Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spiritual Law Outpouring

I am receiving healing has I am writing this, because an energetic acupuncture pin was just put on the back of my left hand into the meridian. A blockage is being released, the left hand is my sensitive healing hand. The left hand is also to do with past lives, and the lines in the hand relate to the last life on earth. I was also told that the lines in the hand of this physical body indicate that I was writer in that life.

No surprise then that the biblical prophecies predicted that a writer would come, Prophet Isaiah inscribed that they would be like a pent-up flood. In other words; there would be nothing anyone could do to stop the outpouring, not even the Harp itself would be able to stop the sound of righteousness; or the outpouring of its Spirit upon humanity.

The prophets knew that she would be a water bearer for an Aquarian Age and that the water carrier would serve Israel. In the same way that the carpenter served Israel. They said that Jesus was the carpenter and I am the water carrier. Jesus was/is the Lute of Lovingkindness and I am the Harp Faithfulness that was predicted to come at night time.

God told Israel that through his prophet Hosea that he would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness. That he would plant HER in Jezreel. That happened in May 2006 when the holy gathering was held on his holy hill in the Alonei Abba woods that are full of OAK trees. There the acorns of love gathered together. Those that stood in integrity stood with me, in the sphere of equality and harmonic concordance with the spiritual law and the divine instructions.

Those that did not stand with me the first time, were given a second opportunity, then a third and a fourth. Those that had been chosen to be there arrived in perfect timing. The spiritual children of Israel, that had been awaiting my arrival. We were truly blessed, and I was blessed to receive them in my heart.

I began this post to share more about the spiritual law and what is recorded in the Gospel of Peace, Teachings of the Elect, Book 4.

Jesus said 'I tell you truly, the Book of Nature is a HOLY SCROLL, and if you would have the Sons of Men save themselves and find everlasting life, teach them how once again to read from the living pages of the Earthly Mother. 

For in everything that is life is the law written. It is written in the grass, in the trees, in the rivers, in the mountains, birds of the sky and fishes of the sea; and most of all in the Son of Man.

What has been shown to me about the life of the 'Son of Man' in this context, in the here and now. Is that the parents support their children, they are guardians of the souls that incarnate. Until such time as they are old enough to support themselves financially. However, when their parents are elderly, it is their responsibility to help their parents if and when required. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the children to take care of their parents; because their parents took care of them. Grown-up children must make sure that their parents have food on the table.

As the LORD God said 'It is not a one way street'.


That is why in olden days, people had many children to take care of them. The more children they had, the more better off they were. There was no requirement for pension plans, insurance polices or state aid. Of course, it was not so long ago when families still lived closely together in the same community. It was only when the people started to move away from their families; that the fabric of the family began to disintegrate, and with it the responsibility to and for the family.

I remember every weekend when dad was paid, one of the first places he went, was to see his mother and give some money to her. He did not earn a lot, he was paid seven pounds a week in those days, and he had a wife and a child to support. All of his brothers would also go to her and give her money from their wages. Two of the brothers; and the family of the eldest brother also lived in the same house, the family home that was rented. At one point there were nine adults living in that house, four wives and some children.

In olden days, the Sons were the breadwinners that took care of their wives and their parents. That is why in some cultures, the family are much happier when a boy is born instead of a girl. They know that the girl will have a family. I remember a man saying to a friend of mine that he would not allow her to become a director of the company because she would go off and have children. When in fact, she ended up buying the company from him.


The point of the post is to do with the family, family responsibility, integrity and honor. Its also about compassion, mercy and love. Its about the sphere of community, family and how important the community is. When the community breaks down, so does the family values and our responsibility to each other. Jesus spoke about his family in terms of the healers, he considered the healers to be his family. That is why he sent them out into the community to find a person that was worthy of them. They lived in a community that was only self-sustainable because the healers that he trained; were helping to fund his community by offering healing as a service to the community.

