Friday, 6 April 2012

Crystal Children Divine Plan

The Crystals did not pass the initiation due to not letting go and following instructions. Their last chance is this weekend. There is a massive gateway opening in Egypt on the 7th of April, 2012. It also comes in this new astrological year.

The 7th of April is the 'Day of Belief' and what they 'believe in'. They are being called to Teshuvah.

Seven is also the number of forgiveness in the NT.  In Jewish mystical philosophy,  the Hebrew letter ZAYIN, is the 'woman of valor'.

The 7th of April 2012 is also a 745 date.

Well it seems that it is a holy date and it is to with the drink and the banquet. [1] No surprise then that it is Easter in Western lands. As we know the wine is to do with ELIJAH. Is that why Christ called for Elijah when he was on the cross? Is that why he called ELI, ELI?

745 is also the gematria of "Pretty', 'Solomon Key', 'The fifth has arisen' Well that is good news. As we know prophecies predicted that those that were 'dead in Christ' would arise first. Those that know, know that has been going on for decades.

So what of the Crystals and its healers? Let's see what happens after this weekend, they are being forced to shift into the diamond heart and facets of life they have not experienced before.

For instance, Masters know there is no such thing as an astral plane unless you choose to embrace it. Many people have accepted the hypothesis or 'belief' of others because it resonated with them and where they were in their souls evolution. However, those that stayed true to the sacred union with the divine, those that stayed faithful to life experience and lived by its tree, speak from experience and not from 'belief'.

Onwards and upwards crystals, onwards and upwards.

Love beyond measure



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