Sunday, 22 April 2012


Dr Peter Saunders, who runs the Christian Medical comment blog, said 'Legislation and regulations are being used to marginalise Christian health professionals in Britain. He also said 'British medicine in the 21st Century now involves practices which many doctors regard as unethical'.

First let me say that I have no issue with a person having a gender operation, I know transgender people and have transgender friends. However, it should not be the responsibility of our children to pay for gender operations.

The medical profession that is paid for by the community purse should be used wisely; to assist the eradication of disease, and transgender is not a disease as far as I am concerned. If a person would like a transgender operation, than they should work to pay for it privately. It should not be done on or paid for by the National Health System, simple as that.

As far as the GMC are concerned and the NHS, it is what is known in spirituality as being 'Out of Order', and 'Out of Integrity'. To be in integrity people have to live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law and its order. The way of the Spirit and not the way of man, the NHS and the GMC have been acting in the 'way of man' and that is the root cause of the real core issue that is leading humanity to complete self-destruction.

The Church complain about sexuality issues yet they do not address the root causes. The Church itself has contributed to the core cause in two ways. First it does not accept that gay people have the right to exist and that some are born like it, Christ told them to accept them. Secondly, it ignores the fact that 50% of the Church and its priests are gay. What would Christ say to the Church and its leaders today? "Hypocrites'.

The Church addresses the core issues, the symptoms, and not the root causes. Simply, telling people something is ‘wrong’ is not sufficient or helpful. Its because the Church doesn’t have the solutions, that the only thing they do have is the core issue that they helped to co-create in the Church itself.

Gay marriage is not an issue, the EU court of human rights have already decided that gay marriage is not a human right. However, better for them to be married and in a committed relationship, than not.

Now the Christian doctors are being told by the GMC that they have to perform gender operations when it is against their heart of conscience to do so. I would like to know who introduced these operations into the NHS to begin with? Also who authorized that these operations should be paid for by the tax-payer? Let us bring them to account Dr Saunders.

In addition, the biblical law is also there for plain viewing. Those that cut the flesh are not allowed into the assembly of the LORD God for at least 3-4 generations. Why is that? Cutting flesh mutates genetics. That means no circumcision either. Is circumcision a matter of disease? No. Only that which is disease related should be paid for by the tax-payer. No more payments from the community purse for cosmetic surgery like breast plants either. If a woman requires a breast implant let her go private.

Justice is a thin line to walk, and it is important that people look at all sides of it before making a decision or choice. These Christian doctors have made their choice, they know where there hearts are, and they know what is right in their hearts.

The fact is that it is 'unethical' to force these doctors to go against their will and heart of conscience. It is also 'unethical' to provide sex-change operations on the NHS. Now you are going to ask me about abortions and whether they are ethical. Well with abortion, each and every case is individual, and each and every case must be taken into account. I would like to see more women birth those children and have them adopted if they do not wish to take care of them. Responsibility for getting pregnant is firmly with the people that make love in the first place. If the men truly accepted that they would have to pay; if a woman does get pregnant, he might be more choosy about where he puts it and how often.

I am fully aware that there are some girls that purposefully go out to get themselves pregnant. They are also 'Out of Order' and 'Out of Integrity'. A person that truly loves themselves, has high self-esteem, would never ever put such an emotional and financial strain on themselves. The same applies to 'sex-change ops'. I have seen what some of those people have to go through, before, during and afterwards. In fact, one of my friends pulled out of it, when he truly came to understand the consequences of his actions and what the result would be.

When he first told me the truth, I gave him the pros and the cons so he could decide. It was many years later that he contacted me to tell me that he had changed his mind after the treatment had begun. Another transgender that I met on the internet also committed suicide last year. However, there were also other physical issues as well that Nikki had to contend with, in addition to her transgender ones.

Sex-change ops can bring a lot of heartache, and the tax-payer should not be a contributor to that heartache. I have also known people that contracted other serious health issues after sex-change ops, and the community purse should not be a co-creator of those health issues.

Public funding of sex-change operations is 'unethical', simple as that.



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