So is there any difference between the Sons that helped their mother financially, and the holy healers that helped Jesus with his mission? In the spiritual law they were all givers and the law applied to them equally. All those Sons were blessed with abundance during their lives and so were their children. As the book of Exodus states, the deeds of the fathers impact on the next 3-4 generations. I would apply that to both men and women.


This new Aquarian age is the age of the humanitarian, and it is about being humane to every sentient being on this planet. It is the age of the non-conformist. However, let us not conform to the way of man that charges you for every breath that you take in life, every move that you make, at every turn.

Food always was meant to be free. A child does not pay for its food and nor should the elderly pay for their food. Let us embrace the way of the Spirit. When people required food, I did not charge them for that food, unless it was to raise money for a charity. When people were hungry food was always available freely, our door was always open day and night. Be it a friend, family, or stranger.

One of the first things that I would ask people when they arrived at our house 'Have you eaten?

When friends were in trouble financially, I would arrive and fill up their fridge. I would arrive with food packages and shopping bags full of food. I would ensure that there was food for the children. I would raise the Spirits of their mother, and surprise her with a bottle of wine and a takeaway to share, when the children were ready for bed. It is always the thought that counts, not just the deed. When people are feeling down due to life circumstances, it is important that you are there for them, to help them, to raise them up. Their vibration impacts on the planet, and the spiritual law that impacts on everyone.

Jesus told you all that what you give comes back to you, 30, 60 and 100 fold. It does not always arrive the way that you may anticipate it arriving. However, help surely does arrive. Just like help was sent to Israel and the USA. It always arrives in perfect timing when you live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law.


This Aquarian Age is an age of taking responsibility, it is also a time of what is known as interdependence. A time when the community pull together,  help each other, like humanity used to do.

If the LORD our God can give his begotten children to you, then it is up to you to honor that, and if you cannot do so, then what and who do you value? For those that do not honor and value the divine plan, do not honor or value themselves either. The divine plan is to help you through this planetary transition and the children of the world.

If people cannot give from their hearts what does that say about them? We have to lead by example and only in our own giving do people learn to give. Our giving is not about 'entitlement', it is about the spiritual law that impacts on every single individual on the planet. If a person is spiritually aligned, then they are a giver, just like Jesus was a giver. If Christians are aligned with Jesus then they give and lead by example. How many Christians gave to the Messenger of the Covenant? Jesus predicted that I would be ashamed when I came to judge this generation. He was right again.

It has been the young ones that have given from their hearts because this reality meant a great deal to them. They gained understanding of realities that they did not understand before, their path was made easier for them, the path was made clear. Although an elderly Spiritual Christian friend did support the second mission to Israel in 2007. Her giving funded most of that divine mission.

So are we family, are you part of the spiritual family of givers? I can tell you now that it is the givers that are truly blessed. It is the givers that give from their hearts; that are blessed by heaven. Givers that give not because they have to do so, but because they love to do so. The heart is compelled by love to give, and that is why daughter ZION was the favored child.

Even when she had nothing left financially to give, she still gave of herself in acts of charity. Even when there was no money coming in, she still kept on giving 24/7 until the last penny dropped. It was the LORD's way of showing the people, the sheer depth and breadth of commitment and faithfulness to him and his will. It was his way of showing the people what it really means to love him, with all of your heart and soul. To be willing to go without for him, be penniless for him, to beg for him. it was all to show the people the sheer depth of the love and the power of its faithfulness in the sacred union.

He was showing the people that this love, this flame of Joseph, could never be taken from him, no matter what life threw at her, his Queen of the Prophets poured out her heart of love onto the planet. She never gave up, never gave in, she overcome and was victorious, even when she was confined, and wasn't allowed to go out anymore. It was his intention for her to experience, what most people never experience, so that she could maximize the life experience to help the people.

The Sovereign LORD knew that she would passover with flying colors, because that is why she was chosen. He knew that his daughter ZION, would forgive him for everything she had to go through. That wisdom would understand that it was all meant to be, to help the children of the world.

