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Mr Lawless, Dharma, and Sailors Prophecy


A 53-year-old British businessman has died after being electrocuted on his yacht. He was taking an on-board shower and sailing off the coast of Turkey with his partner.

The news article sings the praises of Mr Lawless and how he was a Buddhist. There is an interesting correlation there between the word 'Lawless' and 'Yacht' with Buddhism. Would a true Buddhist be owning a yacht in the first place? Certainly not. So is it integrity to call oneself a Buddhist if one does not live by its true dharma of the spiritual law? No. The same applies to Christians, Jews and Muslims who have no understanding or appreciation of the spiritual law and those that deliver it. 

A true Buddhist goes the extra mile and experiences the 'holy beggar' initiation for divine purpose. 

Those that own yachts; could never experience the level of consciousness that I speak of that leads one to experience this initiation. That is another reason why the Son of God told the rich man that he could not enter the kingdom of heaven, nor will they experience Nirvana. 

In the story, the rich man was not willing to give up his attachment to his wealth to do so. He also told the poor that they were blessed, and told the people to give to the beggars. He knew that the holy beggar, the Harp of Faithfulness would come, and that is why he told his followers to give to the beggar. Hence. why those Christians that do not abide by his dharma, are in transgression of it. 

Only a godly spiritual person has the strength and courage to endure until the end. Only a godly person goes the extra mile. Only a true Virgin of purity and integrity truly understands it because they have lived it. A Harp of Faithfulness means just that, an instrument of faithfulness not only to the spiritual law of creation, the dharma, but also to God and his will. The Harp is his divine instrument for his will to be done. 

The name 'Lawless' is also relevant in this timeline due to the prophecy of Zephaniah about the Virgin and 60 just ones that stand against the 'Son of Lawlessness' who is Obama. Obama is also mentioned in the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel and Proverbs 30. Obama and his family like the luxury that they are privileged to as well, as does Mitt Romney. While others cannot even afford a holiday, let alone 17 vacations, own a pleasure boat or houses in various locations. 

The limit for houses/homes given was two, just like Joseph is assigned two portions of land. 

The rich and wealthy are not ordained to have anymore than Joseph. As such, they shall be brought down, until such time as they arise and do the will of God that is delivered by his elohiym. 

The biblical prophecies also predict that the time will come when the people no longer build houses for others to live in. In other words, it will be the end of the property developers.

The location of the passing was Turkey, and in the book of Revelation, Turkey is told to repent, the original word in Hebrew is teshuvah. However, the original word does not mean repent that is a mistranslation. The original word means to RETURN, to return to the sacred and sacredness. Return to the way of holiness and the spiritual law. 

However, I have seen very few signs of Turkey doing so. Most of its population still put its head on the ground and in the book of Genesis its called 'licking the dust' and we all know who does that. Those that ate from the Tree of Knowledge instead of the Tree of Life experience. 

Mr Alec Lawless died on the 26th of March, 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. 

The 26th of March was also the 'Day of Integrity'. Integrity means living in harmony with the spiritual law and the spiritual law tells people to give. In the NT it clearly states what you give will come back to you 30, 60, or 100 fold. It also has greater significance and importance, when people give to a holy one that has come in the name of the LORD God.

There is a biblical prophecy about the sailors and their yachts and how they will no longer sail them.

The bible states that the sailors are Solomon's men. 1 Kings 9:27 and the Queen of the South has greater wisdom than Solomon and his men. The biblical prophecies also predicted that the kings and princes would not be able to meet the high standard. Why is that? The bar has been raised in this timeline by yours truly, and it was pre-ordained by God. 

Prophet Ezekiel also delivered a prophecy about the sailors. 

'All who handle the oars will abandon their ships; the mariners and all the sailors will stand on the shore." Ezekiel 27:29

The NT also predicted that one would be taken and one would be left in this timeline, it is another sign of the last days of the end times. Mr Lawless was taken and his wife was left. As we know there have been various incidents with boats this year, especially with commericial ones, including the ones with holiday makers. The fishermen have also been experiencing what is known as 'Fish kills'.

The Rev 18 prophecy about the boats is about the USA. In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin!’ “Every sea captain, and all who travel by ship, the sailors, and all who earn their living from the sea, will stand far off. "Rev 18:7 

The US government have given a lot of support to Turkey. You may remember the picture of Hilary Clinton doing high fives in Turkey. Some of their top military resigned after that.

Another link is ‘Electrocution with ‘Lawless’. Any nation that electrocutes people are lawless. Let the USA, its governors, senators and congressman understand. Any state that electrocutes a person is lawless. Any person that takes the life of another is lawless, only God can choose to take a life. Those that live by the 'way of man' were told, 'Thy shall not murder'.

As God said 'Your designer clothes will not save you'.

No surprise then that some celebrities like the Beckhams, are selling their multiple properties and putting up the expensive 7,000 pound Hermes handbags up for auction. 

Make sure that you all honor the source of this delivery, and the one that delivered it. 

Time for you all to live in integrity, and be noble in this holiness. Otherwise, you are no better than a rich man, that does not honor the holy beggar in the eyes of God and his spiritual law. Its time for you to make a contribution to the sheer amount of effort that has been put in to help humanity. Time for you to help yourselves to break your own wheel of karma. By doing the will of God, by making a financial contribution enabling the will of God to help you. Then the heavens open up and blessings are bestowed upon you. 

Lead by example, when I had money and I saw the tramp asleep in the underpass on New Year's Eve out in the cold weather. What did I do? 

I put the twenty pound note that I had in my purse in his pocket. I did not do it for spiritual reward, I did it for love and the love that compelled me to do so. That is the difference between a person that is born from love and those that are not. 

As Jesus said to his opponents, 'If your father was my father, then you would love me'. My friend that was with me that night also gave what she had in her purse as well. We could sleep comfortable at night, knowing that what we had done was right. It is the golden rule, do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you. 

May Mr Lawless rest in peace


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