; for the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the earth"

Again, the Son of God spoke of the feminine that was clearly important to him. The advocate that truly did follow him all the way to the end. The book of Genesis also speaks of her seed. The seed that she sowed. The seed that did spring and grow, the good fruit come forth from her seed, exactly has the prophecies predicted it would.

The people were also given another sign of how to recognize her, they would be known by their fruit. No surprise then the 'fruit of the lips' is a well known term in Judaism, and the spiritual Israeli's welcomed her with open and loving arms. They knew that she would come to them, in perfect timing and divine providence. Many of the biblical prophecies about her were fulfilled, exactly has they were predicted to do so.

Love beyond measure


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