Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Islamic Blot on the Landscape

50 is to do with a Jubilee and the number of signs in a year. As such this story caught my eye.

'Muslim businessmen angers wealthy villagers with plans for a 50ft-high Islamic mausoleum close to a farmhouse'.  The Daily Mail inform us that 50ft is the height of three double-decker buses. That is huge!

'Sajid Ghaffar, 31, has applied for planning permission for a memorial in honor of his father Abdul, who is buried on his land in the village of Lisvane, near Cardiff.' [1]

If you have ever been to Wales, then you know what a sleepy place it is. It must be to do with the weather, and all that rain they get there. So you can imagine, when a person decides that they would like to build a huge blot on the landscape in an affluent village. The rich and wealthy then start to wake-up, because it is their country, their village and their reality that is being impacted upon.

Surely, if Abdul had wished to become a blot on the landscape, he would've built it prior to his passing. Abdul's family state that his dying wish was to be buried on the land. Well they were given permission to bury him on the land, and they already did so. Wish completed. However, as we have warned people before 'They will bite the hand that feeds them'.

Wales isn't Ancient Egypt, India or Rome, and there shall be no Islamic memorials 50ft feet high, for multi-millionaire property developers from Pakistan. The biblical prophecies also predict that the day will come when people no longer build houses for others to live in. No more property developers, that would certainly apply to a mausoleum; that is bigger than a house to contain a skeleton. Best they go build it in Pakistan.

After I wrote that God said 'Kaffirs, they are lying'.

He is telling me that this Islamic family in Wales are kaffirs. So what does that term mean? The word comes from Arabic, and it literally means 'one who conceals the truth'. However, some Muslims use the term for an 'unbeliever', although the fact that Muslims have concealed the truth from the world is appropriate. Although there are some good ex-Muslims, like Salman Rushdie, Walid Shoebat and Wafa Sultan to name just three people who do tell the truth.

I get the impression that the motivation for building the mizaar, is a lot more than meets the eye. We all know what happened to the Taj Mahal, it turned into a temple of worship. Its very beautiful in its Indian setting, although it would look totally out of place in the historic UK countryside.

Funny that this story should be featured today, a couple of days ago,  I was pondering on the cemetery where my parents and the rest of the family are buried in North London. The family have all been buried there for generations, although my son and I will not be joining them. There are some ancient mausoleums there, although I do not remember any has large as 50ft.

There is another story in the news as well to do with the cemetery and mausoleums. This time in California, USA. Is it a coincidence that it is the Barnhart family memorial tomb? Officials of the Stockton Rural Cemetery report that there has been a series of vandalizations of grave sites.

The news report states that 'people have been stealing from a sacred spot. Iron gates and doors have been disappearing'.

'Among the desecrated vaults is the mausoleum of Benjamin Holt, the inventor of Caterpillar tractors, whose name is on Stockton city streets and stadiums. The gateway to the coffins of the Hyatt family of hotel fame is also now wide open.' [2]

I can see the advantage of a family vault taking up less space than individual graves for those that cannot afford them. However, the cemetery is the place for them. It was fashionable in the 1800's for the rich and powerful to build mausoleums on their private estates, it was another status symbol of their wealth. Prior to that they built chapels and small Churches where they would be buried on their estate. 

Princess Diana was buried on the family estate in Norfolk. However, she was placed on an Island and as far as I am aware, there is no mausoleum, and only close family know where she is buried. Now that is what we call class. 

The Romans built them in odd places, and there is one story of a Roman baker that built his before he died. It is in the middle of a thoroughfare, and he is buried in the archway that people can walk under and through. The baker created a portal for himself, he clearly knew the importance of portals energetically. 

That man made sure that he was above their heads, and not beneath their feet. He was giving a powerful message in his own burial; by telling the people that earth was his foot stall, and that he lived in a heavenly state of being. Hence, why he had himself buried in the sky that is symbolic of the heavens. 

Most ancient Churches also have a crypt where the nobility were buried underneath, and also in the Churches themselves. As such, those Churches are also mausoleums and some have become museums. 

You can imagine the deals that were done. How the gentry paid for a Church to be built,  in exchange for being buried inside the Church itself. It was their insurance policy against having their graves vandalized. As the priests would ensure that their remains stayed in tact. Some have even been immortalized, with bronze replicas of themselves on top of the tombs themselves. 

The crypt comes from the Latin word crypta and the Greek word krypte and it means 'concealed, private'. As we know the dead bones are underground and Prophet Ezekiel also made predictions about the dead bones that are symbolic of the 'spiritually dead'. 

At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of beholder, and the people of Wales prefer the beauty of the landscape being left in tact, and they are certainly against a Mosque. The villagers have admitted that they would feel exactly the same way, if the Church chose to build a modern equivalent. 

It looks like the Islamic rich and wealthy have descended on rural UK. 

Another big wake up call. 





Sarah Paul said...

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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Eliakim said...

Welcome Sarah, you are welcome.

Eliakim said...

Now there is a plane crash judgement in Pakistan.

As God said, 'There shall be no compromise'. 'The King is not allowing'.