Wednesday, 11 April 2012

India-Greece-USHAS 555

I was pondering on the gateway of enlightenment and the return of the mystics on the 5th of May and the Indian man that wrote about the USHAS. I was wondering where the gateway opening will be; and then the LORD said 'Punjab'.

In the Punjab is the Jehlum River, or Jhelum River. It is the largest of the most Western of the five rivers and 2012 is a five year. It also has a total length of about 505 miles and the 5th of May, 2012 will be the 555 gateway.

That then led to a link on Thaumas and it means 'Wonder'. It is written that in Greek mythology Thaumas was a sea god and son of Pontus and Gaia. The children of Thaumas and the cloud goddess Electra, were the Harpies and Iris, the goddess of rainbows and messenger of the gods; according to some, also Arke. [2][3]

Iris has golden wings and that aligns with the biblical prophecy about the sun of righteousness rising with healing in its wings. Plus the wondrous woman from heaven dressed in the sun.

In Greek mythology, Arke or Arce was the daughter of Thaumas and sister of Iris and is affiliated with a second rainbow. As we know, the rainbow also makes an arc. As such a double rainbow, is also symbolic of the Iris and the Ark together. Is it a coincidence that the boat that Noah sailed in was called the Ark? Or that there is a legend about the 'Ark of the Covenant' when the rainbow relates to the covenant and Joseph?

When Joseph was 17 he also had a dream that a person would come in his name. The coat of many colors was made of the colors of the rainbow. Iris was also mentioned in the Nostradamus prophecies, and Iris flower comes in different colors.

Thaumas was also the name of a centaur, half man, half horse. The symbol for the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the Archer that is my ascendant sign. I was also born in the Chinese Year of the Horse.

A harpy was the mother of the West wind Zephyros of the horses of Achilles. Hesiod called them lovely-haired creatures and they were depicted as beautiful women with wings. The harpies were sisters of Iris. In the Middle Ages, the harpy was call the 'Virgin eagle'. There is also an American eagle called Harpy.

In Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing', Benedick that fell in love with Beatrice said to the Prince, Don Pedro, that he would do an assortment of arduous tasks for him "rather than hold three words conference with this harpy'.

In the bible, the 24 elders have a harp, a divine instrument.

I was once told that there is a man that plays the sitar for me. I was not told where he lives,  his name or why. However, George you were right, she is small, she did find peace of mind, she also shared that we are all one. Then life changed and new realities came to be. This energy is forevermore, and only after I have left the planet will people truly understand. Of course, some are getting insights on it, because this Holy Spirit is communicating with people, when I am unaware that I am doing so.




Eliakim said...

Veshakha Day

There is also another Egypt gateway opening on the 5th of May.

Eliakim said...

Now comes a BBC documentary on 'Divine Women'.

Anonymous said...

May the God of love bless thee for the awesomeness of your being in time and eternity and for the muse-like inspiration and befuddlement that your writings and teachings are for me, within and without.

Now i am off to practice some non-attachment, repentance, teshuvah-nance, and forgiveness, plus brush up on my etiquette, hospitality, and my teef...

I publicly surrender to the LORD God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for high crimes and trespasses against the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and for grievous sins in thought, word, and deed against deity and humanity.

Thank you, Eliakim Joseph-Sophia, for reminding me to feel the happiness in awe at God and His creations, and to count my blessings each day numbering each one, blessings and new days, as the great gifts that they are from the IIMHG (that is, the Invisible, Ineffable, Most High someone or another).

Jon Bruce Copeland

Eliakim said...

Blessings in abundance Jon, always remember 'You are sacred and a treasure to behold. Count your blessings as if you are counting gold' from Sacred Words

Love beyond measure

Eliakim said...


There has been an event in Punjab