She was his lantern of light in all of the dark places, the light never went out, because he gave his lantern of light all of the oil required to show the people the way of the Spirit, the way of life and the way of truth. He knows that she gives credit to his Son, that she gives honor where honor is due, divinely trained for a special divine purpose. A unique reality that humanity has not experienced before, she led the way of holiness.

Well I did not plan for this post to finish on that note,
the Sovereign LORD chose it for you.

Love beyond measure



Lady Pauline Maria said...

Hi Kim,

Intresting articles, So much has been revealed to me and like you I write openly on the internet, now just on facebook and here. Where in England were you born? I found your name on skype - not sure if you use this. Not finding your email I thought to write here :)

I was born in Thornton Heath on Beulah Crescent. Zion Road is in Thornton Heath too. My mothers name is Athena - the name of Goddess of Wisdom and I am baptised in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greece. My Grandmother is from Smyrna - the Church in the Holy Bible speaks of the Crown of Life. The Virgin Mary lived in the hills - now named named Izmir. Theotokos was Queen by Divine Right and birthright with her bloodline from the House of David. The bloodline of the Prophets is chosen for a reason in the Divine Plan as everyone is.

The meaning of Beulah is Heavenly Zion and the Bride of Christ. The Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem is the Patriarche of Holy Zion.

Last year I was guided to learn that Beaulah is connected to Wales and the Prince of Wales is the title given to the heir of the crown. Already Charles has been invested in powers by the Queen.

Sophia Wisdom, Queen of Justice, Daughter of Zion are connected and it is interesting you have declared yourself to be the one.

2012 Olympics in London shows the Zion Logo - The Greek Spirit is all about empowering people :))

This is just the foundation and you can imagine why I have avoided public life and even turned down my own teleivison chat show. Legal corruption forced me to speak out! There is a global healing need now and this is also my focus.

Thank you your experiences and insights. You might find my page offers additional insights too!

Happy Easter to You :))

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Eliakim said...

Welcome, I was born in London, Nostradamus and others knew that I would be born there. I was born in UCH hospital in Gower Street.

In my early years I grew up in KINGS X, then in my teenage years we moved to REGENTS Park.

Just before I married ADAM and I purchased a flat in Thornton Heath. I cannot remember the name of the road that the flat was in. It was in the days when big houses in London were first being converted into flats.

So the light of love was indeed brought to that area, in the 70's.

My married name is welsh. Adam's family had a welsh heritage.

SOPHIA was my grandmother and she came from JESSE. That is why you will see a fresco of me in the Vatican and it is called the 'Jesse Fresco'. I am also featured in the ELIAKIM fresco as well.

The Royal Bride is also mentioned in the Psalms and I was instructed to wear gold for the second mission to Israel that took place in 2007. It was a long time after that I was shown the psalm related to it.

Empowerment can come in many ways. I was commissioned to develop an empowerment model that was stunningly successful. I have the research that shows that the work carried out was proven.

I was working with the people in the healing process a long time. The LORD God first revealed me to the spiritual in the Galilee of the Gentiles. I was first found amongst the healers. At that time it had not been revealed to me who I was, although now I can see that others could see it.

I have a strong afinity with Greece, the original soul of this instrument had lived there in past lives.

'Love heals the world but compassionate action changes it' from Sacred Words

The Jewish Rabbi's also knew that I would be found at the gates of Rome and that I would have the same skin disease as Moses.

I will take a look at your blogspot. Pauline Maria.

Adam's mother was called Pauline and I also a second cousin with the name Paula. Paula was also born to a Jewish father. There is much Jewish blood running in the veins of the family.

The one that wears the crown was given the plans for New Jerusalem, she was also put in charge of theos creation as the book of Revelation also confirms.

The biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled by this one that was born again in the celestial ZION of the Kingdom of God are immense. Her whole life is documented including how she would mourn for the partner of her youth.

Yes, I do use skype I like to hear the voice of the people.

Love beyond measure

Happy Passover

Eliakim said...

I took a look at your blog Pauline, people are not baptized into the priesthood. You have to be born again of the Spirit and that has nothing to do with baptism.