Saturday, 20 October 2012


From life experience I can confirm that the Swedes are attracted to challenge 'troubled waters', they have been known not to step onto the bridge of peace. They appear to like to do it the hard way, instead of the easy way. Would those that live in Gaza accept the Swedes and what they do in their country?

We know that they would not do so. Hence, Sweden is currently where they are has a nation. The prophecies provided a warning to all of the nations for this timeline.

Teshuvah Victoria Strand, Teshuvah.

Check out what is happening in Sweden.

'Malmo, Sweden, has been overrun by Islam. These immigrants refuse to integrate into Swedish society while living off of and depleting the system. They intimidate the police and firefighters and Swedish citizens. Sweden is now considered the "Rape Capital" of Europe.' 

I was compelled to do a mandala for a Swede. So let it be a message for Sweden and the Swedes. I like swede very much mashed with butter, salt and pepper.  It also goes well with carrot or sweet potato. That reminds me, time to eat. No surprise then that we find the color of swede in this mandala.


September 2012 

I can also see the ships wheel, compass etc. I like this mandala, it is perfect for the Swede.


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Eliakim said...

This comment was made in reference to the Swedish boat that is in ‘trouble’ with Israel.

"The Israeli regime denies about 1.7 million people in Gaza their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs that pay proper wages, and adequate healthcare and education."


AM I free to travel to another country without a passport? Or in the case of some countries a visa for entry? If I go across the channel, do I not have to pass through passport control, even in Europe when I go across boarders? So how can you say that the people in Gaza are denied their basic rights. Have you seen the swimming pools, markets full of food, shopping malls and five class hotels?

If they do not have jobs that pay proper wages; then they must look to the PLO that created their state. The PLO have received billions every year from the West since the beginning of it. Money from the pockets of Western tax payers.

The PLO and its leaders were given plenty of money to spend on schools and infrastructure. The fact that the PLO leaders did not spend the money on helping their people, is not down to Israel.

So as far I am concerned. Western nations do not fund them anymore.

Let the oil rich nations fund Muslims, not you.