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In the last month, 40 pounds was donated. 20 by two different people. Thank you both of you, you know who you are and I really appreciate you and your giving. As we know 20 is the number of judgement and 40 is related to Moses.

This tells me that the judgement is still upon the nations; due to their lack of giving to elohiym as Prophet Malachi predicted it would be. The nations continue to destroy themselves due to their lack of giving and doing the will of the LORD God.

In the prophecies of Nostradamus 40 also relates to the Iris, the flower that heals the depression and it is to do with flower essences as well. He was telling the people that she would work with vibrational medicine and flower essences. He was telling them that she would be a healer of those that suffered from depression. He predicted that the Iris would not be seen for 40 years,  after that she could be seen every day.

"For 40 years the Iris (rainbow) will not appear, for forty years it be seen every day: the arid Earth will grow drier and great floods when it will appear'.

Nostradamus also predicted that "The Kings and Princes will erect enactments, soothsayers make hollow forecasts: The Corn Mother, a golden victim and the blue skies become acrid. Interpretations will be rooted out'.

The Corn Mother is related to the food and what the GMO scientists have done to the golden crops. The golden 'victim', also relates to the Rev 12 timeline, and what the angels did against the wondrous woman from heaven that was dressed in the sun. When the angels stood against the wondrous woman from heaven, it impacted further on the harvest and its angels that are the harvesters.

The harvesters gain the 'Corn Mother' energy of fertility and growth. Its no surprise then that I was asked to bring the wheat into God's barn in the summer of 2009. That is when we began to share the interpretations of the crop circles.

Nostradamus predicted that in that timeline the blue skies would become acrid and acrid can mean 'unpleasant', 'sharp' or 'caustic'. In Latin the word relates to the word 'sour'. In other words, the blue skies would become 'polluted' just like they are with chemtrails. However, the skies can also relate to the heavens due to what they had done. In fact, the angels that stood against the wondrous woman from heaven, actually polluted their own souls instead of purifying them. That was their choice at that time due them not being ready to shift.

'You cannot shift the box under its ready to be shifted'. 'Some have sour taste buds and not a sweet tooth' from Sacred Words.

Nostradamus also wrote that at that time 'interpretations will be rooted out'. He knew that would be the time for the 'interpreter of the law' to come. The interpreter of the law that was predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He knew that the golden one would be sent to the roots of it, and it would ensure that she would become who she was destined to become. He was telling the people that she would be as natural as the Corn Mother and aligned with the spiritual law of creation and the golden rule,  the golden mean, prior to her rooting out the law that is beneficial in the texts.

The soothsayers that made 'hollow forecasts', were also shown to us by the spiritual in the USA, those that supported Obama and those that stood against wisdom mentioned in Rev 13, the daughter of ZION in Micah 4.

The biblical prophecies made a prediction about them. When corn comes to mind, it always reminds of the USA, its political leaders and how it purposefully destroyed the feminine principles of the Corn Mother. The LORD's creation was genetically modified, by scientists that poisons the people just like the polluted skies. Only those soothsayers that are 'polluted' would make 'hollow forecasts'. They have a lot of healing work to do on themselves, before they ever make another forecast to share with the people.

Aluna Joy was also one of those people in that timeline, it wasn't just the amateurs, it is professionals as well that made 'hollow forecasts'. What came out of her mouth was not repeatable, I was amazed that a person such as Aluna Joy had not healed themselves. Yet, they have the audacity to promote themselves as spiritual teachers when they have not even integrated the basics of ABC.

Prophet Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity. Well Aluna Joy wasn't one of them that could do so. Jesus Christ also predicted that I would be ashamed of this generation when I came. He was absolutely correct. Paul told the early Christians you should all be teachers by now. That they were babes in Christ that were not ready for the meat, as such they were not ready to be spiritual teachers, in the nature of the one that they tried to emulate.

Hence, why we repeatedly informed the people that integration is essential. The LORD God says that Aluna Joy and people like her are 'informal', in other words they do not have his authority to do what they do, they do not have his sanction to lead the people.

In the bible it speaks of the 'hollow' in terms that are related to the philosophy of the 'ways of man' instead of the 'way of the Christ'. In other words they followed the 'ways of humans' instead of the 'ways of Spirit'. As such, the USA manifested what it did. The same happened in Europe, and that is why the Amos 5 prophecy came to be, and the farmers have been mourning their lambs and sheep that Muslims like to eat.

In that prophecy the 'Kings and Princes ' are mentioned to do with enactments and that is to do with the passing of bills and laws made by men, that live by the way of men. The biblical prophecies predicted that the Princes would not be able to reach the high standard. As such, their laws are not worth the paper that they are written on in the eyes of the LORD. So you have the perfect right, to tear up every law that is not in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law and the freedom that it brings to the people.

Interesting that the 'King and Princes' are put together in that prophecy, Kings also also relate to the politicians and their parliaments. Nostradamus also spoke about the Kings of the East that would rule over the people of the West and that seven Islamic leaders would be murdered in quick succession. As we know, they are currently after the president of Syria and Iran.

The crown heads of Europe will go as well. The LORD God is telling me that they have no divine authority over the people.

The more that the people did not give, the more the nations suffered.

The number 40 also has the energy of 31 in numerology and that is the energy of the genius and sensitivity. Moses was certainly sensitive to planetary energies and the power of his God. Hence, why he had the skin disease manifest on his arm as I do. Spiritual people are also aware of the impact, that the divine can have on the nervous system of the instrument that is truly utilized by the Spirit.

Hence, why it is often referred to as an affliction in the bible. Moses was also a genius, and there is a lot more to be understood in respect of his reality, and this one. As we know the people suffered prior to their release. They had to understand what men had created, how, and that when the divine decides to act against the oppressors; even their children are not safe from the spiritual law.

I read that Obama does not let his children have free reign to the internet. Clearly, he and Michelle do not wish for their children to know what the world says about them. As we know, both Obama and Michelle are both lawyers, and the last thing that the White House required was more of men's laws. The heavenly Father called Obama the 'Pharaoh' and he said 'Obama is a double agent'.

Monsanto shall not poison the world with its pesticides and genetically modified crops. Monsanto does not have the authority to harm the people in any shape or form.

We are still in the Saturn in Libra transit until October,  and the spiritual law is hitting the lands and nations heavily due to the people not living in harmony with the spiritual law and its elohiym.



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