Saturday, 14 April 2012

Randy Mitchell Rebuked

Following on from the last post 'what does silk worms have to do with satan'. There was then the black out. After that I went to check the word 'census' with the on-line bible lexicons. What did I find? Mitt Romney being advertised on the front page as the republican nomination. I clicked on the link and that took me to an article written by Randy Mitchell. The article is called 'Inspiration for you', 'Religion and the Presidency'.

Randy is a classic, first he writes that he isn't voting for a Church, then he goes on to tell you why its important that you know what a person believes in. At the same time as telling you that he knows nothing about the Mormons.

Then he has the audacity to tell the world that 'The President is literally the leader of the free world, arguably the most powerful man on the planet with all sorts of powers and authority'.

Wake up American Christians!

1. The president in the current political system has very little power at all, he's basically a puppet on a string for those that put him in office. I recommend that you read Rev 13, Obama was only given 42 months. However, the LORD God did say that 'Obama is a double agent'. So it is unclear exactly who he is serving at any one time. However, the fact that Obama and his wife paid such little tax, should give you a few clues.

2. The president of the USA is not the leader of the free world as far as the population of the world is concerned. Although I can see how Americans have been convinced to think that way. In 2010, Hillary Clinton was alarmed that America was losing the information war. Indeed the world has woken up to the USA and its economic hit men.

3. The days of the American empire are over. As the saying goes 'Pride comes before a fall'. Christians supported President Bush and under his watch there was the great slaughter on 9/11 mentioned by Prophet Isaiah. Then they supported Obama, the chief officer that took the money also predicted by Isaiah. Now, people like Randy Mitchell are supporting the corporations man, Mitt Romney.

Then he tells you that 'America was created under God, a land founded on Christian principles'.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The USA is an alien to true Christian principles, and that is proven by the size of their military. Did you know that the USA has been involved in a war, every single year since its existence? Did you know that the bible tells the followers of Jesus not to build upon his foundations with building materials? In other words no religious buildings in his honor.

Randy talks about his 'wants' and the first thing that Jesus would tell him to do is become like a little child so that he can enter heaven. Of course, 'wants' are to do with the 'inner child' and until that is healed, a person cannot mature emotionally and spiritually. That is why in the bible the Christians were called 'babes in Christ'. Babes that 'want' their president to be the 'most powerful man on the planet'. Such an incredible comfort zone, and that is why it is being stripped away from the USA.

Best you understand it Randy, Mitt can't win the election unless its fixed.

So what are you going to do now? Are you and your nation going to live in integrity?






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