Sunday, 14 October 2012


This mandala is to commemorate 'Angels Healing Trust' and its angels. 


September 2012

I see the stars that came out at night time, I see the eight pointed star of Venus that they allowed to rise in their hearts. USHA, divine truth, the divine court, divine consciousness. I see the acorns of love that were planted so that they could stand tall and strong like the oak trees of Abraham. 

I see the diamond shape at the centre and its good fruit. I see the mosaic of love and its creative potentiality, helping them to become all that they were born to be. I see the pyramids, and the four sacred directions. I see the expansion and the flame of Joseph on the golden background. 

I see the orange of happiness, the Vitamin C, and Michael once described me has his vitamins. I see that the angels that were brought to me were given a mantle of responsibility. I also see how they do a lot of work in sleep state, and their work goes out into the four sacred directions. 

The scripture predicted that the Angels will be the harvesters in the last days of the end of the age. Angels of ELOHIM, that know how to fly divinely, above earthly reality. 

May the LORD God continue to bless them all, in all that they do. Angels healing indeed, do trust the divine has ordained to do. 

Love beyond measure and I hope that you like the mandala of inspired art of Angels Healing. 

This is the next phase of the work. Although the scan should be landscape. 


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