Thursday, 11 October 2012


Mushrooms have arrived again. Two large ones and two small ones, outside where my car still stands on the concrete.  They look like a Mother, Daughter, Son and Father,  and this is to do with the spiritual law of creation. First there was one, then there was two, now there are four. The number four is to do with practicality and its symbol is the Virgin. 

11 October, 2012 

At the beginning of August a mushroom began growing on my staff outside my house. It is still there, it never died. Whilst receiving a Reiki attunement a Chinese mushroom appeared before me. A few days later, I had an appointment with the doctor and in the surgery there were leaflets on the power of mushrooms. Here is more information and research on mushrooms can benefit people with crohn’s disease. Here are the links for more information shared on the 21st of July, 2012.

77 Year old man states how he was cured with crohn’s disease.

Chinese Mushrooms highest in energy level.

Here we go, we have a winner! Chinese Mushrooms good for Crohn’s

However, in 2009, I was also given visions of mushrooms in the visions and messages given by the LORD, This is from the post called ‘BELL MUSHROOM LAWMAKERS WIG’.

In March (2009) in the Chet Visions (posted on this blog part one and two) there was also a vision of the mushrooms that would spring up once the elephant stood on the mouse that was creating disease.

"Then the elephant stood on a mouse. After the Elephant had finished standing on the mouse nature blossomed again. I saw a vision of mushrooms growing naturally everywhere, they were bursting out of the ground like flowers. Free food was available once again. Mice carry germs and disease and are a health hazard, the elephant stood on the mouse that was creating the germs and disease."

Now the message that God gave when we received the Chet Vision was about 'Killing the Germs" and yesterday we posted here a message from God about the KKK and Carter. We also posted the information on a forum and gave a complete list of how so many aspects link into Germany. For instance the Pope is German and when he was elected I was told it would be ‘genocide for the church.’ Obama delivered his pre-election speech in Berlin, his publisher is German owned. The Rothchilds are German and originate from Frankfurt. WW2 began in Germany and has we have said many times the war did not end it just went underground. The Allies of the German Nazi's were Islam. Carter and Obama have an allegiance with Islam. European Central bank is based in Frankfurt, Germany.


What else do we have on mushrooms? John Allegro, a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar wrote a book called the 'Sacred Mushroom'. 

Remember this both Obama and Romney were brought up in 'faith schools' and the LORD God said 'Schools Out'. 


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